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Anmol Pinto
You could face jail or a ONE MILLION Dirham fine if you spread rumors on social media in the #UAE…
Lol RT @Marianna_B: ''Rent in 1 cheque'' - I would love to know who is actually paying 12 months of rent in 1 cheque in #Dubai?
Sean Hannity's Response To Russell Brand Over Gaza #fail…
Erta Ale, Ethiopia - an active basaltic shield volcano
Yay, things are almost back to normal in Dubai. Can finally get some work done.
"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" was beautifully and exquisitely executed. Must watch.
Ocean Basket at Mirdiff City Centre - surprisingly good seafood for a food court restaurant!
For a change (@ Mirdif City Center مردف سيتي سنتر in Mirdif, Dubai w/ 5 others)…
Lol RT @sokangarude: Ooh boy, you write 'you' and not 'u'. Let's get married.
Latest Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’…
Our sister concept FRIOUL is looking for Waiters, Bar Staff, Kitchen Staff & Head Maitre d' - CVs to
Idiotic RT @dxbdiva: Russell Brand On Hannity Of Fox News 'Is This Even A Debate?' Israel - Palestine…
The island of Morrea
People are TOO concerned about what luxury brands they wear. Steve Jobs took over the world wearing a turtle neck and sneakers. Just sayin.
Note to self : Always check the expiration date on anything that says "Reduced Price" in a supermarket
Lol RT @girlposts: Why does everyone in the purge movies want to kill people if crime was legal i’d find a way to erase my student debt
Only focus on what you can control
Was kinda disappointed in the new Transformers movie :( the only impressive thing was the badass Lamborghini
The geek in me was thoroughly impressed by this epic window display in Dubai Mall
Transformers Finally! (at @ReelCinemas ريل سينما)…
Lime tree breakfast I've missed you
Hahahah RT @blopt: Dented my Hyundai Accent and now I have a stutter.
The real power of a man is the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him
Great food, ambiance and service (@ Cut - Wolfgang Puck)…
Watching that fountain from 60 storeys up never gets old
Empire State #repost from @van_styles
I don't think the airline industry has suffered such a catastrophic blow since the invention of the airplane
Chicken Nuggets from Wendy's actually taste like real food. Imagine that.
Create a life you don't need to escape from
Success is not limited by how high you can stretch but by how low you are willing to bend
Don't know where that is, but ... take me there
Lol RT @danielmarcevans: Dubai people who now are a bit worried about flying because of 2 unrelated incidents, do you drive on SZR here?
This RT @Casey_Burgess: I am not a religious person, but wow I am praying for the world to turn back around and be sane again
One of the biggest problems is a lot of people have too many opinions without having the ability to create anything themselves
Best review of Amazons new smartphone "It does make calls"
What??!! RT @samanthapdaly: Passenger Jet Carrying 116 Vanishes From Radar…
Cheryl Cole's new track is actually pretty cool! And Cheryl Cole is also ... ahem ... Pretty cool too.
The way the Dutch are paying respect to the dead is incredible #RIP #MH17
#repost from @harperandharley
+1 RT @NegarMortazavi: Online hacktivist ANONYMOUS asks elite hackers around world to join massive cyber attack against #Israel.
In hell you're not allowed to skip a Youtube ad after 5 seconds
People listen to respond, not listen to understand
I knew it RT @mashable: June was Earth's warmest such month on record since before 1880.
Hahah what?! RT @UberFacts: Under extremely high pressure, peanut butter can be turned into diamonds.
RT @AliAbunimah: The boy who clung to the paramedic: the story behind heart-wrenching photo…