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Sports fan lobbyist fights NFL blackouts, taxpayer-funded stadiums, and Comcast by @jbrodkin
FLIR One gives your iPhone infrared Predator vision by @Lee_Ars
If you're a fan of the Game of Thrones title sequence (who isn't?) this is a fascinating behind-the-scenes interview:…
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Strangers will verbally deliver your messages with this app
Learning CPR from YouTube: maybe not a great idea
Same box, better graphics: improving performance within console generations by @KyleOrl
First time for this sentence on Ars—"I played long enough to know that becoming a brony was not in my future"… #Gencom
Review: A $229 unlocked phone that marries the Galaxy S5 to the Moto G by @AndrewWrites
Is there a benefit to compiling your code as you go?
John Walker, the Navy spy who defined crypto-betrayal, dead at 77 by @thepacketrat
Hackers stole security check info on at least 25,000 DHS employees by @thepacketrat
Offline attack shows Wi-Fi routers still vulnerable by @roblemos
Samsung licenses HERE maps, still trying to escape the Google ecosystem by @RonAmadeo
Gencon: My journey into the heart of the nerd kingdom by @NateXAnderson
Internet Archive posts millions of historic images to Flickr by @MeganGeuss
Steve Jobs gets posthumous design patent on iconic NYC Apple store by @joemullin
Los Angeles cops do not need to hand over license plate reader data, judge finds by @cfarivar
ALS Association drops ‘ice bucket challenge’ trademark app after complaints by @joemullin
Report: Next iPhone will use NFC for mobile wallet functionality by @samred
The long game: How hackers spent months pulling bank data from JPMorgan by @thepacketrat
An era ends as Microsoft completely shutters MSN Messenger by @DrPizza
Sadly, no audio files. But if anyone takes the #IBMSongbook, records, hits YouTube... the world will be better off.…
MT @chiark If you've ever wondered what a SWAT team does... here's one interrupting a gamer during a live stream…
Rival may have roasted Keurig’s coffee-pod DRM by @caseyjohnston
Haswell-E arrives, bringing a $999 8-core desktop CPU with it by @AndrewWrites
Games are meant to be fun; fun is hopefully part of a healthy community. No excuse for senseless attacks like this…
It’s made-for-TV patent war, as AT&T sues Cox by @joemullin
MT @schneidan Poor taste || ALS group moves to trademark “ice bucket challenge” viral sensation…
This is an actual anti-Municipal Broadband flyer Comcast once (successfully) used. See more…
Nintendo tweaks portable line with new, more powerful 3DS for Japan by @KyleOrl
Tripping through IBM’s astonishingly insane 1937 corporate songbook by @Lee_Ars
Report: Google developing product delivery service via drones by @samred
The death of the “gamers” and the women who “killed” them by @caseyjohnston
FTC picks winners in latest robocall-defeating contest, scammers keep scamming by @MeganGeuss
Popular gamer’s real-life SWAT raid livestreamed on YouTube by @dmkravets
Microsoft finally tries to de-crap the Windows Store by @DrPizza
IRS wiped Lerner’s BlackBerry after Congress inquiry began, lawyer says by @thepacketrat
ALS group moves to trademark “ice bucket challenge” viral sensation by @joemullin
IPv6 adoption starting to add up to real numbers: 0.6 percent by @iljitsch
Geeky! | RT @arstechnica: One apartment’s Wi-Fi dead zones, mapped with a physics equation by @caseyjohnston
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Yes, that's an #Ars branded #cannon on the back of a tiny #turtle. Stay tuned this weekend. #miniatures?
Seeing Orwell-references in response to @cfarivar's latest—how a Reagan-era executive order led to mass spying today…
"Welcome to the world of DLC, Nintendo! You got here about 8yr after everyone else, but we're just happy to have you"…
LG G Watch R is official, potentially the best looking smartwatch yet by @RonAmadeo
Heartbleed is the gift that keeps on giving as servers remain unpatched
MT @DevilleSy against all odds, Apple to unveil new socks MT @arstechnica Apple’s wearable device revealed Sept. 9…
“Wish we could say more”: Apple makes the September 9 event official by @AndrewWrites
Leap Motion gets a head-mounted upgrade, becomes a VR controller by @Lee_Ars
How big telecom smothers city-run broadband