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Anderson Cooper
Why is Iraq's new Prime Minister in NY? Shouldn't he be in Baghdad with his sleeves rolled up trying to rebuild his army and country?
On live now with latest from Syria and Iraq #AC360
'Person of interest' identified in the disappearance of #UVA sophomore #HannahGraham. Chief Tim Longo is on #AC360 8p
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Source within #Ravens tells #CNN team security was aware of #RayRice elevator video within hours of the incident. Latest on #AC360 8pET
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Exposing disgraced "charity" #HelpHospitalizedVeterans right now on #AC360
#Barkley on #Peterson "Every black parent in the south is going to be in jail under those circumstances" What do you think? #AC360 8p
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#JamesFoley's mother talks about receiving a demand for a massive ransom by e-mail. More of #AC360's exclusive intv next
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A moving message to the 9yr-old who accidentally killed her gun instructed with an uzi… from his family. #AC360 8p
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Mom of murdered journalist #JamesFoley has started fund to help families of American hostages. @JamesFoleyFund
I just intvd #JimFoley's mom. "We were told that we could not raise ransom, that it was illegal, we might be prosecuted." #AC360 8 and 9pm
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For the first time we can say Steven was sold at the border, his name was on a list - #Sotloff friend Barak Barfi
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We are live for the 9pm hour. Latest on #RayRice; possible identification of #ISIS killer; new #Ferguson witnesses and more #AC360
The relationship between the administration and the #Sotloff family was strained - Steven Sotloff's friend Barak Barfi
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We know he was sold at the border… #ISIS set up a fake checkpoint - Sotloff's friend on Barak Barfi on his kidnapping
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The administration could have done more, could have helped us - #Sotloff friend Barak Barfi
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Is a respiratory virus that sickened hundreds of kids just the tip of the iceberg? Latest on #enterovirus is next on #AC360
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What do you think of the way the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL handled the #RayRice assault? Full coverage #AC360 8pm and 9pm
.@ForsaRomaSempre you sound like a nasty piece of work. I'm surprised you have even one follower. Goodbye
If you missed our tribute show to #JoanRivers, it's on again at 11pm est. @kathygriffin, @Andy Cohen and more
Tonight in addition to @kathygriffin, @Andy Cohen will also join me to talk about #JoanRivers. #AC360 8pm
Will be speaking with @kathygriffin about her friend, the trailblazing #JoanRivers tonight on #AC360 8pm est
I offered to go back yesterday… I offered to go back to help take care of our doctor - Nancy #Writebol on possibly returning to #Liberia
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Ebola survivor #NancyWritebol volunteered to return to Liberia to care for the doctor who's just tested positive for ebola. #AC360
Do you think #MichaelBrown's juvenile court records should be made public? Both sides of that debate #AC360 8p ET
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Ebola survivor #NancyWritebol tells me she still doesn't know how she contracted #ebola. #AC360 8pm and 9pm tonight
when she learned she had #ebola #NancyWritebol says she felt at peace. She didn't know if she would survive but her faith gave her peace.
She survived #Ebola. Nancy #Writebol tells @andersoncooper about learning she was infected. Full intv 8p #AC360
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Tonight will air my in depth interview with American missionary and #ebola survivor #NancyWritebol and her husband Dave.
Breaking News: Pres #Obama authorizes 350 additional U.S. military personnel to protect diplomatic facilities & personnel in Baghadad
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Another American doctor in Liberia tests positive for #ebola, according to SIM USA. He was treating obstetric patients not ebola patients
They think they are fighting for justice. They have a twisted logic - @MaajidNawaz on western recruits in groups like #ISIS
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What is freed American journalist #PeterTheoCurtis saying now that he's home and with his family? #AC360 8p ET
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Why would any American want to fight for #ISIS? Reports 2 died in #Syria. Are they a threat at home? #AC360 8p ET
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Disturbing report on care at #VA hospitals. What's inside? @DrewGriffinCNN has the latest. #AC360 8p @CNN.
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Tonight I speak with the mother of newly released hostage Peter Theo Curtis. #AC360 8pm and 9pm
Live at 8pm and 9pm tonight on #AC360
His mother survived #Ebola. @jwritebol speaks to @andersoncooper about her miracle recovery… next on #AC360
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Son of #NancyWritebol, US missionary who has recovered from #ebola, joins me next to talk about his mom's survival and faith #AC360
A moving intv with #JamesFoley's brother now on #AC360
Latest on #Ferguson, #ISIS, and my intv with the brother of #JamesFoley. #AC360 8-10pm
A scholarship fund has been set up in memory of #JamesFoley killed by ISIS terrorists. Here is the link