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Anna MM Vetticad
In which your humble correspondent sports the gesture he dubs "the modi" :)
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Tomorrow's resolution:eat healthy. Today tho there is this bowl of butter w/ paranthas at a highway dhaba in Haryana:
Weight-watchers & smokers hoping to quit have lots in common. Every day is the day for that 1 last unhealthy meal, that 1 last cigarette!
Ketomac dandruff shampoo lagaane se ladkiyaan Mummyon se jhoot bolne lagti hai, kya? Adwallahs, kindly explain.
My Sunday mornings are incomplete without this inexplicable Ketomac dandruff shampoo ad on the front page of my paper
Whenever #Wenger trends on Twitter, u think of football, I think of lemon tarts, chocolate rum balls & plum cake.Delhiites will empathise :)
Namaskaram. Vanakkam. Happy Sunday Twittervaasiyon, and pre-Janamashtami wishes to you :)
Sad! "College retracts invite to Dalit activist after ABVP threat" -…
"Fun but unremarkable and unmemorable" - My review of #SinghamReturns *ing AjayDevgn and #KareenaKapoor Khan: re-run ……
For the record, kids love me & I enjoy their company too, so if you think you are insulting me by calling me "Aunty", think again :)
"Bitch" … "witch" … "are you menopausal?" … "Aunty" -- from my logbook of knickerati 'abuse' of the past 24 hours.
To those asking nicely: Kuttapi is Mal for "my dear little girl" (not 100% translatable). Kuttapan - masculine gender. It ds nt mean "dog":)
One knickerati troll alleges that my tweet to "kuttapis & kuttapans of Twitter" is abuse aimed at him. Err...Should I teach him Malayalam?:)
Irony just died --> "Zero tolerance for fake encounters: Modi govt tells SC"… via @timesofindia
Yes let's argue with #ArvindKejriwal's actions and policies, but face it: we need him around 2 kp the rest of our political parties in check
Nice to see #JiyoHazaroSaalAK trending. Was getting tired of the "bhagoda" wisecracks from followers of India's other flawless,saintly netas
Namaskaram. How are all the kuttapis and kuttapans of Twitter doing?
Okay then, I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow: #NjanSteveLopez. Good morning, good night and good luck.
The bed shook, creaked and rattled as she gripped the headboard and screamed out my name. It was at this point we were asked to leave Ikea.
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He might have made the world in six days but He's still not finished that IKEA coffee table we bought last month,
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It's all very well having a son who can turn water into wine but that's the third goldfish we've had to send to rehab . .
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If you missed #TheGoodWife episode earlier today, do watch the repeat now. It was excellent.
:( RT @TheTweetOfGod I am unfair and cruel and random and mean and I take the very best. #RIPRobinWilliams
I really don't make it easy to believe in Me.
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Most of you are why the rest of you have no faith in any or all of you.
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:) Dear knickerati, My tweet was o-p-p-o-s-i-n-g those who oppose #VandeMataram. That makes me pro- not anti-#VandeMataram, you geniuses!
Some knickerati are like robots. They oppose anything a secular liberal says, without understanding what they're opposing! #VandeMataram
Completely unacceptable! "Kerala school forced to drop ‘Vande Mataram’ as it would hurt religious sentiments"…
If you like reading between the lines, watch the hero wearing a Muslim skullcap in #SinghamReturns. ……
"Aur yeh sirf trailer hai. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost" - the #HappyNewYear trailer via @YouTube
Gave this girl my number last week, she said she'll call me when she gets home. I'm starting to think she's homeless
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Good thing I recently started watching #CID because of some of you. Otherwise I wouldn't have got the Daya wisecrack in #SinghamReturns :)
Actually I honesty wld wanna b depended on n upon jaise ke Love respect care share trust etc etc God bls n protest us Bus aur kuch nahi.
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Ewww! :) RT @PeterBradshaw1 Sophisticated, nuanced humour is great, sure. But there must always be a place for this
#HappyIndependenceDay everyone. It's way past the stroke of the midnight hour, & I'm back from previews of #Singham and #NjanSteveLopez.
Could Have Done 'Mary Kom' Even for Free: Priyanka |… | Outlook Wires
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"I am not a has-been. I am a will be." Lauren Bacall
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I wonder how and when 12.47am became "early to bed" for me. Gotta go. Terribly busy day coming up tomorrow. Gute Nacht :)
Our cup of humour overfloweth on the social media today. This tribute to #SmritiIrani comes via FB -->
If everyone living in Hindustan are Hindus, says @SanthoshCA, "everyone living in Germany are germs."
Everyone living in Hindustan are Hindus - Just like everyone living in Virginia are Virgins
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Why can't the world get together to fix the ISIS criminals? Why such a long rope? Saddam killed for so called WMDs but mere lip service now.
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Should we be angry on behalf of these women, or happy 4 em? "Saudis told not to marry women from Pak, 3 other states"
"Bearded Sikh Woman Chosen for Portrait Exhibition"…
'My coach said I ran like a girl. I said if he ran a little faster he could too.' - Soccer star Mia Hamm
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