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Anil Dash
Of _course_ right wing blogs are mining white supremacist sites for hateful lies about Mike Brown.… Who will speak up?
Once you’ve accepted that the people sworn to protect you might just kill you, there comes a clarity. #Ferguson…
Let's be clear: The threat of violence in #Ferguson was diffused because a black man was allowed to lead & rein in the cops in the streets.
Times Sq tourists are getting an unexpected show. Iron Man is speechless. #HandsUpDontShoot #NMOS14
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Ronald Johnson is proof that there can be cops who care about their communities & will do right. But #Ferguson deserved that from day one. this sista from Ferguson expresses thanks for #Harlem supporting #NMOS14
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At Corner Bakery listening to Chicago police talk about Ferguson. I. ..our cops are calling the police response overkill.
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Black students of Harvard Law School stand in solidarity with #MikeBrown & the #Ferguson community. #HandsUpDontShoot
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Thank you to all at #NMOS sharing photos. I am at home quietly observing with my son, but you are appreciated. Especially @FeministaJones!
#nmos #ferguson this is tbe front of the crowd. Amnesty International has a large presence on the other side
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.@kvirella telling a remarkable story of the "patience" blacks have to practice all the time:
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Time travel movies always show folks going back & changing history. I'd use it just to keep my son from commingling 2 colors of Play-Doh.
“It’s plain as day that the cops have no strategy, no end goal in #Ferguson.” —@anildash…
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Nationwide vigils organized by @FeministaJones will honor victims of police brutality: #NMOS14
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"Thank you for stopping by. Please tap on some ads on your way out."
"At least four different people, from different police departments, have made the decision to tear-gas protesters."…
"They weren’t interested in actual crowd control. This was about intimidation."… @jbouie with his story from Ferguson.
Things To Stop Being Distracted By When A Black Person Gets Murdered By Police by Mia McKenzie/Black Girl Dangerous…
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"The fiasco I want to talk about is the advertising-supported present day web industry." @EthanZ & a better Internet.…
Need something beautiful? How about the hexagonal storm on Saturn as big as 4 Earths?…
Mike Brown was a man. I gathered some of my thoughts from last night; maybe it means something.… #WhoKilledMikeBrown
I support our troops. And our soldiers say what police are doing in #Ferguson is wrong, dangerous and offensive.…
Sometimes I want to wrap my arms around all of humanity, give the whole world a big hug, and say "Shhh. Shh. Shut your stupid face."
I don't have anything left, I have to go to bed. I'm crying & I can't read anymore of this. I just want to hug my son. Mike Brown was a son.
My boy. Just past 3.5 years old.
Hard at work building a modern rail system.
Me and my boy.
Imagine the meeting at Google where they decided they should have an iOS app called "Drive" & one called "Docs". #imaginethemeeting
Scientology gets a lot of criticism online, but you really have to give them credit for being early in perfecting in-app purchases.
"Other icons frequently misunderstood by users include the heart & the star."… No, the ambiguity is usually useful.
Sometimes when people are tired or stressed, they engage in risk-taking or self harm. Anyway, I read the comments on a news story.
I love parts of Reddit and recognize it's a vast heterogeneous site but when I say "fuck Reddit" this is what I mean:…
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Keith Alexander says he can protect from cyberattacks, but didn't do it at the NSA so he can patent & profit from it now.
Techies: You're outraged at the NSA? NSA's ex-director is profiteering $miliions from cybersecurity. What will we do?…
Politicians and media consistently treat drug laws around marijuana as a joke. It's not funny at all.…
Sure @questlove anchors his DJ set of Prince tunes w/ an obscure studio jam. But will he let all 25 minutes of the song play? No! Injustice.
For all the criticisms & frustrations I have about the tech industry, I still do believe we can make things that are meaningful. I hope so.
I sometimes get self-conscious about making an app that's new & odd & idealistic. But I'm glad so many get it now:
I work on @thinkup every day, so it's hard to judge if I plug it too much, but I am *so* proud of what the team's built. You should try it!
Really appreciated @tcarmody describing @thinkup as one of the last of the great Twitter apps over on @kottke:… :)
Almost every video on YouTube was filmed on the same set. @ftrain explores architecture through the webcam:…
Anyway, these are my tweets. They may all be wrong! Or even stupid. I'm sorry, there are no refunds available. (I'm not really sorry.)
And there is truly an ineffable joy when you share some part of culture with a person and it gets them past a preconceived rejection of it.
There is iliberation in seeing another's disdain or snobbishness toward one's own tastes & recognizing it as nothing but their insecurity.