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Anne Wheaton
Ultravox, Thompson Twins and Howard Jones. My ears are ringing and my entire self is already aching from all the dancing. Best. Night. Ever.
Alright, @feliciaday, @kristensays and @kim Evey. I'm ready for our 80's concert. LET'S DO THIS.
Going to an 80's concert tonight dressed as 16 year old me. HA!
Wow. When you word it like that, it sure sounds fancy and totally worth the purchase price.
I would apologize to him for there being an entire bed but he only gets the edge, but I have no sympathy here.
I couldn't stretch my legs out most of the night. Turns out the space where my legs were supposed to go was occupied.
Do you hear that fly? I HEAR THAT FLY.
Apparently, I'm on one side of the house talking about eating dog biscuits while @wilw is on the other side talking about feminism. DOH.
He said yes, but they would be bland. He was right. ;-) “@FlyOpineMonkey: @AnneWheaton @StoneBrewingCo @StoneGreg still a valid question”
HAHAHA! “@TippyNorth: @AnneWheaton I was going to eat one once but it had a hair baked into it and THAT was what turned me off of it. :D”
Last time I bought peanut butter dog biscuits from @StoneBrewingCo, I asked @StoneGreg if I could eat them. He said "You could, but why?"
Since I took two bites of the Milkbone, I dared my friend to eat the cuttlebone from my bird's cage. She said it was salty. #confessions
Confession: when I was a kid, my friend dared me to eat a Milkbone dog biscuit. I took 2 bites. It tasted like an unflavored Wheat Thin.
The "top interests" for my followers at 92% is comedy. How does Twitter know that?
You can find it here! “@tara: @AnneWheaton you can log into the Twitter analytics dashboard
Wow, that Twitter analytical thing is nifty. 57% of people who follow me are men, 43% are women. Neat!
Search that led someone to my blog; "My heart belongs to tattoo." Man, I hope that search was from Mr. Roarke. #TweetsFrom1978
Yea. That's what I thought.
Am I the only one who stands around, starving, waiting for her husband to finish photoshopping himself into photos so we can eat dinner?
Now that's a winning endorsement.
Costco sample guy: "This pre-workout drink boosts metabolism & energy & tastes great!" Customer: "Have you tried it?" Guy: "Actually, no."
Consult your doctor immediately. “@BradWillis: Anne, my vida has been loca for more than four hours. I’m not sure how to proceed.”
If you or someone you love is livin' la vida loca, you are not alone. Talk to your doctor about the right treatment for you.
*Dresses in white shirt, pink pants, brown sandals. Walks outside, realizes she looks like Neapolitan ice cream, goes back to change.*
Lights out, climb into bed to sleep, the soles of my feet scream in over-exfoliated terror at walking barefoot 7 miles on the beach today.
Someone's getting in the way? I LIKE GETTING IN THE WAY.
You trying to take a video? I LIKE VIDEO.
When you're trying to make a video but your pets keep walking through it.
I don't have a public Facebook page and it's so easy to quickly block someone on twitter. I just rarely use google+ so I don't see it often.
I guess the internet I general is where unhappy people say terrible things but I rarely see it on twitter. Only on google+. But then again..
Ah, Google+. Where angry, unhappy people attempt to spew their comments in the hope of somehow feeling better about themselves. Lovely.
And now the lifeguard boat is in and a fire truck just pulled into the parking lot. Fifteen foot waves, people. STAY OUT OF THE WATER.
Came to Manhattan Beach to go on a walk and watch the HUGE waves. It was nice except for when 3 lifeguards swam out to save swimmers. :-(
Dear random texting stranger- Although your offer sounds promising, a group text just doesn't make me feel special.
HAHAHA! “@AntsAntsbaby: @AnneWheaton please don't kill my family”
OH GOD WHY ARE THERE ANTS IN MY BATHROOM *pours gasoline everywhere, lights match*
Someone should make a dome where people can go inside it to smoke and call it a Cigloo. #genius
Search that led someone to my blog; "Wil Wheaton drugs." Yeah, he's never had that kind of life, but thanks for checking!
Says the girl who posted one to @midnight THREE FUCKING HOURS LATER. #CallMe
Thinking of a funny hashtag answer for @midnight hours after the fact is like wanting the crank caller to call again for your good comeback.
Excuse me, but this spot is taken.
The skateboard wheels looking like they're going from @jonahray's ear to mine are a super bonus in that picture, if you ask me. ;-)
Did my final shoot today with @pixievision for my 2015 rescue pet calendar for @PHS_SPCA with @jonahray! HOORAY!
Consensus is the guy w/the "Duck Power" shirt is an Oregon sports ball fan. Being in Hollywood which is nowhere near Oregon, I was confused.
Hehehe.... “@jonahray: Photo: Me thinks @AnneWheaton was at my house #vandaleyes