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Anna MM Vetticad
‘Love jihad’ & Bollywood. @annavetticad reminds us of the patriarchal-communal bias in Hindi cinema.
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My column on why #AkhileshYadav's reference to #HemaMalini's Dharmatma is misplaced in the #lovejihad campaign -…
Y r most inter-community Bwood romances btwn a Hindu man & minority community woman?" - my Hindu @businessline column…
Targeted by the Muslim right for being a liberal woman, targeted by the Hindu right for being a Muslim - try being #SaniaMirza for a day!
Calling some types communal may not be an insult but a badge of honour to them
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U slog over a review, tweet a link 2 it, & sm1 responds without bothering 2 read, "Is the film worth my time?" … They really expect a reply?
Re-run: my review of #MaryKom *ing the always-dependable #PriyankaChopra & a lovely new actor called Darshan Kumaar ……
Good morning, people. Welcome to #Onam weekend.
Logging out now. Good night everyone :) Shubh ratri. Layla tov. Shab bakhair.
Happy start to our weekend - #PriyankaChopra paints a pathbreaking picture of motherhood in #MaryKom; & #SaniaMirza wins a #USOpen title
Suddenly, a lot of idiots who questioned Sania's "Indian" stature are celebrating her US Open victory. Such matlabi patriotism :).
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Some of the PM's answers on the status of women in India and on climate change are cringeworthy…
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People are people, all men are brothers, and there's good and bad in everyone. Having said that, these #ISIS bastards have to die.
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For me the nice thing about orgasms is that when people have them, they usually give Me a shout-out.
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Retweet this and you will get everything you ever wanted.
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Don’t worry about what other people think, because they rarely do.
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On a ques on climate change, PM says If we change then God has built the system in such a way that it can balance on its own. Seriously!
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Not sure what the PM wanted to say on climate change, but the 'there's no climate change, we're who are getting older' bit was muddled #Modi
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Hey BJP's K. Laxman, see the Tricolour next to #SaniaMirza's name on the #USOpen website? "Daughter-in-law of Pakistan", did you say?
Hats off to @MirzaSania - no idea how she survives the pressure of being 4ever targetd by communalists on both sides of the religious divide
Congratulations @MirzaSania for your #USOpen2014 victory. Take that you communal bigots! #SaniaMirza…
#MaryKom for me is about a woman unapologetic about her ambitions & her gr8 partnership with a supportive husband --> ……
I do have arguments with #MaryKom, but I love how Mary is never shown feeling guilty about being a career woman --> ……
#MaryKom is unusual cos the directr & writer don't use motherhood 2 dwarf other aspects of Mary's identity. My revw: ……
My review of #MaryKom: Despite sm major grouses, I’ve cm away fm the hall admiring Mary & a little in love with Onler ……
Err...I'm being spammed right now by a woman who says money is coming from the West to spread hatred against men in India :)
In other news, I saw #MaryKom at a preview. As always, dying 2 tell u what I think bt sticking 2 my personal policy of no review till Friday
As you can guess from the previous three tweets, I've had my quota of laughs for the day :)
1 guy on the @IBN7 show sd we need a National Commission for Men cos ppl don't invest in research on cancers striking men alone. Huh? (n/n)
Was tempted 2 laugh at the bizarre views of a couple of male panelists on the show who also casually manufactured stats & quoted them. (2/n)
Just got off an @IBN7 show on a PIL by an IPS officr asking 4 a Natnl Commissn for Men 2 protect men fm powrful women & pro-women laws (1/n)
An IPS officer moves court, asking for a National Commission for Men. I'm on IBN7 from 5pm to discuss that -->…
RT @V2v2008 pm is supposed to be the representative on all countrymen, including those who dislike him ..
Thank you Prime Minister #NarendraModi for bitching about your fellow Indians on foreign soil -->…
"100 Days of Modi Optics and Hyperbole" -->… by @Pawankhera on @ndtv
Girl tries to save father from being beaten, her naked body found on rail track later
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Biding his time, circling the wagons: The fair portents and dark omens of Modi's 100 days…
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Okay then, 'nuf talk about Delhi and films. Time to sleep. Kal phir milte hai. Good night. Shubh ratri. Shab bakhair :)
#Special26 showed us a Delhi my generation hs nt seen. Imagine Connaught Place without crowds! I can't. But my parents remember it that way.
The most irritating are films that include shots of landmarks on a road trip where u know in real life u would never ever pass those spots!
India Gate & Red Fort are gr8, but show us something new too, please. Don't you want a film in Paris to show you more than the Eiffel Tower?
With so many Hindi films now set in Delhi,it's nice to see directors & DoPs who look for visuals beyond stock shots of India Gate & Red Fort
One of the nicest shots in #Mardaani is that 1 of Rani on a hotel balcony in Connaught Place, with the gigantic #Tiranga in the background
Other lovely sights in Delhi: CP's giant Tiranga, the view of Lutyens Delhi fm Taj Mansingh, the Yamuna bed seen fm a Mayur Vihar apartment
Driving around Delhi today, was struck for the nth time by her beauty. If u r ever here, try the pahaadi raastas near Faridabad & Gurgaon.
In the end, I wonder if the controversy over #MaryKom's casting will help or harm the film at the box office. Just curious.
In other news, #MaryKom has been previewed for the press & film industry in Mumbai today. Before you ask: no news of a Delhi preview yet
Profile: Steven Sotloff - the second US journalist Islamic State claims to have killed
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