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Cracking out, got the live feed on the 60 inch.... #sickday #crackhead #bb16 #FuckFrankie
No Flex Zone . they knowww betta, they knowwww betta
How "Empire Records" Became The Unlikely Film Of A Generation…
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Watching Big Brother Gaza
Check out @deadnoobs Pro Gaming documentary and thanks again for the @Twitch Intro
Yo! Check out @AndyMilonakis new web series Food Is Magic! Shot/edited by me. Rt and subscribe!…
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People who call their grandma "meemaw" grew up on Hee Haw and got touched by their uncle on the seesaw
When Frankie gets out of the house, does damage control and talks about how he just acted like that for his game.…
Yo! I made an Autorap about Frankie from Big Brother. Fuck Frankie song…
Caleb: I don't feel like you owe me anything. Frankie: well the only thing you owe me is a veto ,,,,,,wow, shameless #FUCKFRANKIE
This is what being fake sounds like #BB16
What did the Crate & Barrel tea kettle say to the Walmart tea kettle? Your poor
Musicians in the 60's & 70's WERE cool, nowadays it seems more like "LOOK AT ME, LOOK HOW COOL I AM, ARE YOU STILL LOOKING? COOL, RIGHT?"
If you want to be a comedian but are scared of fame maybe you should do jokes that only appeal to blind & deaf people
and @TMZ isn't pretending to be a real news site
Hey @CNN "Joan Rivers Chilling Joke About Death" headline makes you seem more like @TMZ so here is a friendly GO FUCK YOURSELF
How am I the fat one? I drink unsweetened iced tea and eat raw fish RT @diplo Poptarts and michelob ultra today
Watch me tell a chef his food looks like my grandmas dick…
Damnit, why did they have to leak naked photos of Jennifer lawrence? I wanted to find out how she looks naked in real life by earning it.
Maybe, but if I am a god, we're all gods RT @literallysides @AndyMilonakis you are a god
Fishing for compliments from a stranger haha
I only eat organic pussy, don't gimme no GMO hos
Marijuana, Meditation, Massages MMM MMM Good
I'm so thorough, about to whip to Erewhon in an uber cuz yelp said it was open at 8am. I called just in case & they said 9. Cool story bro
Why the fuck does Frankie sleep in Caleb's HOH bed every night? So slimy, pushy and privileged. YUCK.
Nice hair and so ladylike
Ariana's Sunday night vs. Frankie's Sunday night. #BB16 she must be so proud! @hamsterwatch @EvelDick
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The greatest BB fan video of the season: FRANKIE, GO FUCK YOURSELF! #FUFrankie #BB16 @EvelDick
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Yo @cherishtheday spitting that Bobby shmurda
Light purple is my color
Sweet Chubby Couple Fucking
Tryin to do a vid with @ChiefKeef , if he's down i can see it easy hittin 20 mil views. call me when u wake up
yo @BenAffleck you still play poker, donk? I'll fucking take all your money and send you to Boston packin. hehe
Let's talk about lazy people shit, like when you open some new bread and that plastic ass tag thing is haunting you to put it back on..NAH
Fuck champagne, I pour Pellegrino water all over dem titties. Sparkly fresh.....that's not a description of her wet tits, that's the Ho name
If you feel guilty about eating an ice cream sunday, you should feel equally or more guilty for having a coke with dinner.
Mountain Dew is the Marlboro Red of the beverage world
@AndyMilonakis listening to morphine popsicles and day dreaming of banging u now that im 18
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