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Ann Coulter
Another "Dreamer": Suspect in killing of Northern California deputies was previously deported -
Shaheen pulls a Patty Murray: Raising the minimum wage CREATES jobs.
Shaheen wanders off into how many votes Scott Brown missed on some committee when asked @ justify her support for illegals getting welfare.
Sen. Shaheen explains why she won't let Obama campaign with her: "He's very busy." (Live debate on CNN now.)
I'm on FNC's @JudgeJeanine tonight at 9:30pm-ish.
NBC has midterm storyline set: It's all abt "gridlock" and "polarization!" Works w/ any outcome! Nothin' 2 do w/ BHO!…
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Liberal Pundits Rush to Reject MRC Study Showing Media Midterm Double Standard
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Hillary Clinton: "Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs."…
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Pharrell's "Happy" in ASL by Deaf Film Camp -…
Google Employee Arrested for Blackmailing Women for Explicit Photos
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@ByronYork @AnnCoulter @StevenTDennis amazing how POTUS is prepared for illegal aliens but not ISIS, Ebola, Benghazi, jobs...
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YES! Biz entitled 2 cheap labor subsidzd by us. RT@JimPethokoukis Does GOP think some entitlement recipients more deserving than others?
1 person has died of jihad in Canada this yr. Compare 2 other deaths. RT@MarketWatch 1 person in US has died of Ebola this yr. Compare...
Plan A: $800 bazillion Ebola testing machines and quarantine pods in every US airport Plan B: stop flights from Liberia for 4 weeks
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Exhibit at the Skirball Center in LA about my grandmother Gina of which the entire Kaus family was unaware! Cool…
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Looks like Grimes' disingenuous anti-amnesty ads are working (against McConnell)! #amnestytoxic
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If only McConnell's guy had won the primary! @kausmickey quotes the GOP's new John McCain: Rand Paul says we'll get amnesty if GOPs win Sen.
MT @StevenTDennis: Josh Earnest not denying card stock has been purchased for millions of green cards. Says POTUS still has to make decision
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Latino Decisions: No way even immig. squish like Gardner can win Latino vote. Bet not what they tell GOP amnestiers…
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RT @NumbersUSA: USA Today: U.S. misinformed Congress, public on immigrant release via @USATODAY
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QUIZ: Obama administration falsely downplays risk of ...a)illegal immigrant release b) Ebola or c) enterovirus?…
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Obama admin: only "low level offenders" released. Truth: "people charged w/ kidnapping, sexual assault [+] homicide"…
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Scott Brown: 'Take Away the Funds' For Executive Amnesty
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Bay Area tech company caught paying imported workers $1.21 per hour via @engadget
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Ebola needs a less scary sounding name.
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I'll be on @JudgeJeanine this Sat 9:30pm!
Fooling McCain & Rubio is not "strong bipartisan support." Shaheen: Sen. imm bill had "strong bipartisan support." -
As many ppl have died of Ebola in U.S. as Canadians have been killed by Jihadis this year. Why no denunciations of media 'hysteria' @ that?
Countries w/ sane immigration policies remarkably Ebola-free! RT@WSJ World map of confirmed #Ebola cases @ the world
Say the ppl who will NOT be paying taxes for the $ half-million Ebola treatments: RT @jorge Montesinos You really do have zero compassion.
Perhaps our grossly incompetent CDC should spend a little less time promoting gun control & a little more time promoting disease control.
Directly from the 'Too Good to be True' Department:
I"m concerned that the "Doctors without Borders" guy doesn't realize that OTHER people have borders.
The guy from "Doctors without Borders," should have his license yanked.
... That no sick person would elude the "screening"? AND THIS @$%^ IS A DOCTOR.
Weren't we assured this wasn't going to happen? That we would "screen" people thoroughly at the "five designated airports"?
I'm so glad we have "tight controls" at the five (5) U.S. airports through which travellers from West Africa enter the country.
I'm coming up on Fox Biz at 9pm EST!
Key Democrat: 'Immigration Reform Is Not About Enforcement' So they finally admit S744's enforcmnt provisions were BS
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Dem. Senator’s awkward response when asked if she thinks Obama is a strong leader:…
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I'll be on @FBNStossel on Fox Biz tonight, 9pm #STOSSEL #Overlords.
The country's in fine condition: Weather Service stops receiving satellite data -
Yes, I hear Americans are "gun-happy." It's a puzzler. @bjohnson921 Maybe he was an American Canadian.
Here are FACTS: 30 women dead by UNARMED Ted Bundy. @LibertyIsALady Here are facts: An unarmed teenager is dead by a police officer.
Golly, he doesn't look Canadian at all! RT @JWadeMoses @AnnCoulter here's a picture of him.
I'm really glad the Canadian Human Rights Comm. wasted time hassling me, @MarkSteynOnline & @ezralevant. Could have been much worse today.
I wonder if the Canadian who shot up the Parliament was a British Canadian or French Canadian.
Sue the WAPO. There's like a law protecting the press. RT@beaugheale there's like a law that doesn't allow witnesses to discuss a case.
haha - good one! RT @farfenugen @AnnCoulter If only snitches got bitches instead of stitches.