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Ann Coulter
Scientific oddity: Sandwich held by MO teen shot by cop left gunshot residue on his hands, t-shirt & jeans -
New Ebola symptom discovered: A sudden urge to take a fabulous cruise or fly on a plane with lots of people.
The mall dream has actually happened to me, without the kidnapping part -
Obama flack Fauci on FNC: We can't stop ppl coming from Liberia bc they come through other countries. Wait til Obama hears about computers!
I'll be on @JudgeJeanine tonight around 9:15pm.
I'm coming up on Fox & Friends!
I'm coming up on O'Reilly!
Same drug deemed barbaric when used in capital punishment is considered dignified in assisted suicide cases.…
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CBS, NBC Continue Hyping ‘Fangate’, Yet Ignore Apology from Debate Organizers
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But not to worry! After quick check, vomiting passenger who died en route to JFK was declared 'Ebola-free.'
What next? Mail Online: 'Passenger flying from to Nigeria to JFK dies in his seat after vomiting profusely -
And citizens can be infected by Liberian immigrants. Unlikely, but possible! RT@JamesDiGeorgia Rich can be infected by poor.
Oh no, I remember: Only govt ees get to see doctors under O-care. RT @maryannvann @kausmickey Heard Dallas Ebola patient only saw RN not MD
I thought only non-citizens got to see doctors under O-care. RT @maryannvann @kausmickey Heard Dallas Ebola patient only saw RN not MD
@MarkSKrikorian But @SenJohnMcCain backing away from #amnesty is yet more confirmation what a lousy issue it is for Dems.
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Next CDC director! RT @PGourevitch Paul Farmer: 90% of Ebola patients, properly cared for, should survive.…
By "top tier," they mean doctors who don't also do shoe repair. Yahoo: 'Top Tier Hospitals Excluded from Obamacare' -
Top Tier Hospitals Excluded from Obamacare -
You'd know that if YOU had to live under Obamacare. RT@kausmickey Coming Ocare nightmare unnecessary if ...
IT'S NOT THE COST! IT'S THAT U CAN'T SEE DOCTORS! RT@kausmickey Coming Ocare nightmare unnecessary if software cld auto-recalculate subsidy
WaPo '13-Voters were going 2 be so angry House GOPs didn't pass amnesty they'd give Dems House back in '14 #goodtimes
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The big question now is whether Hillary will cop to voting for Obama. @AnnCoulter why isn't Grimes a racist for denouncing Obama?
Obama: 'I hugged and kissed' medical staff treating an Ebola patient' - … EMBARGO OBAMA!!!!
Michael Rockefeller missed those movies. WAPO: ' imagery of Africans as... cannibals, even — persisted' in movies @ Africa in 20th century.
Rand Paul has officially become John McCain. Time mag calls Rand Paul "the most interesting man in politics."
More racist nations impose travel embargoes on West Africa. Obama stands alone in his purity of essence -
The Barack Ebola scandal summed up nicely by my girl @AnnCoulter
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@AnnCoulter Netherlands retirement system: private savings vs. empty government promises… … via Dan Mitchell
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@lybr3 I'm with ya! I live in Cali. Majority Dem controlled state yet my fam & friends blame Repubs for everything. Asinine.
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Campaigning McCain repeats "back taxes" lie about Gangof8 Amnesty-First bill See…
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Is it possible this con works? MT @EWErickson: Michelle Nunn joins Grimes in refusing to admit she voted for Obama.
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"Stop Ebola in its tracks"? They couldn't even stop it from making a round-trip flight to Cleveland.
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Time for the House to Vote on Ebola Travel Restrictions via @NRO
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Surprised that more pols haven't demanded Frieden's resignation yet. If Hillary's asleep at this switch ...…
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In a phoner, Frieden actually referred Rep. Pete Sessions to his awful op-ed. Sessions sez shld be fired #FireFrieden
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Michelle Nunn cowardly refuses to stand with Barack Obama.:
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"I'm sorry, sir, your bottled water can't come on the plane. Now step aside, we need to get this person with Ebola on board."
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A mom w/ no prog skills can write a popular app, yet @CDCgov says it cant coordinate travel ban so aid gets IN, poss ebola carriers stay OUT
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Are they racists, too? AP: 'St. Lucia bans visitors from Ebola-stricken nations'
'Nurses...claim hazardous waste was piled to the CEILING of Thomas Eric Duncan's room -
I'll never tweet anything by @PVeritas_Action again because of their endless reply tweets.
@AnnCoulter why isn't Grimes a racist for denouncing Obama?
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Another night in Bill DiBlasio's NYC. YouTube Video: Teenagers go on a Vandalism Spree in Brooklyn -
Grimes defends her non-answer by citing her role as the secretary of state, among other things.
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It's your right not to say whom you voted for. But it's not a matter of principle unless the principle is being a coward.
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