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Anil Dash
A remarkable set of interviews with white people talking about whiteness. The rest of us rarely get to hear this:
.@anildash Yep. Racism has #literally come to mean "disliking white people"
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Extraordinarily, white people in the poll think anti-white discrimination is a bigger problem than anti-black bias.
"Just 37% of whites believe blacks make less money than whites & a narrow majority think incomes are about the same."…
I am glad for the HBO news, but I promise I will never stop giggling when people say "over-the-top service".
My favorite coffee shop is playing "When Doves Cry" and has this sign on the wall. :)
Let's stay focused, and together, we can reluctantly fulfill our obligations!
Jay Leno confirms: I didn't have Joan Rivers on my show because I'm an even worse person than she was. #SavedYouAClick
Do any trade unions do training about reducing street harassment from construction workers?
Eartha Kitt's on her 3some w James Dean & Paul Newman is making me jealous of people no longer w us h/t @Karnythia
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Missed me @distill? Here's a link to my talk on diversity in tech & the slides
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If I quit tech it won't be because I'm scared, it will be because I'm exhausted from watching this happen to every woman I love and respect.
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'Massacre' threat forces @femfreq to cancel university appearance
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@anildash you're not a public school teacher but you'll do
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I like to imagine Uber looked at my GitHub commits, evaluated my skills as a front-end coder, and said "Uh, you got a driver's license?"
And if you're a geek, @codeforamerica built the Civic Issue Tracker to help you find small tech fixes you can fix:…
Gov't spends $180 billion per year on IT; 94% of its large IT projects fail. @codeforamerica is one way to fix this:
I didn't care for @FortuneMagazine's predictable, shallow "40 Under 40" list. So I made my own on @TechRepublic:
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Wrote about @thinkup and how they're making social analytics human. @TechRepublic
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great @data_society primers on tech+work. surveillance, discrimination, labor,makers, robots: something for everyone!…
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The incredible, indefatigable danah boyd launches the Data & Society Research Institute. DSRI is already doing hugely meaningful work in helping make sure tech's impact on society is beneficial to all, and I'm proud to serve on the board.
"I don’t want children walking near 'Internet people' meeting." LOLOLOL the Upper West Side, ladies & gentlemen:…
Check out @ProductHunt's Made By FemaleFounders roundup Huge amount of money to be made out of taking women seriously
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I love to mock Goop like all other reasonable people, but even Gwyneth likely cannot handle the wrath of a fully weaponized Martha Stewart.
It’s as if their cloud services failed 25% of the time & the CEO advocated prayerful meditation to improve uptime.…
I've been waiting decades for content to be king, but I never wanted it to turn out like *this*. ::sob::
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For the first time in 34 years, the Federal prison population has dropped. And crime is lower than ever.… #cjreform
"This community earned a reputation for avoiding ugliness, harassment & bigotry because you have refused to allow it"…
Hauling leaves.
Pretty good leaf pile.
Stopping in the woods.
#hyperlapse the hike to the lighthouse
"Based on the YouTube® sensation"
The littlest Black Sheep.
Zooming along the tracks #hyperlapse #kidpost
My parents being super-cute during our at-home crab boil.
A first trip to the Lego store.
Did you know you can use a MagSafe 2 adapter to remove a MagSafe 1 plug? #uhhh #uhoh #bendghazi2
A super SPLASH!
Truly a privilege to get to talk with Rev. Jackson tonight about how we get the tech industry to include everyone who uses tech. We can do so much better.
My boy loves transportation. He got this shirt and said, "The W isn't a train anymore."
Got a new bookshelf!