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Andy Samuels
PIZZA PARTY FOR ONE ;) you guys and dominos_uk made it happen ❤️❤️🍕�
“@PerrieLJJ4: @AndySamuels you fangirl ?” Everyday
You bitches better invite me to this lil shindig 😏@Dominos_UKK@AndySamuelss
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You guys are warriors, we did 5K and I'm super happy and excited so thank youuuu 🍕🍕🍕🍕
So I want to say thank you to all of you for your legendary behaviour!! I can now experience my first pizza party! Thank you millions ❤️❤️🙏🍕
OMG SO CLOSE ficiekfleneowfoen
Oh shit just 1000 left to go before pizza party time!! You guys are my Hero's haha ❤️❤️
When I can follow more people promise I will, just make sure you RT'd dominos challenge, we are so close just 1500 away 😁😁🙏❤️🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
Noooooooo I have hot a temporary follow limit :( I don't even know what a piazza party is I just want one :((( we are so close too haha
Half way haha you guys are gangstas
Nearly half way to the 5K I'm still going down the RT List and following, we need a pizza party haha
I'm following untill it gets to 5K haha
I'm gonna follow as many people as I can that retweet the challenge dominos set me ;) haha so go rt and I will go down the list and follow
So did you guys see what I just retweeted? Haha PIZZA PARTY!!!! Please can we try get it to 5K RT's 😁😁 pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeree
@AndySamuels Here's a challenge: If this gets 5000 RTs we will reward you with a #pizzaparty. Sharing is caring!
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They say the truth ain't pretty but coming from that pretty mouth the truth is fitting..
Shit myself this morning when @Just_Jordann set the fire alarm off, thank god it was just burnt toast
What do you think of my profile pic? @Dominos_UK ;)
I wish a great day for you all
Get on Keek and follow me will be posting my ice bucket challenge soon
bae - before anyone else
My anaconda don't.
Make sure you guys go download Keek if you don't already have, thats where ima post my ice bucket video WHOOP WHOOP…
Filming my Ice Bucket challenge today, the weather is perfect for it...
Training for @SoccerSix this Sunday hopefully I play better than this... Ha!lshjeab
Just heard these song lyrics "don't take this the wrong way but you look better with the lights off" HOW can that not be taken the wrong way
“@tmznewsreporter: @Mazzi_Maz I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE GAY!? ew” yeah maz I didn't know either
Alcohol has nothing to do with it...
Feel horrendous lol
We are people and its so wired like why so we do certain things. Like why do we crave certain food or why do we shave. When did this happen
We might as well be lovers on the sun
ONE WEEK TO GO @SoccerSix #SoccerSixFest! Me and @Mazzi_Maz will be on the @janoskians team, who's coming? Tix:… RT!
Bruvarrrrr @jamaledwards happy birthday old man!! Have a good day!
Manners don't cost a thing.
Need someone to spoon feed me fast food ASAP please
Want a chance to get your hands on a free onesie? @AndySamuels will be giving out free @OnePiece gear on the Expo Stage at 11am!
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Late night! This guy felt it!!!gMYieab
Bit late. Whoops.