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Anil Dash
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Everyone balked 20 years ago when Prince wrote "slave" on his face. But his perspective on labels, IP & ownership was prescient. @3RDEYEGIRL
21 years after Prince changed his name, he now owns his master recordings. I really am happy for @3RDEYEGIRL:…
Prince's catalog has been egregiously mismanaged. A handful of tracks were remastered for releases, but all his 80s albums are neglected.
Exactly what I hoped for/bet on for the 30th anniversary: Prince is doing a rerelease of Purple Rain, w/ Warner Bros.…
An interesting conservatism amongst those of us who love Flickr. We don't use it, but resent attempts to make it more like apps we *do* use.
Really great explanation of the verification scam that the (fake) @MicrosoftSteve account was doing last night:…
Flickr 3.0 collapses friend/family/contact relationships into a simple "Follow" in the UI. End of the Web 2.0 idea of nuanced relationships?
Pretty, pretty good choice of people to follow by @MicrosoftSteve in his debut on Twitter. Hope we get to hear some good stories!
The real power move if @ChelseaClinton has a son: Name him Ben. Middle name Ghazi. @HillaryClinton has infinite chances to show baby pics.
Captain, class M planet detected.
Since everyone's talking about @ChelseaClinton I just wanna subtly mention that last week she told me I'm really funny. #BabyNameWorthy?
ACA opponents prooooobably will regret pinning the name "Obamacare" on the bill now that it's an iPhone-sized hit.
All satellite photos are dronies.
37 men came to the United States last summer to escape religious persecution. We've had them in custody ever since.…
I didn't think @jennydeluxe could be any more of a hero. Then I discovered her invention of the ant #yeet emoji.…
The manifesto is the marker of the moment the movement ended.
It's been ten years, so just a reminder: Jermajesty Jackson is his own ex-cousin.…
Profound & meaningful use of data to tell a story: How Americans Die.… We should be fighting suicide as we fight AIDS.
"If we can fill the Rock HoF performance with these incredible women … we'll have achieved our own revolution."…
Are there any examples of web apps that have really succeeded by being featured in the Chrome store or the Windows store?
Fascinating that Microsoft launched Office in both iOS App Store & Chrome store in just the last month, and are among the best apps in both.
I love the 8am hour in Alphabet City, when the streets are just cool dads on bikes. #cooldads
Love @naveen's "there-ables", the idea that located devices may end up providing ambient info more than wearables:…
Today's unexpected delight: Discusssing thinking behind @thinkup over on @producthunt w/ @ginatrapani. (Vote for us!)
Having a dog, a cat & a 3-year-old son has taught me to identify three distinct methods of unspooling a roll of toilet paper onto the floor.