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Ok, we're pulling together stuff to auction for #PayPal14 fundraiser. If you've goodies to contribute, DM or - cheers!
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To mark the final week of #TehInternet we’ll be sharing pics of when we followed Socially Awkward Penguin around RCT
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OMG, the popcorn was well invested: Assange will release a Wikileaks clothing line…
/me prepares some popcorn
Ah, so now @wikileaks is using Bavaria Film GmbH over t-shirt copyright claims… (german). Teh Irony.
Senior Orgy in Belgium: The evening ended badly after five cardiac arrests and 2 pulmonary edemas.… Pure gold.
Thank you, Anon for your kind $1000 donation to the #PayPal14 - now raised over $16.000
Teh Internet is Serious Business: an exclusive backstage interview with ...:… via @YouTube
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My favorite press release ever: "Malala will make her first statement on winning the Nobel Peace Prize after school."
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All the data on the tablets and phones seized as evidence is being wiped out remotely while in police custody…
Demasking Google Users With a Timing Attack…
Protip: if you have to resort to Harry Potter vocabulary words to describe how you want encryption to work, your opinion is not good ✨🔑✨
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Sorry @BiellaColeman but I need to boo you for cancelling your #31c3 plans :( Much dissapoint.
JPMorgan confirms that data breach impacted 76M house holds & 7M small businesses:
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"Sabu has always been socially manipulative...The FBI simply capitalized on that skill." #Anonymous
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How to have millions of users voluntarily install spy software: Parental Controls.…
TX Ebola Patient Timeline: 9/20 - Arrives from Liberia without symptoms 9/24 - Symptoms begin 9/26 - Seeks care 9/28 - Hospitalized
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Come to our Cryptoparty! This free event is dedicated to sharing the art of encryption (Sat 4 Oct,11am @ RCT) Book @
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@ClipperChip It was the first time all four of us met at once.
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LulzSec Reunited: Anonymous Hackers Meet for the First Time in Real Life… Actually wasn't the first time but why care.
Good News Everyone: Robotic Octopus Created…
Here's @micahflee on how Apple - despite USG's hysteria over its new encryption - still leaves your data vulnerable…
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Detection of a branched alkyl molecule in the interstellar medium: iso-propyl cyanide…
Wow Apple, you managed to trigger fefe's facepalm picture with your retarded iOS policies.…
Hey @FearDept we heard you lack skilled personel. Fear not , we'll help!
Quick reminder: real threat actors have access to “embargoed” bugs because they’re on all the lists/have access to ppl who are.
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Found a box of fun! (The unrelated object is a gyro platform of a MIG-23)
On the path to the Space Elevator: Smallest-possible Diamonds Form Ultra-thin Nanothread…
Still don't understand why certain researchers feel they have a right to attempt to run arbitrary commands on everyone's systems
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.@joepie91 "hint: if "patch" in tweet.body then tweet.forwardTo(techDepartment)" some free and facepalm advice for @GoDaddyHelp
Wow, did @GoDaddyHelp really say they haven't heard about #shellshock? How many more customers do you need to lose?…
My lunch project, for my non-techie friends: How the Bash ShellShock works, in metaphor.
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Almost missed this one: Apple sat on iCloud vulnerability for half a year:… I wish I could say I was surprised
This #ello hype is already annoying me.
Security this week: Remote execution in Bash (#Shellshock), BO in package maager apt, jquery website compromised. And waiting for Xen...
Here's a rather blunt #shellshock patch: Nuke it from orbit! credits to @andreasdotorg
Countries bombed: Obama 7, Bush 4
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