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Ars Technica
CHP officers reportedly stole cell phone photos from women in custody by @latiffanykelly
Twitpic given eleventh-hour reprieve as Twitter saves all the pictures by @DrPizza
Get ordered to eat a brownie, and you’ll feel good about it
Worthwhile @JohnLegere tweetstorm on how AT&T and other carriers are fighting Apple’s multi-carrier SIM card…
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High-paid consultant to plead guilty in Chicago red light camera case by @cfarivar
How do you avoid being forked into oblivion?
Porsche, Mercedes building electric cars to challenge Tesla by @MeganGeuss
WHO: global Ebola cases now exceed 10,000 by @cfarivar
“Oprah” for indie bands: Apple once loved unknown bands, what changed? by @NathanMattise
Kinect v2 PC devs receive official SDK, $50 USB 3.0 adapter by @samred
Facebook’s new app harkens back to the AOL chatroom by @caseyjohnston
AT&T locks multi-carrier iPad SIM, T-Mobile and Sprint leave it open by @jbrodkin
Another Tor router crowdfunding project nixed by Kickstarter by @thepacketrat
US carbon emissions rose slightly due to cold winter by @j_timmer
Analysis: Worldwide PS4 sales at least 40 percent better than Xbox One by @KyleOrl
MT @NKrabben Archival pedants rejoice! Google renamed the Archive button as the Done button in new email app Inbox…
Silicon Valley startup unveils Internet-connected smart guns for cops by @dmkravets
MT @Delta_MEC_Comm #TIL you can get 14 yrs in prison for shining laser pointers at aircrafts. Not a good idea really…
MT @kegill Comcast year-to-year loss—155k video customers Yr-to-yr revenue +4%; high speed Internet customers +1.3M…
Verizon Wireless injects identifiers that link its users to Web requests by @roblemos
This week in #Dinosaur Technica: the toothless, hump-backed, super-clawed omnivore with MASSIVE arm bones…
The new Amazon Fire HDX 8.9—a little "u" upgrade (and a mouthful)…
Are mornings for morality? Night owls might disagree
MT @bkonkle 😞 😞 �#BeyondEarthrth feels more like a sci-fi Civ V expansion than a bold new direction for the…x7C
Getty Images says it’s trying to ease up on enforcing copyright by @MeganGeuss
MT @justaddScott #Bayonetta2 Review: A leading lady worth rooting for // Get this on other systems—PS3, PS4, Xbox(es)
CC @ubuntu MT @TehKeripo Still find it amusing how the least-"Linux" distro became the most widely used Linux-GNU OS…
MT @creepdr 'Snooze' an email? Awesome "Google Inbox impressions"
New York City doctor has tested positive for Ebola by @j_timmer
Microsoft engineering is "engaging with FTDI" to prevent these "problems" with future driver updates:…
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Microsoft tells us that the @FTDIChip driver has been removed from Windows Update.…
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Microsoft posts record Q1 on strong cloud, better than expected hardware by @DrPizza
Civilization: Beyond Earth—Next time, reach for the stars
In win for broadcasters, court shuts down Aereo’s live TV feature by @cfarivar
Thursday Dealmaster has a Dell XPS 8700 desktop computer for $799.99
Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 (2014) impressions: Deja vu 8.9 by @samred
Ferns send signals to decide what sex to be by @j_timmer
T-Mobile: Our network has trouble with building walls and long distances by @jbrodkin
Re: his #Ello story… MT @cfarivar Anyone want an Ello invite? Have a bunch, feels like Gmail in beta all over again
A huge tsunami in Hawaii’s past warns of future risk by @SJvatn
Feds examining medical devices for fatal cybersecurity flaws by @dmkravets
Comcast lost 81,000 video customers in Q3, “the best result in 7 years” by @jbrodkin
Investors in anti-Facebook startup have no idea how it will make money by @cfarivar
Android Wear gets standalone GPS and music functionality by @RonAmadeo
Bizarre dinosaur matched to an enormous set of arm bones
Bayonetta 2 Review: A Leading lady worth rooting for
"#Halo: Master Chief Collection clocks in at 65GB"… MT @squideye @KyleOrl we would also accept "A Halo a lot of data"
Lone lawyer sues Obama, alleging illegality of surveillance programs by @cfarivar
Google Inbox impressions: Bundle of (mixed) joy by @samred