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Andie Angeldust
music drummer composer 104,987 followers
Great rehearsal today. Fuck, we're good.
@AndieOverworld and me might be obessed by #Darksouls2 but this is so awesome! Courtesy of…
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How hard was it for you to learn how to play drums? — Not so much "hard" as "time-consuming". Learning to play a...
Vet du vilken tid ni spelar på Fairy Con? Får man möj... — Vi är på scen 20.00 den 25/4 och yes, det kommer man ...
By now the whole world knows about last night's #gameofthrones ... but still... uh, holy fuck. Best show ever. Again!
Olivia from Sweden - you ROCK! Get your own kickass Overworld merch in our webshop:
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@AndieOverworld f*ck dude ! just listened to Final Destination and you sir, are awesome at the drums !
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is overworld going to release music before the end of summer? — We're about to bring down the sky... ;)
which musician or band inspired you to make music or ... — My first big influence was Michael Jackson, he still ...
come and do a gig in holland plzz<3 — Working on it! Tell your local venues that you want Overworld to go crazy ...
what is the meaning behind "spider"? — I don't want to spoil too much since when it comes to my lyrics, I really...
whats the band's idea why you name yourselves "Overwo... — I read on our wikipedia entry that the name comes fro...
Feel free to ask me stuff on my Questions about Overworld and music in general gets MASSIVE priority!
Saw Hangover Part 3 last night, man, what a disappointment compared to the previous ones (especially the original).
There are few things I simultaneously envy and admire more than people who have the ability to simply "not care". Gimme that off switch!
Homemade potato wedges with chili & garlic beef in pepper sauce along with Greek salad. Fucking brilliant dinner made by me and my love @yokaiser <3. Bon appetit! #instafood #fuckyeah #vuxenliv
"Anyone can be nice for 10 minutes. Remember that as you keep clinging to those facades that you love so much."
We're all NPCs in someone else's main quest. #videogamerevelation
Ever think about what life is going to be like when y... — A lot these days, actually. The future has more relev...
Who cares what artists look like? Let the music do the talking., I really should have told that to my younger self. lol
Listening to Guns 'n' Roses while having Coffee 'n' Bananas. That last thing wouldn't be as cool for a band name.
@AndieOverworld yet we as humans almost always make them seem as if they were the same thing
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Creating a legacy that you can be proud of is worth so much more than any notion of fame.
Sweet, sweet decadence with @kazoverworld #sunk #ps3 #decadence #dragonscrown