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Why is Lucky Ones by Lana the best thing that's ever graced my ears
This > the one that played on the radio
Why hasn't this blown up yet
It's like you're runnin to the smoke when you know there's fire, but then you light another spark and watch it burn higherrrrr 🔥
I want read receipts for DM's on the next twitter update
I thought there was a new #FearTWD on tonight and now I'm mad
I do both of these at least once a day
I'll prob never go to a college from viewing people's snapchat stories, that's like my biggest nightmare
Why is she so annoying in every show she's in
There are just too many shows to watch with not enough time for me to watch them
The only song I really kind of like is Ghost and that's tragic. Anyway, Crybaby > Badlands.
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I paid almost $11 for a bag of cotton candy grapes :----(
Oh my God I've never eaten more in my life
Has Honeymoon leaked yet 😭
Ariana would never go back to Nickelodeon LOL don't get your hopes up
Arrow is getting too good omg I'm so glad i kept going
What's the name of the muscle right above your knee......whatever it is, mine is getting really defined lol
Everybody is so messy, I hate talking to people. That's why I keep all the good stuff to myself
I think this is the best picture I've ever seen?…
Wow everyone is so ANNOYING tonight (in real life, not on here ugh I wish I was watching Beyoncé right now)
This app is everything I've ever wanted??
I want to work at one of those places where you have to be as mean to the customers as possible
A full album of songs like this + Numb + Good Thing!!! @nickjonas…
No in the REAL WORLD cares about "cultural appropriation" like no one go stop in the street to get on a white personal w/ dreads.
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The music that comes on while working out really does make a difference lol
The graphics on this game are unreal it literally looks like a movie
I think the opening to MGSV is the best of any video game ever??
I need to stop with the sue jokes before it actually happens…
Taylor & her people are crazy
Still dying. That's in my top 10 favorite tweets ever
There's no vocals. The accuracy > RT @StayDaFuckMad: This looks like a damn Ciara performance.
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I couldn't even think of 10 people 😐q
This Arrow episode 'Home Invasion' is CRAZY omg
If Beyoncé did commercials...😍😂exP
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This reminded me of "great gowns, beautiful gowns" 😂V
Why does it seem like it's taking forever for Honeymoon to come out 😞

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