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Angel Vain
fitness 1,241,045 followers
Chest and triceps today I started with 15 min of cardio then did 3 exercises did 15 more min of cardio 2 more exercise and finished with 10 min of cardio. _ 🌟Leverage Chest Press🌟 Load an appropriate weight onto the pins and adjust the seat for your height. The handles should be near the bottom o
Not working out for almost 2 pounds brought that cellulite back 😭 but I'm back in the gym so I the challenge is to get it off without diet but with workout alone. #nofilter on that left photo so you can see changes in the coming weeks. With my last 3 pregnancies I gained in my hips, butt and thighs
Week one back in the gym down and I feel so much better! I made a lot of improvement on my 3rd spin class you can scroll back and see my other posts. I burned over 500 cal this session 🎉 but then I came home and ate not so well lol the plan was to have a salad but this baby had other plans. I sipp
🌟Glutes-Quads ( outer sweep or saddle bag area)🌟 Side press, Side Leg Press • Position yourself on the right side of a seated leg press machine with one foot centered on the push plate, toe forward, and knee bent 90 degrees (A). • Press your leg forward, ending each rep just short of full extensio
🌟Body Squats🌟 For advanced non-pregnant people use a barbell or dumbbells with this exercise 👍 I did 4 sets of 30 with a 60 second break in between sets. I followed this by walking lunges 20 reps each leg (Balance was an issue so I dropped the weight) , super squats (no weight) 30 reps and ended
Certified personal trainer helps you find new & effective workouts 📚 check out THE BOOTYBUILDER! 🍑💪🏼 . 👙@Tanaashleee 👙 👙@Tanaashleee 👙 👙@Tanaashleee 👙 . Always posting the best workout videos! . && Her promo free page 😈 @tana_ashlee 😈
Love this bikini from @sunandsandswimwear gold in the sun is amazing! Now if Cali would warm up so I can get out there 😊 No filter I left that bit of cellulite on the first photo so you can see even I struggle sometimes which is fine I'm back in the gym and it will come off. #HealthyWeight #3months
🌟Super squats🌟 Yes I plan on doing squats and lunges during my pregnancy. I'm not losing this booty 👍 I did 4 sets on this machine I used weight for the first one and did 10 reps to get blood in my legs and glutes. I then took all the weight off and did 3 more sets of 30. These were my normal act
Stay Positive today I'm off to work legs and do cardio! Have a great Saturday #instafitfam 💟Tag someone who needs this💟
About my diet 🙈 the first 2 1/2 months I couldn't hold down food or water I had the worst morning sickness. I think there was a whole 30 days that I literally didn't leave the house. I slept a lot and felt so depressed from not being able to eat or workout. Finally all that has passed and I can res
I very rarely do abs using weight I've always done them with no weight and still got great results, I keep abs pretty simple, my magic number is 3 sets of reps ranging from 30 to 50. (Now that I'm pregnant 2 sets of 20) Here I am doing core with the ball and then after I go right into mountain climb
Now that my morning sickness has passed I'm back in the gym full time! This is my second spin class ever and I love it I feel like I left a 45 min self improvement church therapy session. I felt so good about myself when I left something you don't necessarily get from weight training. I highly sugge
Over the last 2 years I've been telling you about sport corsets I used during my preps most of you are familiar with the information. I am NOT using it while pregnant but after the baby is born I will go back to using it. Right now you can use the promo code : Memorial15 At @waistnotime they are h
. Two ingredient banana peanut butter ice cream 🍨🍌🍦 . from @Shonda1020! She started her fitness journey at 203lbs 😱 and now shares tips, healthy recipes and workout videos to help you get in shape too!! . FOLLOW: @Shonda1020🌟 @Shonda1020💪 @Shonda1020❤️
I just tried a spin class for the very first time. I saw @dariellerose has been able to stay on track with her #FitPregnancy doing cycling classes for cardio. I went to @cycleupvalencia the staff was SUPER nice and helpful. I had a hard time figuring out my gears, I was stuck in first gear the first
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown Sit down on a pull-down machine with a wide bar attached to the top pulley. Make sure that you adjust the knee pad of the machine to fit your height. These pads will prevent your body from being raised by the resistance attached to the bar. Grab the bar with the palms facing
Off to the gym for the first time in almost 2 months. I've had the worst time holding food or liquid down. I finally feel better so it's time to get back in the saddle and kill these workouts. I always make a protein shake before I go to the gym. I use @blackstonelabs New protein (and I highly recom
Suprise!! I told you guys I had a wonderful surprise for you! We are welcoming baby #4 👶 our baby will be arriving Thanksgiving which is perfect for us because we truly feel God has given us such an amazing Blessing and we are so Thankful. Since I've made the decision to change my life around I re
LOL I am guilty of doing this! 🌟Double Tap if you agree🌟
So y'all were asking about my grades .... 😇
Couldn't be more excited about my new gift!!! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you thank you @TrollsworthT ❤️❤️❤️
Every morning starts out with #Phytoform for me. It's @primenutra best seller, people love this and it has 100% reorder. I highly suggest this product to everyone, no matter what your goals are this is beneficial. I give this to my teenage sons because I know they don't get enough greens and fruits
Decline Crunches Instructions: Secure your legs at the end of a decline bench and lie back. Position your hands either side of your head. Do not put your hands behind your head as this can cause injuries with the spine. This is the start position. Contract the abdominal muscles and feel the lowe
Join The Challenge! . TAP the link in their profile @FitGirlsGuide for details! 💕💪 . . THE 28 DAY JUMPSTART IS ... 💟 Full meal plan 💟 Full exercise plan 💟 No gym required 💟 Weekly grocery lists 💟 Vegetarian and gluten-free options for all recipes! . Follow @FitGirlsGuide
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