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Anne Wheaton
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Does cutting off dying leaves on an indoor bamboo plant help it thrive or make it die faster? Did I mention I don't have a green thumb?
Do you ever get tweets from people that make absolute zero sense? Yea, me too.
I'm kind of bummed my kids are grown up and not at home anymore because I could really go for a raid of their Easter basket candy about now.
I love that multiple people saw this at the same time and sent it to me. THE BEST. #numbernerd
SHUT. UP. That is too cute. “@CatFoodBreath: Kitten photobomb. (
So, basically, we're doing exercise right.
Went on 4 mile walk w/Wil. He stopped & got a sandwich to eat on the way, I came home & ate a giant slab of cheese & washed it down w/beer.
I just took a three hour nap. Apparently I was tired. Also, I kept dreaming I did infomercials and had bad hair and skin, so that was fun.
I made this a year ago. HA! Happy Zombie Easter Bunny Day!: via @YouTube
@AnneWheaton If at first you don't succeed, try at least two more times, so that your failure becomes a valid data point. :-P
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"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try a little fucking harder next time." -An Updated Proverb By Anne Wheaton
WOO! TableTop Season 3 is at $650k! Still going to do a video of me & Wil doing Marlowe style zoomies when its $750k!
I accidentally read this pamphlet as "Latter Say Taints." Now THAT would be a religion people could really get behind.
Definition-To follow RUH. See also: Scooby Doo. #Scrabble
I wonder if @wilw would approve of the replacement glasses I got from my optometrist.
I'm not sure if these paintings in my vet office are meant to make my cat feel at ease or judged by her peers.
Nothing says "Good morning, internet!" quite like a selfie in pajamas, no make up, bed head and googly eye glasses. Nice one, Wheaton. Nice.
I think I found the perfect size glasses. They really compliment my face, don't you think?
Going to get new glasses today because I need bigger frames to accommodate my multi-focal lenses. #ThrowUpThursday