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Arianna Huffington
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5 support systems entrepreneurs need to #thrive
Teens do better with later mornings. Keep seeing these studies, schools keep on ignoring them...
Happy birthday to Mother Teresa, who would have turned 104 today.
"Peace begins with a smile." --Mother Teresa, who would have turned 104 today.
Doctors want later school times: These kids are essentially in a permanent state of jet lag." #Thrive
1 in 7 people suffer from being ‘sleep drunk’
Live in the joy, fulfillment, and freedom of who you truly are with 33 Days of Awakening
How integrating the arts into hospitals could humanize health care @btschiller #Thrive
Why you should let your employees nap at work @WriteLisaEvans #Thrive
On this day in 1967, the Beatles went to Wales to study meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Watch @oxidayfndation's "The Greek Secret," where some of my compatriots and I explain what philotimo means to us
Artificial intelligence may doom the human race within a century, Oxford professor says @mileskathleen
#regram from @gulsway, who is thriving in the air #howithrive
Learning about life from the woman who taught us about death, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, who died on this day 10 yrs ago
@christinahuffington wearing my dress from 1986 -- the year I married her father! #hoardersanonymous
.@mehdirhasan: It's not Islam that inspires U.K.'s young Jihadis
#regram @huffpuppy: My little granddoggy has quite the #posse!
For crime-weary Englewood, free #yoga classes are about so much more than warrior pose #Thrive
On this day in AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted & wiped out Pompeii
The consequences of ignoring warning signs came to life for me a few years ago when I was visiting Pompeii. Walking around the ancient city, I was reminded how its people were wiped out on August 24th in AD 79--1,935 years ago today--by a volcanic eruption. There had been many warning signs, includi
"Carbon" is 1st film in Green World Rising, a 4-part series narrated by @LeoDiCaprio on climate change solutions