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Anne Wheaton
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Uh, me neither. I was just asking...just because.
Ever go out @ 11pm wearing only pajamas, glasses and yellow kitchen rubber gloves to take trash cans to the curb and your neighbor sees you?
Do you want to sleep in your bed? [wag wag wag] I WANT TO SLEEP IN YOUR BED. [WAG WAG WAG]
The creators of the quicksand fear are the same ones who created the hot lava, sidewalk crack, and eating pop rocks and drinking coke fears.
I'm pretty sure there wasn't a high volume of quicksand in the suburban areas of Portland, Oregon. Who planted that fear in me? Jerks.
Sometimes I look back on my childhood and think "Why the fuck was I so afraid of quicksand?"
Why isn't it called a lapkin? It isn't taking a nap, it's sitting in your lap. These are the things that keep me awake at night.
Since so many of you haven't made potato salad either, here's the recipe I used. Take that, Betty Crocker!…
I can't believe I've made it 44 years without ever making homemade potato salad until today. Betty Crocker would be proud yet ashamed of me.
I wrote a thing on my blog for my own sanity and maybe for a little understanding. "Do Unto Others…"
OHMYGOD this is awesome! HA! “@ladygelfling: @AnneWheaton I adore uou, Anne, but my #SlytherinPride made me do it. 😉”
The Hogwarts Sorting Hat test is at if you want to try it yourself!
I love the description. I think it's a really accurate description of myself. Thanks, Sorting Hat!
Wow, you guys are good. At least 98% of you guessed the correct Hogwarts house for me. I'm in Hufflepuff!
HAHAHAHA! “@NootBear: @AnneWheaton the out house? lol sorry sorry just a joke..”
I will tell you that Wil got Ravenclaw. Do you think we both belong there or are we in different ones?
I finally went online and found out which house I'm in at Hogwarts. EEEEEEEEE! So fun. Wanna guess which one I got?!
Nice to know nothing of importance has happened anywhere today so the 10:00 news can spend the entire hour following a high speed chase.
But I could be wrong.
I didn't realize feeling freaked out by that kind of behavior was me thinking I'm privileged. I just thought it was lack of common decency.
I should point out that the girl that took a picture of Wil sleeping was directly across the aisle from him. Like, 3 feet away. Gross.
Ugh. There's always one that has to play the "privilege" card. Hello, block button.
I'll post a cool picture of the sunset that's also reflecting inside the train instead. :-)
I'm not going to take pics of her. I just meant she would probably be as creeped out as I am that a stranger was taking pics of her sleeping