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Anna MM Vetticad
journalism journalist 90,074 followers
Sad to see how abusive people become when you voice an opinion. Being loud and abusive is the new 'nationalist'. Sad.
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Just learnt from @rukmini_shrini that the party with the highest proportion of women candidates contesting tomorrow is… Samajwadi Party!
#NaMo asks if Sonia Gandhi has worn a skull cap to prove her secularism. Hilarious! He doesn't know that the skull cap is for Muslim men?!
Again #NaMo doesn't answer. It's simple, Mr Modi: you are happy to wear a Sikh turban, so why do you say wearing a skull cap is appeasement?
'Ship of Theseus' named best film at #NationalAwards. The complete list is here:…
I don't know where I'm headed, bt I'll let u know when I get there - if u watched #TheKilling season finale, u know where I read that (2/2)
If u missed the season finale of #TheKilling on @StarWorldIndia, do catch it over the weekend. Heart wrenching. (1/2)
If asking y Modi lied in affidavits & speeches about his wife is a "personal attack", what ds BJP call Swamy's comments on Priyanka Gandhi?
So @Swamy39 comment on how much a woman allegedly drinks invites no outrage and silence from my rightwing women pals? #MisogynyRules
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Predictable comment about Priyanka from #SubramanianSwamy, apostle of hate for women, minorities & secular Hindus!…
Saw this cartoon cos @abdullah_omar tweeted it. Nice to know some politicians can laugh at themselves.
"It is with regret that I would like to announce the resignation of Ravi Singh as Co-Publisher, Aleph Book Company." This from David Davidar
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#PowerOf49 … I'm one of the voices in this report on the Indian elections on US' National Public Radio. Do listen:
We deserve this :) "Spoof On How A Missing Chicken Roll Can Make The Indian Media Go Crazy!"… via @StoryPicker
Any idiot can face a crisis; it's this day-to-day living that wears you out.
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Guten Morgen, everyone. Loud thunder claps unaccompanied by showers here just now. A cruel joke on us rain lovers. And how are you?
I'm off to sleep now. Too much late night tweeting is injurious to health. Gute Nacht everyone. Shubh ratri. Shab bakhair.
Ok, @me_kul_deep that last tweet translated into English means: Happy Vishu to my dear Twitterati
Am I too late with this? Ende priya Twittervaasikalku Vishu ashamsakal :)
MT @airnewsalerts #SC: Woman employee of central govt can get uninterrupted 2yrs leave for child care,including examination & sickness needs
Looking for a delhi based professional anchor, for a series of 20 short films. About 7 days of full-day shoot.
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A #NaMo bhakt tells me it's "silly" to object to Modi calling Ajit Jogi a "cripple". Reminds me of Nazis using the term "useless lives".
#RajnathSingh ji, u asked for examples of personal remarks by BJP. What about #NaMo calling Ajit Jogi a cripple? -->…