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If you guys enjoy this "Montage" sort of format, a rating / comment would mean a LOT! (On the video & on twitter) -…
Trying something new. "Minecraft Moments". Mini-games, survival moments, anything funny, in a 5 minute video -…
Kk, all done. Trying out a new format for videos, and seeing how I enjoy doing it =D
I'm gonna play a bunch of dragon escape on Mineplex for the next hour or so =D
Likely gonna start rendering all videos in 60FPS cause of YouTube's newest update.
So my video has been "processed" for the better part of 10 minutes, usually enough for 720p. Went to check, 144p. #ThanksYouTube
AN ALL SLIME BLOCK PARKOUR MAP! This map is crazy fun! -…
I have an idea for my content. It will be change, but change that makes it more "interesting" IMO,while retaining the "professional" quality
Sky Ant Farm Survival | REDSTONE MOB! | Ep. 12: via @YouTube
Week 1 of the @thinkgeek giveaway is over! Who won? Find out here! You can still enter the giveaway too!
Sorry about the give-away video not going up today. Fought with the video not processing. Meh. Will have it up for 1pm tomorrow!
I'd like to thank all my fans for keeping me here =D.
just saying, i got the message from today's video loud and clear XD
Minecraft: DO NOT LAUGH! w/ SkyDoesMinecraft & Friends!: via @YouTube
w/ 1hr 45m left in the map, i try to conquer a guardian temple! -
TIMETRAP! (Limited Time Survival) | Minecraft | AntVenom | 1080p 60FPS!:
TIMETRAP! (Limited Time Survival) | Minecraft | AntVenom | 1080p 60FPS!:
Will be going live on Twitch in just under 40 minutes! Likely doing TimeTrap for the duration of the stream! -
Minecraft: FREEFALL PARKOUR! (Slime Block Map): via @YouTube
About to be a guest on ! Come join me! Gonna be talking about hardware / software for recording =D
Another Missile Wars! This time, me, WesWilson, Bash VS Seth, Sky & xRpMx13! Who will win?
Remember, if you haven't already, be sure to enter the @thinkgeek giveaway that goes on until December 1st! -…
You start with 30 minutes to live, and watch it slowly tick away. Can you earn enough time to stay alive?
Today's video (12 hours from now) will be roughly 55 minutes long :)
Sky Ant Farm Survival | BOTTOM OF THE MAP! | Ep. 11: via @YouTube
Yeah sorry if today's video is quite late. I had 4 seperate, hard to fix desyncing issues in a single recording.
Today's recording glitched out so many times >.<. Need to figure out this issue. It's hard-drive related. Looking into it.
Minecraft: SQUAREBLOCKS! (Parkour / Puzzle Map): via @YouTube
TimeTrap coming out tomorrow ! Everyone gets an timer that is running out! Once it reaches 0 you'll die!...
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A new sky ant farm will come out tomorrow, and possibly the start of a 2nd survival series. Not 100% sure just yet, but thinking about it!
Tried a "Cookies & Cream" spread from Trader Joes. It's literally crack XD. It's too good, and I must avoid it XD.
TODAY STARTS THE 6 WEEK ANTVENOM & @thinkgeek GIVEAWAY! Wanna enter to win? Check today's video! -…
THE @thinkgeek GIVEAWAY STARTS TODAY AT 2PM EST! Be sure to check the YT channel for how to be a part of it!
Tomorrow, I team up with @thinkgeek for a pretty awesome Minecraft Swag giveaway! Be sure to keep an eye out for the video tomorrow!
Picture of facecam lighting setup. Used dryer sheets to diffuse the harsh light, but still lets enough…
I mainly used dryer sheets due to heat tolerance, and how thin they are, so they let a lot of light through.
Today, I did a super ghetto thing to diffuse the light on my desk lights for facecam footage. Cut and put dryer sheets in front of em. Works
#FORTHEHORSE | Minecraft Animation - Androvax & AntVenom: via @YouTube
NEW ANIMATION. You guys wanted a #ForTheHorse animation? Well it's here! -…
If you're on #RaceTheMoon, then VAECHU7WAA3V will be VERY relevant to you ;). So will KU3UA4HAERAW :)
You should do this. I'm on for a little bit! -
I had the pleasure of making an animation of #ForTheHorse for @AntVenom's channel! Check it out TOMORROW! :D
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A #ForTheHorse animation is coming tomorrow :)
SquareBlocks Parkour Playthrough / Speedrunning! | Minecraft | AntVenom | 1080p 60FPS!:
Minecraft: MISSILE WARS! (Sethbling & Cubehamster's Map): via @YouTube
Just saying, I will be streaming today at 4pm EST =D. I'll host @CaptainSparklez stream on my page for now =D.
Just NOW got the "hidden" card in the "bigger blacker box" from Cards Against Humanity. I've owned it for over a year...So ashamed :P @CAH