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Anna MM Vetticad
Link to the @ndtv show on the role of SM in the return of the 3yr-old kidnapped in Delhi.I ws a guest on ths show -->…
What's an appropriate punishment for people who talk loudly in movie theatres and spoil the film for the rest of the audience? @adityamattoo
Chap seated next 2 me kept repeating words being uttered by the actors who were trying a Kashmiri accent in #Haider.Had 2 request him 2 stop
Eg: Remember that moving scene in #Haider in whch a traumatised man refuses 2 enter his home? Sm audience members laughed during that scene!
Sometimes, after watching a film with other critics at a press preview, it's interesting to see it with the general public in a theatre
I watched #Haider a 2nd time cos I wondered if I'd seen the same film as those calling it "anti-Hindu", "anti-Muslim", "anti-India" etc
Just remembered that I'd promised I'd tell you why I decided to watch #Haider a 2nd time over the weekend (contd)
Flipkart, your apology mail was very well crafted. Well done! Now you need to apologize for that Half Girlfriend full front page ad in TOI.
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Full text of apology mail from @Flipkart to their customers regarding the #billiondaysale -->
Can't reveal the interviewee's name before publication, but it's such a joy quizzing people whose work will 1 day be in history books
Spent the past 2hours interviewing a veteran director who almost never speaks to the press. Patiently pursued him for months b4 he agreed :)
I love my life & my work. Everyday I say a #thankyou 2 someone up there who pointed me in the direction of the profession I was born 2 be in
"If I make Kalyug again, it won't be the same film" - Excerpt fm my #ShyamBenegal intervw in the latest @MaximMag -->
Ppl feel uncomfortable with any1 who questions the status quo.More power 2 Supriya & Prithviraj! God bless little #AlankritaMenonPrithviraj
R fans being gender chauvinists / anti-caste in questioning Prithviraj's baby's name whch includes hs wife's surname?…
Now seriously, good night! :)
Promise I will, tomorrow. --> RT @EkthaLuvsShahid @annavetticad Please tell us why you watched Haider for the second time?
Hope you had a good day. Now, Gute Nacht.
:) RT @TheTweetOfGod Great news! Gay marriage is now legal in 30 U.S. states, including all 23 in which life is worth living!
I'm a guest on @ndtv's Agenda w/ @sunetrac just now discussng the social media campaign that got 3yr-old Jahnvi bak with her family.Do watch
"Friend or Critic?" - re-run of my column in The Hindu Businessline on the ethics of film criticism - ……
Excerpt fm my interview with #ShyamBenegal in @MaximMag in which we discuss free speech, #ShabanaAzmi &…
"The publisher of Wendy Doniger’s #Hindus acted as a self censor" - Excerpt fm my intrview with #ShyamBenegal in @MaximMag.Do pick up a copy
"Shud pre-marital tests for impotence b mandatory?" - I ws a guest on ths discussion on @ndtv's Big Fight. Do watch…
Have a solemn & merry #Eid, everyone. Pray, stuff yourself with food, & feel guilty that you are not couriering any of that food to me.
Modi does not attack Sena, referring to his respect for Bal Thackeray, but mainly to keep post poll tie up door open
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BJP voteshare substantially higher among internet users than in the overall electorate…
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The second you retweet this you will go to hell.
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Every time you retweet Me an angel gets pornography.
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Really? Not quite at the border RT@IndiaToday Pak must stop ceasefire violations, things have changed in India: Rajnath Singh
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flippdkart sale iz liek mah circar. advertized so muhc fur nuthing lulz
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:) MT @AbhinandanSekhr Wil support u on almost anythng bt yaar ths is too much MT @ArvindKejriwal Saw #BangBang w family Nice Kids enjoyd it
Anyone selling his South Mumbai flat at 50% off?
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Ok then, Eid wishes in advance, with special thoughts for those who plan to send me seviyaan tomorrow. Good night. Shubh ratri. Shab bakhair
#HrithikRoshan & #KatrinaKaif are two of the most gorgeous humans to walk the earth. Here's my review of BangBang --> ……
B4 I call it a day, re-posting my review of #BangBang since I've bn tweeting so much about #Haider all weekend --> ……
Dying to tell you why I watched #Haider a second time & how the audience reacted, but sadly, I must sleep.
We're back to discussing the RSS as if they're a bunch of benign chachas--not a group that has been banned twice, once for Gandhi's murder.
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"Poora Kashmir qaidkhana hai..." Re-watching #Haider.
The chauvinist and male-oriented idioms used to troll people on Twitter make you laugh!
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Err, is #KiranBedi crediting #NaMo for #AamirKhan's #SatyamevJayate or for the sportspersons covered in 2day's episode? :)
Nation on the Move~:'Make in India~Madison Square~SWACHH Bharat~PM on the Radio~Today Sports via @aamir_khan:~Each step in right direction~
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@annavetticad The world "Hindu" is communal. How come u write in newspaper by that name? What a hypocrite! Write in Darul Deoband newsletter
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BTW do pick up a copy of @MaximMag's October issue for my very detailed interview of #ShyamBenegal. Will wait to hear from you about it.
Here's the review of #DesiKattey, 2 b read as a companion piece 2 the Hindu Businessline column I just posted here--> ……
My column in Hindu Businessline on the ethics of film criticism & whethr critics and film personalities cn b friends: ……
Bizarre experience. An ex-colleag informed me she's unfollowing me on Twitter cos I criticised her brother's film --> ……