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✞ Andrea's Choice ✞
beauty 554,333 followers
Follow spree!!! 🎢 RT for a followwww 😍😍😍
I can't believe autumn is here already! 🍂🍁
@AndreasChoice I was watching your quick morning makeup vid, and had to pause it, and this is what happened. XD
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I'm terrified to google that RT @ChrisLowles: @AndreasChoice Have you played Five Nights At Freddy's?”
Glitter may appear. RT @KarinaCastanon: @AndreasChoice is this gonna include glitter? ✨✨
it's my first thought in the morning! RT @bizzleslilkitty: @AndreasChoice lamp is a weird word did yiu know that”
I have some cool things to show you friendz
Now here we have two very blessed human beings
@AndreasChoice heat wave all week! man, in the Valley it's like 105+. fml.
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My cat eats my clothes and I don't know what to do about it..
That feeling u get when u have a feel
Finishing up a longggggg vid lol
Why is there still no middle finger emoji?
Seeing this at the airport was such a surreal feeling I just can't 😭💕❤
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He just looked at me and said "you're next".. 😢
The world remembers: New York illuminated for 13th anniversary of tragic 9/11 attacks
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A bug just entered my mouth and I'm screaming
Then she started randomly texting me her plans for the week..
My mom just sent me a selfie of herself blowing a kiss and it's all blurry and crappy
"Send me a pic" *sends them instagram link*
Please don't ever let there be a big earthquake while I'm in the shower
Took this a few weeks ago at the store when I saw your name. I was a bit too excited. Happy birthday again, bitch. 💗
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But first I'm gonna go on a follow spree..