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Ars Technica
Supreme Court ruling has wiped out 11 “do it on a computer” patents so far by @joemullin
A closer look at the space shuttle that never got to space by @caseyjohnston
Microbial factories could produce locally brewed painkillers
Why Apple Pay could succeed where others have had underwhelming results by @MeganGeuss
Should I break up code commits?
Nearly a year in, is anyone winning the current generation console war? by @KyleOrl
Dinosaurs lost the ability to taste sugar; hummingbirds re-evolved it
Senator demands US courts recover 10 years of online public records by @dmkravets
This Internet of Things radio is the size of an ant
PSA: Smash Bros. 3DS demo launches as one-week Club Nintendo exclusive by @samred
Justice Sotomayor says technology could lead to “Orwellian world” by @dmkravets
Drag queen fights back against Facebook’s “real name” policy by @samred
2002 Larsen B ice shelf collapse likely due to rising temps by @SJvatn
Turning the tables on "Windows Support" scammers by compromising their PCs by @Lee_Ars
Patent union boss says telework cheating report is “ridiculous on its face” by @joemullin
Good news on ozone, bad news on greenhouse gasses by @j_timmer
HP Russia guilty of government bribery using “secret slush fund” by @dmkravets
After e-mail takeover, copycats demand cash to expose Bitcoin’s creator by @roblemos
New videos provide closer look at Windows 9 Start menu by @DrPizza
MT @Rayterrill Excellent analysis of several still-unmitigated #ITSec issues with Apple iPhone via @arstechnica:…
Fuji Xerox tests autonomous roaming printer in Japanese office by @Lee_Ars
Pinball Technica MT @bowenkerins Story on new #WalkingDead pinball machine—probably best-quality playfield shot yet.…
After high demand, iPhone 6 Plus ship times slip to October by @AndrewWrites
Destiny: It’s a small world after all by @samred
Hoping to preorder an #iPhone6 still? There's time to test out the new size with our visual lineup/paper model…
And they didn't come from Apple, Samsung MT @codernaut interesting there were smart watches 14 years ago too…
We’ve got a $35 Firefox OS phone, what do you want to know? by @RonAmadeo
Controversial stem cell paper was published over reviewers’ objections by @j_timmer
PSA: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pre-orders start now by @AndrewWrites
Apparently paper iPhone 6s are sweeping the nation @GeoffBernstein. Here’s a template:… I’m going with the plus.
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TV monitoring service is fair use, judge rules by @joemullin
City of Alamogordo votes to auction off 800 Atari cartridges by @MeganGeuss
US gov’t threatened Yahoo with $250K daily fine if it didn’t use PRISM by @joemullin
Leaked Windows 9 screenshots show a work still in progress by @DrPizza
Ars Technica goes iCloud busting. Scary stuff. (Activate your 2-factor auth now:…
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Google Hangouts gets a huge update, including Google Voice integration by @RonAmadeo
Predatory dinosaur was larger than T. rex, went for swims by @j_timmer
Judge won’t release surveillance video of courthouse cop killing defendant by @dmkravets
Snapdragon 210 brings LTE to entry-level phones, but not 64-bit by @AndrewWrites
BitTorrent to ISPs: Pay us and our users to stay in the “slow lane” by @jbrodkin
I wrote about the new Walking Dead pinball machine for Ars, lots of high rez photos of zombies!…
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Lessons learned from Microsoft’s pioneering—and standalone—smartwatches by @DrPizza
Got bit, fever hit: The Walking Dead pinball shambles into game rooms by @aurich
Chrome OS can now run Android apps, no porting required by @RonAmadeo
Debug Chrome, Safari apps from Firefox with new add-on by @DrPizza
Japanese streamers leak early Smash Bros. footage by @KyleOrl
Caffeine is so essential that the ability to produce it evolved twice by @dmgitig
Netflix “Chaos Commander” hiring “Chaos Engineers” to attack network by @jbrodkin
Versal tries to bust open e-learning with open platform for interactive ed. by @thepacketrat