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Ann Coulter
Sarah Silverman on NBC says her purse contents are "fun and pot and gum." Missing Noel Shepherd.
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Prisoner exposes fellow inmate's plot to kill four witnesses, including a 9-year-old boy -
Woman killed hit man hired by her husband. -
Truth behind the headline on Drudge: Western Nations Have Brought in a Lot of Immigrants with Low IQs.
Headline on Drudge: IQs In Western Nations Have Dropped Precipitously.
Al Jazeera Contributor Leaves Ferguson over Media Coverage: ‘We Should All Be Ashamed’…
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Not anymore. Now, it's Mexicans. "African-Americans are a hugely important Democratic Party constituency." -
"no national Democratic politician... has risen to give voice to the anger we’re seeing in Ferguson." -
Great question in the NYT: Where Are the National Democrats on Ferguson? -
TONIGHT: @msnbc to cancel its regular programming and run a marathon of "Mississippi Burning."
The black silent majority: "Why didn't they shoot those looters?" -
Oh my gosh, is @oreillyfactor back and on fire!
In a 1992 poll, 87 percent of black respondents said they did not approve of the [1992 Los Angeles] riots. -
Not all liberals are insane. Jonathan Chait: This Indictment Of Rick Perry Is Unbelievably Ridiculous -
Not only do I advocate for justice for #MikeBrown but also for the other 1,400 innocent blks who will die today.
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The Weekly S&L ‘Hive’ – Please Talk Among Yourselves
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Fed ees union THAT SUPPORTED OBAMACARE complains bill wld "require most federal employees to …join health plans established under the ACA"
Fed employees union that supported Obamacare blames GOP for enforcing Obamacare.
Hillary's real record: Only 11 Countries in World Conflict-Free -
Imagine how bad things wld be if Obama weren’t a Nobel Peace Prize winner! Only 11 Countries in World Conflict-Free -
Does this mean I can start using 100-watt bulbs again? Scientists: Huge Life-ending Asteroid Hurtling toward Earth -
A classic "who do you root for?" dilemma: Al Gore sues Al Jazeera for fraud -
You’re not supposed to hire illegals for menial labor. That’s a kid’s job too.
Fantastic by Gavin McInnes column: Spare the Job, Wreck the Child -
Another Christian objects. RT@Dianella_04 why don't we infect YOU & your family w Ebola so there are no more stupid people like you?! Bitch!
That's just what the Palestinians yell at Israel. RT @chemaBerlanga 1h @AnnCoulter And you, Give us back our states!!! estupida razista!
All of these examples of past executive actions on immigration only show what a radical departure DACA really is
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"There is no longer a consensus view in the GOP that immigration reform is an essential political imperative."…
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13 years after 9/11, terror threat undiminished Another complete foreign policy disaster by worst POTUS in history.
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If every citizen takes personal interest in getting five other registered citizen voters to the polls in Nov., we (USA) will survive Obama.
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Until we can guarantee the sanctity of the most fundamental American right, your vote will be nullified by this...
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I am often criticized for airing my views. I feel, however, that this administration is so dangerous, I have no moral choice but to speak.
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Scottish advice column -
"It’s a tragedy,” Obama said of the recent celebrity deaths, adding, “America MUST take the lead in preventing any more such deaths.”
In a 3 hour speech, Obama paid tribute to Hollywood celebrities who have died during his presidency.
I'm on @seanhannity radio now - I hope he gives me a gift!
NYT Letters Department: letters may only affirm or expand on what the Times’s reporters or columnists have
One of the biggest applause lines from social conservatives at the Family Leadership Summit? Tough border talk ->…
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Hillary’s pretty tough on Obama’s dealings w/ Syria, ISIS & Russia. If only she had been in a position to do something about it.
I know! But you've got to see Feehery. RT @Schtuperman I know you're jerking my chain b/c NO ONE can be more retarded than Chris Mathews
Ask ask blair hull, jack ryan & herman cain about that -- ask bobby rush! Was Feehery in a coma for the last 2 decades?
Feehery actually said on Hardball that that it was hard to go after Obama because he runs such clean campaigns.
Is it impossible to be unemployed in DC?
I could see hiring Feehery to mow the lawn. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN HIM? A classic msnbc "Republican" - i.e. "retard."
Why would ANYONE (who isn't trying to make Rs look stupid) hire Feehery? @SteveScalise isn't a moron.
John Feehrey robo-answer Hardball: "You're right, Chris. The Republicans have really blown it this time."