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"That's an important picture." - @DrPizza. Unexpected <3 at @Microsoft's cloud briefing today…
Liveblog in progress: Microsoft talking cloud in San Francisco by @DrPizza
Comcast’s net neutrality commitments aren’t good enough, senator says by @jbrodkin
Assassin’s Creed co-creator Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft by @samred
Liveblog: Apple’s Q4 2014 earnings call may feature record sales by @Lee_Ars
Apple releases iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay, Continuity features by @AndrewWrites
UK convicts man over manga sex images of children by @dmkravets
#KindleVoyage only does one thing—but it does it really, really well (look at the PRETTY text)…
Struggling IBM pays $1.5 billion to dump its chipmaking business
Any day I am quoted by the press describing episodes of The Wire is a good day.…
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From the brave @cgbeige MT @Schwarzgerat… Really well written article about depression; comments are pretty great too.
Natural underground CO2 reservoir reveals clues about storage by @SJvatn
Review: Amazon’s Kindle Voyage e-reader is the king of its niche by @AndrewWrites
Florida court: Come back with a warrant to track suspects via mobile phone by @cfarivar
DC police’s “stingray” trackers sat in a vault, unused for 6 years by @cfarivar
MT @davidfuzzylime Brilliantly geeky—@arstechnica tracks down/tries to install "Internet in a Box" from the early 90s…
MT @DanielBaird Read @siracusa ’s saga poem to OSX #Yosemite—thorough, extensive, and a little whimsical. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5…
Obama signs “BuySecure” initiative to speed EMV adoption in the US by @MeganGeuss
From The Wirecutter: the best USB 3.0 hubs
Harnessing depression: One Ars writer’s journey by @cgbeige
The real space oddity, Chris Hadfield, is down-to-Earth by @j_timmer
Gigabit cellular networks could happen with 24GHz spectrum, FCC says by @jbrodkin
NSA asks itself: is it ok for CTO to also work for former head’s firm? by @cfarivar
MT @HelpSnowden #CITIZENFOUR "It's a movie that will be talked about 20 years from now—beyond compelling"…
Saving money on roaming is still hard—or, how a new startup failed me by @cfarivar
We're blushing (@siracusa may be too) MT @TheAVClub A thorough yet readable review of Apple’s new OS X #Yosemite…
Why China’s economic growth hasn’t been getting cleaner by @SJvatn
MT @lornagoulden Good to see @kickstarter take backer protection seriously as questionable Tor-based Anonabox pulled…
MT @thepacketrat Rocking the Internet like we did during the Clinton administration. I didn't inhale.…
Graphene-like substance generates electricity when stretched
New destinations past Pluto for New Horizons by @j_timmer
Android 5.0 dev preview updated, includes hidden Flappy Bird clone by @samred
O'Rourke's attorneys lambast #Comcast: "In any event, being angry or using profanity isn't illegal."…
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Kickstarter pulls Anonabox, a Tor-enabled router that raised over $585,000
US announces pause in funding for changing the species a virus targets by @j_timmer
That's not a Yosemite Review. This is a Yosemite Review.…
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Need a break from the Siracusa review (…)? We also have a quick visual guide to OS X changes:…
Icebergs off the Florida coast? by @SJvatn
Ex-Google lawyer nominated as patent office director by @joemullin
After some hands (and eyes) on the new iPads yesterday, T-H-I-N is accurate (desired or not).…
From The Wirecutter: the best budget laptop you can buy
Secrets become history: Edward Snowden on film as Citizenfour by @joemullin
Opening an Internet time capsule—Internet in a Box for Win95 by @thepacketrat
Report: Cybercrime costs US $12.7M a year by @roblemos
Man sues Comcast, claims ISP got him fired over billing dispute by @cfarivar
Mysterious campaign appears to be latest salvo in net neutrality battle
Google’s product strategy: Make two of everything by @RonAmadeo
Whisper CTO says tracking “anonymous” users not a big deal, really by @thepacketrat