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Taylor Harris
minecraftyoutube 466,237 followers
So that's PAX. Fun times! Will have a video out of it within a few days. Might not begin streaming again until Thursday or Friday. We'll see
At PAX Prime, logging out of MC so a fan can't grief any servers I'm admin on ;) :P
Minecraft: TIMELESS RIFT - Ep. 2 (Mini CTM Map): via @YouTube
I totally didn't tweet that just to be on the board at PAX or anything @Twitch #TwitchIt
Minecraft: COPY COLLECT! - Pt. 3 (Survival Race Mini-Game): via @YouTube
Doing a meet-up just inside the entrance where the giant "Washington state convention center" logo is. #PAXPrime2014
Chillin at the Twitch Panel at Pax Prime! Cool to meet some twitch ppl & streamers, since im getting into it more! =D
Minecraft Parkour | 15 Seconds Race w/ Sethbling! | 9:47.1: via @YouTube
Minecraft: COPY COLLECT! - Pt. 2 (Survival Race Mini-Game): via @YouTube
Minecraft: TIMELESS RIFT - Ep. 1 (Mini CTM Map): via @YouTube
Just saying, I fully plan on doing the Ice Bucket Challenge once I'm home from PAX :)
He even has the same fedora style hat lol. And i know Notch is streaming ATM. That's what makes this funny :p
Sitting next to someone who looks a bit like Notch on my flight. No joke lol.
Minecraft: COPY COLLECT! - Pt. 1 (Survival Race Mini-Game): via @YouTube
Was at the airport, killing time. #REKT See you soon Seattle!
Kk, done w/ that stream. Got a flight to catch shortly after noon tomorrow, so I got some packing to do! See you all after PAX!
Kk, It's up. It's just a short stream anyways, but I wanted to stream once more before PAX ! -
As I said, In a few minutes, will be ready. It's not right this moment. Just keep refreshing until you see it :)
The stream will be on (In a few min) Thanks to @MCProHosting . Awesome dudes! It's just a short stream either way.
And if Twitch is still broken, then I'll likely stream to YouTube instead.
Super quick, Pre-PAX stream incoming in a couple minutes. Then I'll be away for 8 days! -
Minecraft: WINDFALL 2! (Updated Randomized Dropper): via @YouTube
I love how I'm inspiring parkour speedrunning =D. Next stream will be after PAX Prime, so likely on the 4th of Sept, but not speedrunning ;)
I have a big announcement to come after PAX Prime. I just wanna put you all on edge because <3.
Been speed-running a lot lately, and got a time I'm proud of on Minecraft EdgeCraft! Is the WR as of...
So I heard @Twitch is in talks w/ @Twitch to buy @Twitch for Infinite Monies. It's the perfect money making strategy! Go @Twitch!
Gotta love that the leader of the Mineorama Failure is still walking free - "Specialties- Getting the Job Done" LOLOL
For a week, I had a version of YT where related videos DIDN'T have viewcounts visible. I'm THANKFUL that YT didn't follow through with that.
Fun stream! Got my WR back for EdgeCraft, w/ 11:22.8. I could only shave off another 5-8 seconds w/ this route. -…
Gonna be doing some Hunger Games for a couple more minutes before ending off the stream! Come join! -
"EdgeCraft" Speedrun! | Goal is 11:57 (World Record) | AntVenom | Minecraft | 1080p 60FPS!:
Minecraft: REPLICA DOMINATION! (Downloadable Mini-Game): via @YouTube
Gonna be live on #MiningForCharity very soon! -… - Raising money for The Immunity Project!
I just CRUSHED my goal time on EdgeCraft, likely setting the World Record of 12:05.4. Such a RUSHHH! - Archive here -…
"EdgeCraft" Speedruns! (Short Stream?) | Goal is 12:59 | AntVenom | Minecraft | 1080p 60FPS!:
With the premiere of Season 8 of Doctor Who coming, us Whovians got together and did a DW themed Building...
.@Dinnerbone 1.8 Release Notes "Blocks can now have custom visual variations in the resource packs" Is this based on th idea I had? #Excited
Fun stream! Gained 4000 followers on Twitch today alone! That's crazyyyyy - Archive of today's stream! -…
"15 Seconds" Speedrun! | AntVenom | Minecraft | 1080p 60FPS!:
If you happen to know someone who is really good at designing websites for xenForo, have em email me w/ a portfolio
Minecraft: DEATH HUNT! (Duck Hunt Mini-Game): via @YouTube
To start off my Parkour speed-running thing, I got 13:35 in EdgeCraft! Could go under 13 minutes with no mistakes. -…
So yeah. Expect Parkour Speedrunning to be a thing I do often from here on out. Possibly in videos too, but definitely on streams.
If you wanna recommend me parkour maps, . I prefer maps that have the possibility of clever shortcuts.
Fun stream! I will likely be speedrunning parkour maps more often. People REALLY seemed to enjoy it.
PARKOUR SPEEDRUNS! | AntVenom | Minecraft!: