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Andie Angeldust
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I have a feeling that I'm going to be a master of horrible "dad jokes" in the future...
This little lady started climbing my shirt when I was out for a smoke, no idea where she came from! But I didn't mind because this is the one bug that I can stand. :) 🐞
Check out this awesome "last day to pre-order Bring Down the Sky" VLOG made by @LynxOverworld !…
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Non, je ne regrette rien.
It's quite jarring to really consider that while we are all heroes in our own lives, we may be villains in someone else's.
A huge THANK YOU to all who have pre-ordered our new EP! You fucking rock! Pre-orders end tomorrow!
Att rösta fram lila som färg till nya t-banelinjen i Stockholm kan vara den största insats jag gjort som medborgare i år.
Fame lasts 15 minutes, a legacy lasts forever.
#throwbacktuesday This was 2006. So young and innocent lol
What is the scariest scene you remember from a kid's ... — Maybe the scene in the movie "Hook" (with Robin Willi...
BRING DOWN THE SKY KOMMER BLI AWESOME. LÅTER SJUKT BRA <3 län... — Ja, eller hur!! Glad att du ser fram emot den :)
Stämningen som uppstår när man hör Imperiets "Märk hur vår skugga" från byggnaden bredvid under kvällsciggen. :)
Our song "Oblivion" is the best song I've ever written in my opinion, so I'm happy so many are digging the teaser! :)…
Our new EP is almost here so we just released a trailer for it! So excited! Listen to it and tell me what you think!! ;) #overworld #overworld2014 #bringdownthesky #ep #trailer @officialoverworld
Check out the TEASER for our new EP and let me know what the hell you think about it! Rock 'n' roll!!…
The TEASER for our new EP is HERE! Go check it out, crazy people!!…
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The trailer is almost here!!
New EP trailer in less than 2 hours!! Are you fucking excited?!?!
In fact, this seems to be the stormiest day in Sweden so far this year. Lol, it seems like it's destiny to Bring Down the Sky today! ;)
TRAILER for "Bring Down the Sky" hits TONIGHT! Pre-order ends 31/7, be sure to get your copy!
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It rains like hell today, so what better day to release the TRAILER for our NEW EP?! It's up tonight!!
This is what me and my girlie did today, new wallpapers! Aren't they sweet? In Sweden we call this "samla vuxenpoäng"... @yokaiser <3 :)
I must look incredibly badass playing Wii U on the balcony with a smoke in my mouth and a glass of whisky on the table...