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Arianna Huffington
.@RoryStewartUK on Anand Gopal’s “shocking indictment” of “the failures of the intervention” in Afghanistan:
Timeline: 12 critical moments in Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement @mattsheehan88 via @TheWorldPost
At #qbconnect talking about how taking time to unplug & recharge can help us tap into our creativity and @Intuit-ion.
At #qbconnect talking about how taking time to unplug, recharge and renew ourselves can help us tap into our wisdom, creativity and @intuit-ion.
Happy #Diwali to everyone celebrating the festival of lights!
To thrive, you must sing out in your own voice, regardless of its accent.
Did you know you could learn another language in your sleep? via @businessinsider
Instead of feeling guilty about not doing more, take Ellen Burstyn’s suggestion to enjoy a “should-less” day:
#tbt to when they made black MacBooks!
#tbt to when they still made black MacBooks!
Life is full of beauty that we miss because we are not fully present. We need digital detox. -@ariannahuff #intalent
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Arianna Huffington: "success is not just about money or position, but about living the life you want" #intalent
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At #intalent talking about how companies' bottom lines and employee well-being are totally aligned.
In San Francisco at @linkedin #intalent talking about how companies' bottom lines and the well-being of employees are totally aligned. The most talented, driven, creative people are going to be attracted to a place that treats them like real people – and when they’re hired, they’re going to be more
Joining @QuickBooks #QBConnect to discuss how we can redefine success and #thrive. Watch here:
With my love and gratitude for John-Roger, who died early this morning. "If you walk in with fear and anger, you’ll find fear and anger. Go into situations with what you want to find there... When you worry, you’re holding pictures in your mind that you want less of... What you focus upon, you becom
Speaking to @LinkedIn's #InTalent conference in San Francisco soon. Join us via livestream:
How does your company support employee well-being and retain talent? Curious to hear your thoughts before I address @LinkedIn #InTalent.
Excited to be joining @LinkedIn's #InTalent today to discuss how companies can retain talent and redefine success
Two formulas that can help you avoid "headless chicken syndrome" via @LinkedIn
Commuters share how they turn stressful commutes into moments of peace with meditation. via @washingtonpost
Help ConnectingAuthors inspire at-risk youth to become lifelong readers.
Two months of travel helped this family recharge and bring new perspective to their lives @cdpearson
.@alenashane on breast cancer survivor Cathy Jolly, who has raised a record amount for research
Heart disease kills a woman in the US every minute. #fighttheladykiller
“Sleep is not optional. It’s a health imperative, like eating, breathing and physical activity,” Dr. Judith A. Owens
This filmmaker is challenging people to end world hunger. Are you up for it?
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"I find the ocean unbelievably recharging.” @RobLowe on living well:
.@carlicita on how riding a bike can change your life for the better via @HealthyLiving
The latest profile from the #HuffPostWellBeingCommittee - Poppin's 'Work Happy' Slogan Starts With Its Own Employees
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Jack Delaney, the son of our amazing senior politics reporter Arthur Delaney, was just born. What will he be and do with such a name and such a dad? Clearly, by the look on his face we know he's already got the healthy skepticism to be a great reporter like his father!
So sorry to lose Oscar De La Renta today, an American fashion legend and philanthropist.
With the legendary Norman Lear at the party for his book Even This I Get to Experience. I loved the book -- and his bucket hat!
“[Obama] took what Bush set up in a haphazard and ad hoc way and made it more permanent.” @JamesRisen on the GWOT.
Looking forward to joining @InmanNews this Thursday to discuss these peak performance tips, including "sleep more"
Out now: Leonardo's Brain, a book celebrating legendary Leonardo da Vinci and showing how to maximize our own minds
Why Sr. Writer @AnnBrenoff doesn't celebrate her anniversary
.@jaweedkaleem on what Jefferson, Dickens and Tolstoy can teach us about exploring the big questions
Sébastien Malherbe is sharing his musical gifts with Alzheimer’s patients in Paris via @LeHuffPost
Constantly checking your phone? @jennydeluxe on apps that helped her monitor usage and cut back: via @nytimes
#HowIThrive #regram from @zmichellez, who says "When we live in our purpose, we stand in our greatness." #aspen #autumn
Why leading new media professor @cshirky just banned devices in his classroom via @washingtonpost
Multitasking doesn't just hinder performance. It can lower IQ. via @BI_contributors
.@HuffPostTaste: TV chef Curtis Stone wants to prove he's more than just a pretty face