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Colby Armstrong
nhl hockey 164,674 followers
Love getting my line wet here and there #fishon
@heylandsberg: “@nickjames666: rather do this than watch your stupid show” Make up a caption!” "Echo!! (echo echo)"
Wish I could have been good enough and played in the little league world series these kids look like they are having the best time. #LLWS
If they don't watch this girl's pitch count, she'll be getting Tammy Joan surgery in no time. #LLWS #MoNeDavis
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@MeliArmstrong: What kind of shift did armdog have to put in to get his pic on the wall here?” Epic
This is how it's done! Excellent video w/ @KevinHart4real & Dave Franco. It's @EAMaddenNFL season.… via @BarDown
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@Gucci_One6: @armdog got to give the deck a good rinse after.” that's a nice spread brother.
@armdog we do that in golf. Miss a putt...must be the putter...tap it in...putter throw...ball throw in water...wink at the tee.
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@wpeters_43: @armdog "can I borrow your towel?" #noswiping” hahahaha that's greasy hey. I've done it a ton. Always pick the safest guy.
Sick hockey move. If u flub a shot or duff a pass give ur twig a flex and a quick look over like she must be broken right. Then continue on
@wpeters_43: @armdog "Who's got a stone?" #justturntheotherway” hahahaha hip pointer central. Anyone have a sweet stick?
@BadJokeBrandon: @armdog just saved me 33 bucks on shinny this year” you're welcome ya beaut. #corninyourjeans
Hey kids when there's no sock tape around grab the old laces u saved when u got new ones and wrap it on your shinnies #saskysocktape
Classic summer hockey line in the dressing room while getting your equipment on. "Hey got any sock tape?" #summerstock
Hockey summer moves. Couldn't dry the underwear in time so on the way to the barn got your socks rolled up in the window to dry #tips
@BreenerNow: @KevinWeekes @armdog Borje Salsting - Sergei Sweatorov” Paul Bee-sonette
Hockey players love when it's hot and sunny out in August. Equipment dries faster when she's scattered on the lawn post sk8 #stinkyhotgear
If I was a carebear I'd be Beer Bear, with like, a amber lazer ray that shoot people in the liver and gives 'em a deadly 6 beer buzz.
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@falynmckenzie: Great guy! @armdog” thanks bud. Thanks for having us up. Great family great camp #jimsfishingcamp
Peyton & Eli are back with a new hilarious rap video on Fantasy Football. VIDEO @…
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The Manning Brothers are at it again. This time promoting the new show I am working with.…
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@Skillsy75: @armdog I bet the cab was big and slow. But it got you there! #blocktraffic” hahaha unreal!!! Love ya skillsy.