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Andie Angeldust
Utnyttja din rösträtt och värdesätt att vårt land ger oss den möjligheten. Så länge du inte röstar på SD.
I've posted a new short story on my official Facebook page. Disclaimer: it contains graphic elements. Enjoy! :)…
Everyone should check out @AndieOverworld's new page, go show your support and love! 💜…k
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A Facebook profile dedicated to my writings just launched, follow it for poems and excerpts from my upcoming novel!…
I'm never getting used to the needle... #ouch
Stranger in Gothenburg
Poor man's Rambo. #liseberg
Almost 28 years old and still prefer looking at toys to looking at clothes.
Walking around in a sex shop with a bag full of Nintendo games. Lovin' the contrast between Mario and dildos.
På Ullared och samlar svennepoäng!
Just found out that my girl hung out with DragonForce a few years back. My inner power metal fanboy is trying hard to hide the jealousy...
At a restaurant with palm trees in Borås, Sweden. Didn't even know we had places like that in this country!
Road trip with my girlie! ❤️ Destination Gothenburg! :) @yokaiser
What's better than visiting my dear hometown of Gothenburg for a 4-day vacation? Doing just that but with my significant other. :) Awesome!
Going crazy at IKEA, new awesome furniture here we go! :)
When will overworld release bring down the sky? !!! — Very soon!
Thank you @soundcravemag for an awesome first review of "Bring Down the Sky"!…
Our new EP "Bring Down the Sky" receives a great review from @soundcravemag ! Read here:…
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"Say it all returns again and make me believe it."
Another old photo, in lack of better things to post, from 2008. From my days of looking like a girl. Featuring my old band's bassist mr. @antowamz
We say so much, yet we know so little about ourselves.
I thought life couldn't get much better, but then me and my girlfriend installed our new TiVo... Aw yeeeeah!!
Went to see the doctor today but it turned out that she was sick. The irony is not lost on me...
The face of a man whose been working on his debut novel for 5 days straight. So many words, so many words! But very, very rewarding. :)
Been spending the last few days writing essays on how weaponry works in a fictional world... I do believe I'm getting absorbed into work. ;)
Mentally exhausted beyond words after writing the whole day. But damn if this story isn't turning out great so far. The work goes on...
Yummeeeeeee! :) Soon to come: less food posts. Maybe...
It's so true that when you have great characters, the story pretty much writes itself. #writingtips
So people are raging about the new Nicki Minaj video being crap and incredibly degrading, well, what else is new? What did you expect?
And here it is, tonight's delicacy from the Andie kitchen! Garlic buttered smoked gammon, baked and topped with oregano, along with a sweet Greek salad which balances out the garlic perfectly. Damn this was tasty. Proud! ;)
This photo of today's Andie-made Greek salad is practically cook book material! ;)
Cooking some damn fancy food tonight! Can't wait! Never knew the kitchen could be so much fun :)
Half-drunk karaoke with @kazoverworld !!
I just sang Hercules and now Kaz sings Aladdin... Lol I should film this!!
Kaz singing Bryan Adams!!
Andie + wine + karaoke = not good... lol
Karaoke in the home studio with @KazOverworld ! :)
Nothing beats good ol' home-cooked Swedish husmanskost! ;) #stroganoffmasterrace
And to think it only took me 30 minutes to write the best song I've ever written. You better be home when inspiration knocks on your door.
The pride I feel when hearing the absolutely enthralling heaviness and beauty of our song "Oblivion" is unmatched. Not long left now...
About to get some beers w/ @EndigoOverworld & @AlegriaMendoza - Endigo just called me and screamed randomly. I think he's excited...!
The ice bucket challenge, proving once again how little it takes for people to trade common sense for a spot on the bandwagon of trends.
Stuck in town due to Stockholm's fucked up commutes, but a guy here is doing a cool drum solo. So I got that going for me which is nice.
Strandad av SL för 1000:e gången. Hur ska jag kanalisera all denna frustration?
what do you mean faith is a beautiful thing WITHIN RE... — It means that you should never stay blind, regardless...
Enjoy the little things.