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Anil Dash
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I don't mean to be cynical, but I don't get why people are grieving over Net Neutrality now. This has been inevitable for a long time.
LOTS of people are getting their Twitter accounts hacked, apparently. HEY: GO TURN ON 2-FACTOR AUTH. #2facSecure
Congrats to @grandst + @Etsy! @amandapey & @chaddickerson are awesome CEOs, exemplifying so much of what's good about NYC's tech culture.
Thing of how long the content of a terms of service contract is. So many opportunities for great native advertising in there! #monetization
Thinking I may just go back to writing about music.
In these cases, the thing a creative person can't do is let their view of their own successful work be compromised by public re-assessment.
By contrast, it became received wisdom that @ConanOBrien's 1st Late Night season was bad; he's joked about it. But it was pretty great!
The fact that George Lucas didn't have reverence for the canon of Star Wars & the culture cult built around it is actually pretty awesome.
By the way, most folks in tech? This is what we sound like when we talk about policy & regulation:…
That I may be wrong in newer and more interesting ways today.
I often hear men say, "I'd speak up about tech sexism but I'm scared!" 1. Imagine if you couldn't opt out. 2. Read!…
"I’m inclined to always give the person with the least power the benefit of the doubt."…
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"Race matters to a young man’s view of society when he spends his teenage years watching others tense up as he passes" - Sotomayor dissent
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Obviously the best part of my new Twitter profile.
Someone in in the police social media team didn't think this #myNYPD through
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Fun thing about @3RDEYEGIRL's Twitter presence is that it seems to feature only Prince's own work or women who are up-and-coming musicians.
(If you don't have the new Twitter profile yet, and you want it, go here:… )
If you publish web pages, support @kevinmarks' idea of fragmentions:… As useful & full of potential as hashtags.
Does “misandry mermaids” seem like a good description of @michellej?… via @thinkup shut down the internet, I won it.
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Sad to see @typepad's been down from DDOS attack (like the @meetup/Basecamp ones). 5 yrs after I left, users still call. Wish I could help!
Seems like Twitter enabled the new profiles for lots more people now. Pretty simple setup process. Looks nice!
Almost all of the time, people are awesome when you give them the chance to be their best selves. But it can be hard to remember that.
The take away is Bey is good at email. RT @vulture: .@Sia explains the story of how "Pretty Hurts" got to @Beyonce:
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Don't be mad, UPS is hiring.