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Real Andy
Dehydrated lemon, grapefruit and blood orange
Oh, your husband is worth 500 mil? That's nice, do you both completely suck at being a human being or just you?
I call fake bitches out all day. I will never take any shit from anyone. You act like a snobby bitch, I will tell u to fucking kill yourself
@AndyMilonakis is inspiring me to lose weight. No more excessive drinking or eating!
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Does anyone successfully deposit checks with their phone? I have professional lighting equipment and it still takes 20 tries. FUCK
Oh yeah and at midnight is going to hit 60 days without any cigs or alcohol. I'm on a roll. NO, I can't eat rolls. bitch I'm on one
haha so many pathetic people commenting on my weight loss tweets with negative comments. No successful haters, they're all pieces of shit
This is me riding a Donkey in Crete (Greece) when I was about 7, my sis @horizon74 doing her nails on the side
Grocery stores are filled with tons of chemicals & corn syrup or sugar. The outside aisles are where to go. Fruit/veg/seafood (certain meat)
My diet is 99% no processed food, no white carbs, fruit in the morning, decent size lunch with fish or meat + veg and small healthy din
In another few weeks I'll weigh under 200lb. 200 def still fat for 5'7 but it's not like WHOA, fatty, it's more like "hey little fatster"
Dis my new beach cruiser, his name is Debo
Haha got the beige cruiser with the basket
Meet me at the Waffle House, I'm a mouse from ecuador
Applegate Bacon , eggs from my boy @secretsstephen's chickens and mango
What if we made the plastic six pack rings out of gummies, so after we get buzzed we have a snack instead of killing dolphins?
Club goin up (church edition) ilovemakonnen
Club goin up (church edition) ilovemakonnen
There are a million hiphop dummies. Listen to a smart motherfucker spit knowledge @iLoveMakonnen5D…
yo @iLoveMakonnen5D baby boy, I got the club going up, on a thursday, all these dumb wack bitches lookin thirsstay, club going up...
club going up ; on a tuesday
What if Derrick wins, peels his face off and reveals himself to be @ArianaGrande ????~~~!!!!! ?????
If bitcoin smoked weed it would become a @PotCoin . Generous stoners are tryin to hook me up with some hahah
There's no "i" in team but there is an "i" in "cliché phrase"
I'll RT your protest or cause but don't ask me to email the government, my fingers are too tired from counting money
Yo @justinbieber I'm holding your friend hostage. Please come to the Chateau with 500k in unmarked bills
I'm smoking weed at the Chateau, I'm really cool
I just high fived @katyperry.... Fuck you @JODYHiGHROLLER I got your girl hahah
Rachel Vs Guy is like Satan Vs Hitler
yo @JODYHiGHROLLER page me you dynamite roll with extra eel sauce
Organic Holistic Treatment Caregivers Compassion Collective. NIGGA SHUT UP U SELL WEED
I'll be in MN with @LikeWaterEnt & Hands Of Tyme @ The Varsity Theater Sep. 28th here's the link for online tickets…
Or maybe we could go back to bartering. I'll give you 3 chickens if i can fuck your 18 year old daughter in the ass
Paper money is wack anyway, can we go back in time when we used to pay for stuff with salt...or how about precious metals?
What if the serial numbers on dollars mattered more and you could scan cash with your phone into a bank account
Just jumped into a pool with my clothes on at some art party for $2,000
The Earth is beautiful. Humans fucking suck.
ur mom bleaches her punany hair with zig zag shapes
Masterchef is manipulating me into crying haha
iPhone fanboys just talk about the iPhone. Android fanboys just talk about the iPhone.
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB on Verizon is the GOAT. Even though @Verizon could suck a million dicks for their shitty customer service. Still. GOAT
SwiftKey for iOS 8. Nice knowing you Samsung but without something like iMessage to text big MMS files, you're now dead to me. #iphone6plus
Arm wrestling with @AndyMilonakis to see who buys lunch. He is very sneaky and kept saying his elbow was slippery.
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