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Andie Angeldust
Something I've learned through the years: You can't plan your life. It's all about listening to the universe, and daring to take the leap.
Rock 'n' roll Buddha still lives.
Seeing the reality of the world, both in situations and in people, can be extraordinarily painful, but it's the only way to move forward.
"Sadness and anger, powerful emotions, but stronger still is feeling nothing at all, to have all that color rendered void."
When I was a kid, I thought Bryan Adams was a part of The Addams Family. Goddamn.
"Thanatos" from our new EP is my finest hour as a drummer. And no, I didn't injure my wrists recording it. Or did I?…
"BRING DOWN THE SKY", the new EP from OVERWORLD, hits 3/10!!
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Writing, writing, writing!
Looking for people to provide feedback on my unpublished stuff. Message me on my Facebook if you're interested:…
Working on my upcoming website and I'm thinking of using a blog platform. Any suggestions on which one to use? :)
Swedish metal news source GetMetal reviews "Bring Down the Sky", referring to the band as "a record label's dream".
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Listening to Overworlds new EP while eating my breakfast. It's so awesome!!! 😱�
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To the people bombing us with pics of your copy of our new EP: you make me feel very, very precious. Enjoy it, you've earned it. ;)
Have you liked @AndieOverworld 's new facebook page yet?… dedicated to his writings, it's soo good! ^^
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New short story/poem is up, very proud of this one! :) Read here:…
Bring Down the Sky pre-orders shipping now! Also, thank you for 40.000 Facebook likes!
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OVERWORLD hit 40.000 LIKES on Facebook! It's enormous!! Thank you! <3 'Bring Down the Sky' ships the next few days!
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Overworld fans, true believers, let me know your favorite song by us?
Just posted a new poem entitled "Fragile" on my official Facebook page. Read it here:…
SD på över 15% för tillfället. Skäms över att vara svensk just nu. Lyckligtvis 5000 distrikt kvar som ska räknas.
Working on my debut novel today. Also, submitted my short story "A Dream of Bugs" to Reddit. Feel free to read here:…
Utnyttja din rösträtt och värdesätt att vårt land ger oss den möjligheten. Så länge du inte röstar på SD.
I've posted a new short story on my official Facebook page. Disclaimer: it contains graphic elements. Enjoy! :)…
Everyone should check out @AndieOverworld's new page, go show your support and love! 💜…k
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A Facebook profile dedicated to my writings just launched, follow it for poems and excerpts from my upcoming novel!…
I'm never getting used to the needle... #ouch
Stranger in Gothenburg
Poor man's Rambo. #liseberg
Almost 28 years old and still prefer looking at toys to looking at clothes.
Walking around in a sex shop with a bag full of Nintendo games. Lovin' the contrast between Mario and dildos.
På Ullared och samlar svennepoäng!
Just found out that my girl hung out with DragonForce a few years back. My inner power metal fanboy is trying hard to hide the jealousy...
At a restaurant with palm trees in Borås, Sweden. Didn't even know we had places like that in this country!
Road trip with my girlie! ❤️ Destination Gothenburg! :) @yokaiser
What's better than visiting my dear hometown of Gothenburg for a 4-day vacation? Doing just that but with my significant other. :) Awesome!
Going crazy at IKEA, new awesome furniture here we go! :)
When will overworld release bring down the sky? !!! — Very soon!
Thank you @soundcravemag for an awesome first review of "Bring Down the Sky"!…
Our new EP "Bring Down the Sky" receives a great review from @soundcravemag ! Read here:…
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"Say it all returns again and make me believe it."
Another old photo, in lack of better things to post, from 2008. From my days of looking like a girl. Featuring my old band's bassist mr. @antowamz
We say so much, yet we know so little about ourselves.