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Andy Budd
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Watching @tempo give a session on crypto currency at YXYY
I'm at Ace Hotel & Swim Club (Palm Springs, CA) w/ 18 others
I'm at Ace Hotel & Swim Club (Palm Springs, CA) w/ 14 others
Getting ready for three hard days of business negotiations at the YXYY conference.
Have you submitted your #BDF14 event to the website yet? No? What are you waiting for! Don't miss our print deadline!
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Just read a report that says the Philips Hue wifi bulb could be hacked so unauthorised people could turn your lights on and off (!).
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Seems there’s one rule for film makers and another for design agencies.
Especially as a small creative agency being forced to hand over all our IP rights to the BBC without chance for negotiation.
Interesting reading Tony Hall's thoughts about the role the BBC has in the creative industries -…
Listening to the people next to me at @acehotel slagging off tech industry people who go to burning man.
I hate it when companies like IKEA email you important delivery information from invalid email accounts that bounce when you respond.
OH from the server to a table in a hurry ”Let’s synchronise watches. It’s 10:07. I can make stuff happen!” #ILoveUSCustomerService
Much as I love @acehotel, their sage body wash makes me smell like Sunday lunch. My un-tanned legs only adds to the sensation.
You asked for it. We made it happen. King of Kong at Doc Club Wed July 30. Go go go:
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Although to be fair, if this were SF I'd be OH'ing people talking about going to Jack Dorsey's house this weekend instead!
OH "... going to Jeff Goldblum's house on Saturday or Sunday" #enjoyingearwiginginla
@jseiden: I see very little willingness for clients/teams to spend time developing better ideas #codeAsCraft
So the cocktails at Chateaux Marmont are strong. Half way through my 1st and already feeling tipsy, which is a problem as I have to drive.
OH "if he can be on his knees or standing in that shot...". I wonder what kind of movies he makes?
That was look. Look hard enough and you may just see the Hollywood sign #locohardmyass
@andybudd If you paint it blue then no one can see it against the sky - THIS IS THE WORD OF XENU!
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