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Ann Coulter
I know! But you've got to see Feehery. RT @Schtuperman I know you're jerking my chain b/c NO ONE can be more retarded than Chris Mathews
Ask ask blair hull, jack ryan & herman cain about that -- ask bobby rush! Was Feehery in a coma for the last 2 decades?
Feehery actually said on Hardball that that it was hard to go after Obama because he runs such clean campaigns.
Is it impossible to be unemployed in DC?
I could see hiring Feehery to mow the lawn. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN HIM? A classic msnbc "Republican" - i.e. "retard."
Why would ANYONE (who isn't trying to make Rs look stupid) hire Feehery? @SteveScalise isn't a moron.
John Feehrey robo-answer Hardball: "You're right, Chris. The Republicans have really blown it this time."
Have you ever seen this guy John Feerhery on Hardball? He's the only guest more retarded than Chris Matthews -
Wow! Does Steve Scalise hate his caucus? -
Hmmm. Woman arrested after she used a key to enter ex's house & "ended up taking some clothes that belonged to him."
Hero dog pushes cat into bathtub -
Not everyone can schedule on-site nuptials (they start at $1,000), but there are always the souvenir T-shirts ($15)
Am just now seeing that @AnnCoulter recommended @benshapiro for SCOTUS when Ben was 21 years old.…
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@malcolmcameron7: @AnnCoulter God you don't mess about, do you? Many good points but perhaps a wee bit harsh?" This is toned-down version.
I'll be on CNN's @donlemon (hosted by Alisyn Camerota) at 10:30 tonight.
We don’t have a Senator from Labor...from Silicon Valley... from Wall Street…OK, Wall Street, maybe (Schumer, D-NY).
In AR, Cotton ad slams Pryor on border: 'Sen. Mark Pryor voted for amnesty...against a border fence three times.'
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Cotton Ad Hits Pryor Hard Over Immigration | The Weekly Standard:…
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.@DouthatNYT is right that the MSM and liberals haven't taken the legality of Obama's immigration plan seriously…
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Cannon: Obama = more Valley Girl than presidential. “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time.”
Carl Cannon: Dems' impeachment talk "suggests a political party that is out of gas and out of ideas." -
Amazing Hillary impersonator -