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No more flour-coated tablets. The new Allthecooks Recipes App for #AndroidWear gives you recipes right on your wrist.
Happy Independence Day to our followers from #India. We're waving our flag from the India Gate today!
That’s it for today, folks! Thanks to all who participated in our #AskAndroid #AndroidWear chat. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
We're working on it! RT @robwagpdx #AskAndroid will hangouts be integrated soon? Reply works but can't start a conversation at present.
#AskAndroid @bonytony #AndroidWear users can currently count their steps w/ Google Fit. Some can measure heart rate depending on the device.
#AskAndroid @_dannyjb Compatible Android apps on your phone will automatically work on your device powered by #AndroidWear.
#AskAndroid @vj0809 Having an idea is the first step. :) Then visit!
#AskAndroid @AraWagco We're excited about the upcoming devices from our hardware partners - stay tuned!
#AskAndroid @Hi_mahou When you receive a Gmail or Hangout msg, you can tap to reply "Yes," "No," ": )" & more without having to speak.
#AskAndroid From "Ok Google, send me a message" to "Ok Google, navigate to..." Enjoy voice commands.
#AskAndroid @RozhaSpecialist Check out this Find My Phone sample and build your dream phone finding app!…
*Blushing* We think you're pretty cool, too. RT @BipolarMind1 #AskAndroid - Why are you just so much cooler than #AppleIOS?
#AskAndroid @RyZilla124 #AndroidWear apps that control garage doors are possible. Have you seen the @Philips Hue app for controling lights?
#AskAndroid @MikeABrownJr Physical design of the watches is very important to us & we work closely with our #AndroidWear partners on design.
Responding to Hangouts via voice is really helpful! Also love traffic updates. RT @juanmab What's the dev team favorite feature? #AskAndroid
#AskAndroid @Meowstical We're always working to reach more users. Today, #AndroidWear works w/ Android devices running 4.3 or above.
#AskAndroid @armando_rod Spanish commands are supported today, but we're always working on improving voice recognition.
#AskAndroid @iChepeman For #AndroidWear country availability, keep an eye on this list:
#AskAndroid @DerekgDybdahl Someone could always write an #AndroidWear app for this... maybe you'll be the one to do it? ;)
Notifications support is coming soon for @googleglass RT @zero_divide_1 #AskAndroid When will integration with Glass be available?
"Ok Google, take a note: yes you can" RT @rrmcpj #AskAndroid Can I dictate messages to it without having to take out my phone?
#AskAndroid @aim_2002 We're focused on watches for now, but we agree that wearables mean more than watches, eventually.
Great idea, we'll pass this along to the product team! RT @paulrm6 #AskAndroid How do you start a playlist from Android Wear?
#AskAndroid @feorlen We've got lots of tools and documentation that can help at