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agent chris
Dan Nicky your Bobbie s
I hope it's not Wren bc honestly i don't even remember what happened with him, that was sooo long ago
ugh it needs to be 7PM tomorrow RIGHT NOW!
💀 imagine Lincoln and...whoever he ran against doing this 💀…b8u
How is it that 75% of ppl I graduated with are majoring in psychology yet I don't know of a single psychologist
I have 10 minutes til I'm caught up on PLL, that's 34 episodes since Friday 😭😭
Um swap Georgia & Louisiana with Dallas and Houston…
Wow this video makes me think it's Caleb even more 😳…Y
I think Caleb's 'A' or connected somehow he's too smart
So when #PLL comes back they'll have been out of high school for 5 years? They'll look exactly how they do now pretty much 😐
I'm just about sick of them jumping from "A" to "A", tomorrow better be IT #PLL
How did the editors not notice her phone was upside down oh my GOD
Billboard Hot 100: #1(+1) Can't Feel My Face, @theweeknd [9 weeks]. *his 1st #1 single*
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Talia was the most irrelevant, useless character ever, she served no purpose #PLL
wait nvm?? ugh lemme keep watching
I mean i knew he was a DiLaurentis but i didn't know he was in my face half of season 5
omggggg @ who Charles is i didn't see that coming
Yes because starting a fire in room you're trapped in is a brilliant idea #PLL
Wasn't my first choice but Falling Slow has been stuck in my head since I read this…
Expensive bc amazing or IWMFLY bc Ed…
I'll start (and finish) s6 tomorrow g'night
Spencer's stupid. why would she go off to watch home videos instead of trying to escape, i want her dead #PLL
IT'S NO LIE! You will come #FAceToFace with A! @imarleneking sets the record straight about the PLL summer finale!…
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Do I have it in me to stay up for this one last episode of S5
Half of these PLL episodes in S5 were completely irrelevant + didn't propel the story forward at all + duplicate scenes that were reworded
Wow i just remembered i gave away an account with a Normani follow i'm so dumb
i thought Lauren unfollowed me i almost died
wow my body feels like jello, does that mean working out is working
WAIT I know I'm probably late but what is that song on Ariana's snapchat during the rehearsal Is it focus on me
I don't think I'm even that out of shape but this elliptical machine kills me on a daily basis
Honestly who even cares about ******** ************* if it's not offensive it doesn't matter
Daily reminder that this is the best video of the year
My lil cousins still love it
I hate "Hey Mama" so much now
Will not get out of my head omg
Never trust someone that calls chicken tenders/strips "chicken fingers".
yesssssssss i found PLL season 6 on Netflix thank God
I'm going to pull my hair out even though I barely have hair…
Emily just made a call while her phone clearly said "no service" the little things in this show are driving me insane #PLL
Now Ally and Camila should be on that list but w/e
Jason hits some super high notes but I don't like his voice, Kesha is fantastic, and Normani has gotten better…
Austin sounded good live (if he wasn't lip synching idk), I may be the only one but I like Taylor's voice…

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