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Ann Coulter
Black celebrity punches wife. White guy in trouble. @Mediaite Goodell 'May Be Doing More Damage' to NFL Than Ray Rice
@AnnCoulter And our shameful WI papers refuse to cover this INT'L story
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Incidentally, the scoop on power-mad DA & his crying wife is by @staylor5448, the 1st MSM journalist to take Paula Jones's claims seriously.
Thank you! RT @KarlTPF @AnnCoulter Good morning Ann,- I totally enjoyed your new book :-)
Retard @kausmickey: Yes, let's obsesses @ a hypothetical GOP sell-out on immign & ignore Obama's PROMISE of executive amnesty in 6 wks.
DA admits "after years of investigation … unable to identify a single ad … so much as referencing Gov Walker.”
This is exactly what Sen. Mitch McConnell warned @ w/ cam. fin laws: Prosecutions for conservative activism -
Judge ruled D.A. Chisholm had “no reasonable expectation of obtaining a valid conviction.”
DA ordered "pre-dawn raids by armed officers who carried off files & computers, cellphones, & more from the homes of conservative activists"
I can't believe poor Scott Walker has been operating under these constraints. DA imposed a gag order!
But the D.A. with the crying wife (govt union steward) won't stop.
A fed jdg recently halted the (corrupt) D.A.’s investigation. Ruled conduct of Gov. Walker’s allies = legal.
DA's wife a union steward, who cries and demands her husband do something stop Gov Scott Walker -
Corrupt prosecutors are scarier than corrupt cops. Milwaukee's Serpico talks to @staylor5448 -
Milwaukee D.A. John Chisholm joins Mike Nifong and Ronnie Earl in the Power-Mad Prosecutors Hall of Fame -
I can't believe Scott Walker has had to deal with this nut -
Stop whatever you are doing and read this RIGHT NOW -
AMAZING expose by Stuart Taylor on corrupt prosecutor's obsession w/ a certain GOP gov -
It was a good thing for the nation to hear that ISIS isn't Islamic. Otherwise I might shoot the guy who works at my dry cleaners.
Obama's "I" doesn't stand for Islamic speech: I really hope this doesn't discourage America from voting based purely on charisma next time!
Obama channeling Linda Richman: "ISIS is neither Islamic nor a State - discuss…" #CoffeeTalk #NoBigWhoop #MikeMeyers
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Obama: "ISIS is not Islamic - that's why the 'I' stands for 'Islamic'" #ThroughTheRabbitHole #ISIS #ObamaSpeech
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Somebody should tell Obama that ISIS shot an unarmed black kid. He'd have 75,000 troops there by Thursday. #ISIS #CommanderHolder
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I respond to Kausfiles here -
Kausfiles continues to annoy me. RT @kausmickey .@kausfiles responds to @AnnCoulter 's vicious attack
Leading John Hopkins psychiatrist tells it as it as on the absurdity of "transgenderism"
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Can't wait for Obama to unveil the specifics of his devastating new hashtag campaign against ISIS tonight! #BBOG #GFY
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Michelle's hashtag campaign against Boko Haram worked wonders! Wait? What?! More of the same with ISIS?
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@AnnCoulter Gotta love liberals. They have such smart, thoughtful rebuttals. The only argument they use is vulgar language
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PLUS: See my bonus attack on @kausmickey here -
With just a slight re-arrangement of his words, Ben Stein is said to be nostalgic for‘lynchings of African Americans'
DRUDGE: BOOM: FACEBOOK WORTH $200 BILLION! And Mark Zuckerberg still can't afford to pay his computer programmers market rate!
Luckily I'm not a feminist, so I believe you can't hit a girl even if she hits you in the face, 3X. Ray Rice video:
MSNBC repeating the hoax stat @ emergency room admissions for domestic violence spiking on Super Bowl Sunday. See p 321 of my latest book.
Another problem w/ immigration: Who would be tacky enough to buy this house?
Kausfiles: GOP shld demand Dem candidates ask Obama not to issue executive Read more:…
If libertarian attacks on cops had any purpose other than getting liberals to like them, once in awhile, they'd mention a TSA agent.
John McCain is back to his old primary-year "border first" immigration approach…
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I think I saw this on 'Forensic Files." Ends badly. Panda ‘faked pregnancy for extra treats and nicer accommodation’-
NYT & MATH. Blacks cars stopped more, but cops find same % of drugs in white & black cars. = “perfect,” not “racist.
Romney: I'm Not Running In 2016, But 'Circumstances Can Change' C'mon, Mitt. Make me & @AnnCoulter happy…
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400 gnomes disappeared in Austria, and it’s causing a political scandal - #BringBackOurGnomes
Sarah Silverman on NBC says her purse contents are "fun and pot and gum." Missing Noel Shepherd.
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Prisoner exposes fellow inmate's plot to kill four witnesses, including a 9-year-old boy -
Woman killed hit man hired by her husband. -
Truth behind the headline on Drudge: Western Nations Have Brought in a Lot of Immigrants with Low IQs.
Headline on Drudge: IQs In Western Nations Have Dropped Precipitously.