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Dan Stemkoski
gaming starcraft 104,779 followers
streaming some early morning hearthstone while i eat my breakfast -- then SC2!
Every Game Should Be The Dream! today's article by @Rakashtan! Check it out :)…
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This is the look that @Artosis wants to instill in every Zerg on ladder for the next two weeks with cannon drops
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still streaming for a while longer!
time for some early morning ladder!
Want to help moderate your favorite channel? Want to keep the trolls down? Now you can apply to be a moderator here!
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SCV pulls some good. #WCS
already played/streamed ~7 hours today. figure ill try to do a few more --
We have a special treat today! The amazing @HearthTrolden posts "Funny and Lucky Moments #61" Gogogo!…
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still going strong for a while longer!
going to break a few minutes to play some hearthstone, then back to sc2 ladder!
time for some more SC2 ladder!
taking a little break from streaming -- will be back later!
time for some early morning ladder :D
Really solid article by one of my favored writers in @PlayHearthstone…
.@JaKaTaKSc2's Bronze Science #16 - 5 Reasons why Silver Players Don't Matter is up! GOGO!…
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stream bugging again, i guess thats it for streaming today sry!
omg finally stream all set! - sc2 ladder!
ok! stream finally stable and good --
some weird stream error. working on getting it fixed!