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Andy Goldstein MBE
That was their only chance. Ludo won’t come close now…
There’s no way Ludogorets will score
Jesus…nearly 2,950 euros a month PLUS bonuses …surely it too good to be true?
Man in the independent coffee shop doesn’t do large coffees cause “real coffee shops only do small”. #gapInTheMarket
@andygoldstein05 I wish other talksport shows would cut people off if they said Premiership. Drives me nuts 😡
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Normal rules apply for a Monday night on talkSPORT. From 10pm. Me, @jasoncundy05 , reaction to tonight’s and all the weekends footie
“Mars ain’t the kind of place 2 raise your kids In fact it’s cold as hell And there’s no one there 2 raise them if you did“ #pointlesslyrics
Looks like House of Cards has won
@alibedran29: @andygoldstein05 @ComingUpTheHill when’s the trophy parade Andy?” > may next year.
@ComingUpTheHill: @andygoldstein05 What a result lol You’ve beaten cannon fodder QPR. Congrats!!!!” > thanks, commiserations about villa
Di Maria outstanding. Blind brilliant. Whole team stepped up. Yes it’s not QPR, but still 2 weeks United wouldn’t have performed like this.
@Pathowe01: @andygoldstein05 would you not have started in August like everyone else.” > gotta give teams a head start…
Worst start utd have had in years. Panic buys galore and a point behind Liverpool and 2 behind city. Wonder who’s more worried of the 3?
@ElTigre9MUFC: @Stu_Buchanan @andygoldstein05 did you say this when Chelsea beat Burnley?” > ha! Good point
@ChelseaNoHistor: @andygoldstein05 you’d get ripped apart by spurs if you played them tomorrow” > you’re joking right?
All these panic buys are doing quite well for united
2 touches from Evans, 2 hospital balls
Would love 5 or 6…but make no mistake, it’s all about 3 points
@richardjcarter: @andygoldstein05 if all fit I don’t see LVG doing much different to this” >>>love this line up!
Anyone fancy guessing the united line up and formation today?
Right, we’ve given everyone a 3 game head start…can’t wait for the real first game of the season…
Disappointing to hear Rodgers still moaning about the Sturridge injury.......... again!!! YAWN!!
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@mattletiss7: Wonder if balotelli had done what costa did it would just be described as ‘doesnt mind a scrap’?” > exactly!!
“He doesn’t mind a fight or a scrap”…that’s a sending off though isn’t it?
I’m hoping @GaryLineker will pull out a “Costa coffee” related pun in his analysis …
Costa shouldn’t have been on the pitch for that header
Anyone know what score Liverpool won by at home to villa? 4-0?
Strike of a genius. Amazing goal
Anyone got a link to the latest David Blaine show in Manila ?
I will RT all (most) pics of naked bodies with “The Sports Bar” written on them.
So, tonight from 10pm. Oscar Dela Hoya, @StGeorgeGroves , Scott Quigg, John McCririck, Damien Matthew and Tomorrow back page. #madness
Even better now! On tonight’s show…OSCAR DELA HOYA, @StGeorgeGroves AND Scott Quigg!! #talkSPORT #sportsbar 10pm
Huge show tonight includes chats with @StGeorgeGroves AND Scott Quigg PLUS lots of footie chat. 10pm #talkSPORT
Lost a wedding ring in 2012 at The Stadium of Light?
All pointing to Not Guilty?
Fascinating comments on drive #talkSPORT from England man Gary Neville @andygoldstein05 and I will discussing it at 10pm #sportsbar
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off twitter now for tonight…Over to @SportsYapper is where you can find me….
When is the iPhone 6 out?
Normal rules apply tonight from 10pm. Ramon Vega in the studio as well.