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도착하자마자 라면 세그릇 🍺🍜🍜🍜 👻
돌고래인지 말인지 모르겠지만 やっと着きました!💃🐋🐬🐳🐴🐎
Early morning. heading to Fukuoka ✈️ もう・・・みんなに会いたくてしょうがない 🙈😘💙💃💃
guess who are they 👻
Thank you for support today. well done 💃🎶
The Press Conference was GREAT!!! I received a muffler from Didi. She made by herself! Thanks 🎅🎄🎁🌟
💥boom! I'm in Beijing 🙈✨
디씨인사이드 내가 모를줄 알았지. 난 당신들을 알아요. I'm 완쟈 💃well done
singing together 🎤🎶 #노래욕심충만 #솔로데뷔가능
Christmas is coming :^)
Blade of Revenge💀 @leedonghae #calmdownbugsy
Dragon Blade Reunion in Seoul!!! Director Daniel & Producer Susanna :^) They come here for th post production. I can't wait till next year in February!! 🎄🎅🎁💃✨
sweet thanks 🎅🎄🎁💃
녹음중 #이동핵의괴롭힘 #고생한벅시 #poorbugsy 🎄🎅🎁
feel like meeting in Hongkong or Beijing or somewhere. but still in Seoul. had a great time 💃
[#????] 에이핑크, 첫 단독콘서트 개최! 1위 공약 지킨다!! PANDA 분들! 자세한내용은 추후 공식카페 공지 확인해주시면 됩니다 #PinkParadise
Retweeted by 박초롱
good night world 🎄✨🔥
1million. wow thanks all💃✨
[#????] 두둥!! 인기가요 #LUV 1위!! PANDA 여러분 항상 감사합니다 ^_^!!!!!
Retweeted by 박초롱
이런표현 잘 못했는데 오늘은 정말 하고싶다. 사랑한다엘프 #정말오래함께하자 #오래오래