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Anthony Nyström
A Magical Answer to an 80-Year-Old Puzzle via @QuantaMagazine
So cool -> Functioning 'mechanical gears' seen in nature for the first time via @physorg_com
Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food
This free online encyclopedia has achieved what Wikipedia can only dream of via @qz
Forcing suspects to reveal phone passwords is unconstitutional, court says
The problem with Driverless Cars? Humans are dicks |
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Excited for the social good summit this Sunday and Monday!
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Highlight from a @MashableHQ all-staff email: "... there will be some confetti canons very briefly."
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The most Boston man ever goes nuts after finding a 'sea monstah'… via @mashable
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Interesting -> A Word is Worth a Thousand Vectors ->…
Marc Lewis: the neuroscientist who believes addiction is not a disease
Boy breaks his fall at a museum by punching a hole through a $1.5 million painting… via @mashable
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Outside our universe lies an alternate universe — and in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction. ~ Stephen Hawking
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Inside the surprisingly dark world of Rube Goldberg machines • The Verge ➤
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Life is about finding a balance between “we could all be sucked up by a black hole at any moment” and “if we aren't, I’d like to own a car.”
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One day I'll be able to simply unload/load the dishwasher and it won't involve the assembly/disassembly of 15 kiddie cups.
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New kitchen gadget tuns all your food into edible beads… via @mashable
Our Freakish Cyborg Future Looks Like a Dali Painting… via @WIRED
Trouble waking up? This ejector bed should fix that… via @mashable
This Arduino Basic Kit has everything a newbie maker could ask for via @engadget
Unusual Hybrid Animal and Wildlife Murals Painted by Alexis Diaz… via @Colossal
You'll cry happy tears watching a baby elephant chase little birds… via @mashable
Brain activity in unconscious patients offers new views of awareness…
Are we on the verge of an AI Arms Race? @tamronhall and I will discuss on @msnbc at 11:40 AM ET. #TV
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That moment when you realize that #DataScience is more than Statistics and more than Hacking. #OpenData
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Lego Makes Everything Better—Even a Prosthetic for Kids… via @WIRED
Bill Hader becomes creepy artificial intelligence in never-seen 'SNL' sketch… via @mashable
A warm welcome to @Nono_Noelle, our new Fashion Reporter. Very excited to have you on the team, Noelle!
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A TED playlist to watch: Slow down! Enjoy life.…
Breaking news: Don’t be a dick in restaurants
Adding lightsabers to a chipmunk fight is the best idea ever… via @mashable
Festival-goer's 'Uptown Funk' dance routine is probably better than yours… via @mashable
Mashable: Building media for the digital generation via @journalismnews
Super psyched about the launch of Mashable Asia, led by none other than @vickiho!…
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All you sinners watch Panic! at the Disco's new 'Hallelujah' music video… via @mashable
Developing Brains Fold Like Crumpled Paper to Get Their Convolutions…
Pampers captures the priceless, satisfied looks on babies' faces while they poop… via @mashable
very cool -> bat-country: an extendible, Convolutional Neural Networks… via @PyImageSearch
The meaning of life, according to Google's chatbot AI via @CNET
The real stumbling block is the ethics -> no shit -> First human head transplant could be possible by 2017 ->…
Superconductivity Record Bolstered by Magnetic Data…
Crow hitches a ride on eagle because nature is awesome… via @mashable

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