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Andréa Avena
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The worst three words you can hear in Britain: "Bus Replacement Service."
My 5 Top Social Media Tips for Travel Bloggers #travel #blog #socialmedia
Currently watching Top of the Pops 2. I don't think the 80s look as cool has my generation has been led to believe.
Am I too young to write my memoirs?
Wondering where my invitation to sing for #BandAid30 ended up...
5 Top Social Media Tips for Travel Bloggers
Before they ever met, my grandad built the air raid shelter that saved my nan's life. Maybe fate is real.
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Excitable, pleased to be home #selfie
Watching #Gogglebox, who on earth is that fool attempting to sing Bohemian Rhapsody on X Factor???
Tina: Dance ✔ Jon: Romance ✔ Paul: On floor ✔ Hannah: Screaming out for more ✔ Bradley: Swing ✔ Rachel: Doing her thing ✔ Jo: Flow ✔ #Pudsey
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And the Lord saw that the gin was very good and the Lord said "let there be tonic" and it was Gin O'Clock #GinOclock
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#flashbackfriday with Ellie 😘
#FridayFun 12 Absolutely Absurd Kanye West Quotes That Will Actually Help Your Career
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I've been buying checked flannel shirts for years, this is the trend I've been waiting for! 😂…U
There's quite a good discussion about it here @bkey94…
#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant stop plunging students into 50k worth of debt before they have even got a job
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Keira Knightley was praised for her naked shoot yet Kim K is being criticised. Interesting how the internet decides who it likes & dislikes
Cooking a stir fry, catching up with the Kourtney and Khloe and gin o' clock make for a rather relaxing evening.
@rhulcareers yes - you have a point there. How will a headhunter find me for that golden '4th plinth' role at Trafalgar Square? #careergoal
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Would you let other people manage your social media accounts? Fascinating piece by @CocozzaPaula
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Last night's home made chicken casserole with dumplings. Delicious. #food #winter #foodporn
I don't have a cat, but if I did it would be sad to see the commercialisation and mediation of Armistice Day commemorations @MYSADCAT
I must have been about 3 here. #Repost from @nickihogan2013 with @repostapp --- Love this one of Andrea
"I don't like abs. They're a public display of the fact that you don't like cake." @poppy_fraser (2014).
Thinking of handing in a really, really short essay on global warming to prove how inspired I've been to not waste paper.
People who take up a computer space in the library, yet they sit there on a laptop 😡😡😡
A calm mind makes us relaxed, improves our health and makes for happier families and communities.
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I have never been more cold than I am in the Bourne annexe this morning
Retweet & follow for you chance to win a meal for 2. If you're already following, then simply retweet. Ends midnight tonight! #egham #rhul
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@BBCBreaking: More than 80% vote in favour of independence in informal poll in Spain's Catalonia region
Having a nice day with Mum, Dad and Luca 😝
Regent's Park #london
Lot of people interested in joining the new anti-emigration party, Ukep. Find out more here:
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Smithfield Market #oldtimes #memories
What would the Tower of London poppy exhibition look like if it included the global dead of world war one? @guardian
Someone is always has to be wearing a costume in my house @jonpaulhands #nofilter #toga #funny #crazy #friends :P
If you all could send me critiques of Ruddiman's early anthropogenic hypothesis on global warming that would greatly help. Thanks.
Who's going to join my campaign to get England lads Morris dancing during the haka? Like a rugby version of Strictly?
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A N D R É A (there's absolutely so Ss, and it's an é... As in Beyoncé)
Ellie (housemate): "I don't know if my root ginger is okay... It's grown an arm"
@Queen_UK: Someone get one a gin and tonic. With no tonic. Or ice. #JustPourIt@lucia_holmes
9 Flawless Careers Lessons Beyoncé can teach you #FridayFun
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Modern life = 14 hours day looking at a screen dreaming about what you would be doing when you're not looking at a screen
@Independent: Netflix to adapt A Series of Unfortunate Events with help from Lemony Snicket
Nice day learning new tunes 🎵❤️ so many great tunes not enough time#musicc #songss#jazzz
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