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Andy Budd
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The @brightdome online booking system is one of the worst I’ve ever used. Over half a dozen attempts by 2 people before it worked!
The hell of a future where all hearing aids are sponsored and come with audible ads you can't skip.
Back from Burning Man, suffering now from soul-lag and jetlag. I had a terrific time! Thanks to RV mates @alicenwondrlnd @andybudd @bfirsh!
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What will happen to the Union Jack if Scotland votes for independence? Neat post.…?
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Back to civilisation (of sorts)
Let's nail this puppy to the wall!
Step 4: Head to Black Rock City
Step 5: Locate spirit animal
Step 3: Provisioning.
Step 2: Drive to Reno
Step 1: Collect RV
Think we spied @tomcoates (or his double) from our taxi walking thorough the mission 5min ago.
Currently suffering from @Uber_SF fail
On route from the De Young Museum to Grind Cafe I'm Lower Haight
Me: What’s your favorite Adobe tool? Response: @veen (ba dump bump)
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Now heading over to Hayes Valley!
Lovely catching up with @Natbat and @simonw at Eventbrite HQ
SF AFTERNOON DRINKING: Grabbing a drink with @andybudd at 4:45(ish) at Dalva today.
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I'm at Ma'velous coffee. Come join me!
Breakfast at Dotties, one of @alicenwondrlnd and my favourite spots in the city!
Gonna be at Ma'velous coffee, over the road from Twitter HQ in SF between 9am-10am if anybody fancies meeting up?
Gonna be at Ma'velous coffee, over the road from Twitter HQ in SF between 9am-19am if anybody fancies meeting up?
After reading @adactio’s post on the importance of adding HTTPS to your site, I wrote a blog post on how to do it…
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If you are going to take digital seriously in your organisation you will need a full time digital lead and Senior executive sponsor.
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Lovely meal at Blue Plate in Bernal Heights!
Building a device lab? @laraswanson and @Thisiscarlsagan have assembled all the tips you could ever need:
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@andybudd "the problem with the world is that the stupid people are full of confidence, whereas the intelligent are plagued with doubts"
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Self-belief is an incredibly valuable tool in the hands of the talented, and an incredibly dangerous tool in the hands of the incompetent!
Having the ability to hold two competing viewpoints at the same time is a useful skill for a designer #cognitivedissonanceFTW
That being said, don't fall on your sword the first sign of resistance. Sometimes you need to pay the rent in order to do good in the future
Have a set of values that are bigger than the next paycheque. Money goes quickly but good values will last for ever.
OK, rant over. Time for tea. Who's up for salad?
Let's strive to make the Web better people, rather than blaming others for why it sucks.
Designers need to get themselves out of the position where others (PMs, account directors etc) are negotiating on their behalf.
You don't always have to say yes. No, maybe, how about this and let's discuss it are also options.
One of the reasons there are so many bad websites in the world is a lack of negotiation skills on behalf of the designers.
Being prepared to walk away from a negotiation means you rarely have to.
Negotiation skills should be taught and valued much more than they currently are by most businesses.
Words hold a surprising amount of power if used at the right time and with the right people!
Post: showreel of UI concepts produced for "Guardians of the Galaxy."
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Heading over to SF tomorrow. Let me know if you want to hang out!
It's frustration when you try and support a small local business over a big chain, only to get charged more for a worse customer service!
It’s worrying that the best Ferguson coverage in the UK isn’t @BBCWorld but a comedy show on YouTube -… via @rem
I offer a workshop with @beep for corporate clients: Now, we’re offering it to the public!
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Started watching The Shield on Netflix