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Ars Technica
Gravity wave evidence disappears into dust by @j_timmer
Google will stop supporting climate change science deniers, calls them liars by @jbrodkin
Reports say Apple may bring changes to Beats Music streaming service by @caseyjohnston
Google stops malicious advertising campaign that could have reached millions by @roblemos
PSA: PlayStation TV launching October 14 in US for $99 by @samred
I love that Ars is the kind of place that can do a pre-release "hands on" with a new USB plug.…
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the popup login form on @arstechnica is now an HTTPS iframe, which quiets some 1Password warnings. (note: we always had an HTTPS option)
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Comcast to FCC: We already face enough competition, so let us buy TWC by @jbrodkin
Weight loss firm demands $1 million from website hosting negative reviews by @dmkravets
Home Depot’s former security architect had history of techno-sabotage by @thepacketrat
Eyes-on: Oculus’ Crescent Bay prototype is a new high-water mark by @KyleOrl
Red light camera firm took cops out for meals, then they recommended firm by @cfarivar
The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is coming to America as an AT&T exclusive by @RonAmadeo
Google nixes G+ requirement for Gmail accounts by @Lee_Ars
#Bacon MT @MootlyObviate The 1st description of nasal packing with cured pork to treat life-threatening hemorrhages…
MT @TheScottGammans Sanitize your input fields, folks. And BTW, <script>alert("Star Trek rulez!");</script>…
#HomeDepot MT @DavidDenberry This is why companies should listen to their IT department...…
iPhone 6 first weekend beats last year’s iPhone 5 sales, sets record by @Lee_Ars
MT @runnel Pissed off by Yelp, Italian restaurant offers 25% off for 1-star reviews—they're pretty famous now…
MT @lukemckernon Sounds that go wooo-wooo-ah-woo-woo: 50 years of Moog (@moogmusicinc) and the analogue synth…
Ten months and 442M miles later, NASA’s Maven set to reach Mars orbit by @NathanMattise
Kickstarter lays down new rules for when a project fails by @caseyjohnston
Massive survey makes sense of the diversity of quasars
A look at third-party keyboards on iOS 8: type any way you want by @RonAmadeo
New technique gets pure hydrogen out of splitting water
50 years of Moog, the analog synth that still beats 1s and 0s
Am I being taken advantage of during the job application test?
Why this tiny Italian restaurant gives a discount for bad Yelp reviews by @cfarivar
Reversible, tiny, faster: Hands on with the USB Type-C plug by @MeganGeuss
Lone Star Le Mans: Ars goes racing in Texas by @drgitlin
Home Depot ignored security warnings for years, employees say by @thepacketrat
Oculus announces Crescent Bay, its new virtual reality headset prototype by @latiffanykelly
There’s not a creativity deficit in science by @exmamaku
Swedish voter uses JavaScript code as write-in candidate by @NateXAnderson
Gamestop execs “very bullish” on reselling consoles’ used DLC by @samred
Chased from San Francisco, parking startup pops up in SoCal by @cfarivar
Bendy silicon is sensitive enough to register a falling virus by @exmamaku
Texas man must pay $40.4M for running Bitcoin-based scam, court rules by @cfarivar
Alibaba raises over $21 billion, making it the biggest IPO ever in the US by @MeganGeuss
US courts agree to restore 10 years of deleted online public records by @dmkravets
FAA bars drone from delivering game ball to college football matchup by @dmkravets
A not-so-friendly reminder from the gov’t: Yelp is not for kids by @joemullin
Hack runs Android apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers by @RonAmadeo
2014 Ig Nobel awards honor nasal tampons made of bacon by @j_timmer
Bill would limit reach of US search warrants for data stored abroad by @dmkravets
The last in our #iOS8 review (…) companion series, how does the new mobile OS help out Apple TV?…
AT&T’s friends: Meet the companies and politicians “enthusiastic” about DirecTV buy by @jbrodkin
MT @grittygrease More Keyless SSL details in @thepacketrat's Ars piece More to come soon on the @CloudFlare blog.…
iFixit tears new iPhones apart, finds they’re pretty easy to fix by @AndrewWrites
Royal Observatory announces the winners of its 2013 photography contest by @j_timmer