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Apple announces battery replacement program for the iPhone 5 by @AndrewWrites
HBO could clear $600 million per year with online streaming by @caseyjohnston
49ers’ stadium Wi-Fi served 25,000 concurrent users, 2.13TB in all by @jbrodkin
Researchers make color-shifting surface modeled on squid by @j_timmer
SpaceX Texas launch facility gets no-tax deal with hosting county by @Lee_Ars
Supreme Court ruling won’t kill Apple’s ‘slide to unlock’ patent by @joemullin
Comcast donations help company secure support of Time Warner Cable merger by @jbrodkin
GoFundMe campaign for Ferguson shooter drowns under racist commentary by @Lee_Ars
Researchers set up a social media site to test Chinese censorship filters by @caseyjohnston
British man sentenced to nearly three years in prison for movie piracy by @MeganGeuss
MT @animevision Amazes me that people even *think* of some of these attack channels, never mind get success from them…
This week in iPhone rumors: It’s all about the screen by @AndrewWrites
MT @meta_Lloyd New parasitic ant species evolved within nest of relatives; like human kids who don't leave the nest!…
GameStop sells “over one-half of all PS4 and Xbox One titles” by @KyleOrl
Selfie linked to stolen iPhone a case of whodunit by @dmkravets
MT @Obarie Trickle, trickle now the "hate Comcast" floodgates are open—from recorded calls to 'you suck' trucks.…
MT @kieranfagan Next summer: Lawsuit of the Planet of the Apes. "Regulators say monkey’s selfie can't be copyrighted"…
MT @Level20EastGuy Imagine if it turns out that half of #Facebook is actually owned by this guy we've never heard of…
Do you really need to pay $20 to delete your Ashley Madison profile? by @MeganGeuss
Stealing encryption keys through the power of touch by @DrPizza
Researchers create privacy wrapper for Android Web apps
New ant species evolved within the nest of its relatives by @j_timmer
Congressional staffers banned again from Wikipedia after “transphobic” edits by @joemullin
California DMV says Google’s self-driving car must have a steering wheel by @RonAmadeo
Apple releases OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 to testers by @AndrewWrites