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Anderson Cooper
Yikes!!! RT @MotherJones: Drinking a "medium" soda every day can age you as much as smoking
A lot of fast moving developments regarding #ebola. Join me live from Dallas for a two hour special #AC360 8pm and 9pm est
If you missed my report tracing my roots it will be on @ErinBurnett tonight around 7:45pm est
See my intv with whistleblower Dallas nurse who reveals what went on inside hospital where 2 nurses got #ebola #AC360 8pm and 9pm
Wow... CDC now investigating if 2nd #ebola infected nurse was showing symptoms when she flew to Ohio...days earlier than previously thought
Live again at 11pm est for all the latest on #ebola #AC360
There are lots of developments on the #Ebola crisis. @AC360 is back live at 11p ET on @CNN
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Dr. Brantly says he hasn't been approached to donate plasma for newest #ebola case in US, but "if we are a match, i'd be happy to."
Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly says he will continue to donate plasma to #ebola patients when asked
Just intvd #ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly. He says, "there's a lot of irrational fear about ebola spreading in the US." #AC360 8p
Medical aid group @MSF says "we are reaching our limit," dealing with #ebola in West Africa and they urge others to step up their response
Allegations by nurses union group, if true, are stunning and alarming
It doesn't feel like hospital officials in Dallas are being transparent about how they've dealt with this #ebola outbreak.
I will be anchoring 10am on #CNN with latest on #ebola
Slow response by the international community to the #ebola outbreak in West Africa is major problem that still needs to be addressed
Protocols in Dallas hospital were clearly not in place to deal with 1st #ebola patient. How ready are other hospitals?
Hospital in Dallas has not yet said what contact this 2nd healthcare worker had with original #ebola patient.
A fund has been set up for #ebola patient, nurse Nina Pham in #dallas. To donate go to
WHO says it anticipates number of cases of #ebola in Africa will jump from current level of 1000 a week to 10,000 a week by December. #AC360
I am live in #Dallas with latest on #ebola. Are CDC's own guidelines for protective gear enough? New questions being raised #AC360 8p
CDC offers new help to hospitals treating #ebola, but why not sooner? Also WHO warns of big I ncrease in cases in Africa #AC360 8p est
#AC360Quiz: 4 U.S. hospitals have biocontainment units. How many beds are available in them? Answer in @DrewGriffinCNN's #AC360 report 8p
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A must see: @andersoncooper traces his family tree from NY to the deep south for #CNNRoots. Full video:
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.@andersoncooper is telling his own story. You won't believe what he finds on his #CNNRoots journey. 8p ET on @CNN
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How 2 branches of @andersoncooper’s family ended up on opposite sides of 1 Civil War battle. #CNNRoots 8p on #AC360
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I get a big surprise in #NewOrleans while searching my family roots. #AC360 9pm tonight
We are live for two hours tonight. 8pm and 9pm. The search for roots will likely be in the 9pm hour.
tonight on #AC360 I retrace my roots and learn some surprising things about my ancestors...I also talk with the great @HenryLouisGates 8pm
Tonight I am live from #Dallas. All the latest on the new case of #ebola. Are healthcare workers really ready to deal with the virus? #AC360
If something cool could come from this… I would be grateful - Eli Waller's father on starting
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Eli Waller died of #Enterovirus. He is much more than a statistic. @andersoncooper speaks with his father is next
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info on new potential #ebola cases in Spain, more trouble in #Ferguson, and new info on suspect in UVA student disappearance #AC360 8p
What really goes on inside a dog's brain? Are dogs capable of love? @andersoncooper found out:
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A lot of new info on #ebola. Latest on death of Thomas Duncan and possible new infection in Dallas. #AC360 8pm
Things got a little weird with @Letterman on tonight's show.…
Hope i didn't offend @Letterman when I called him "gramps" on his show tonight. It was said with great affection and respect.
New information from #Liberia about when Thomas Duncan may have known he came in contact with #ebola. #AC360 8pm
.@NeorahYsrayl name one instance that I have castigated him. Transcripts are online. I await your reply with bated breath!
.@NimaCNN learned in #Liberia #ThomasDuncan may not have known he was exposed to #Ebola when he got on plane to U.S.
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How many words can a dog be taught to recognize? 20, 100, 1000? What do you think? Find out on @60Minutes tonight
Fun story on @60Minutes tonight about what goes on inside dogs' brains. Do they really love us, or are they just scamming us for food?
Can science help us see into the minds of dogs? Find out Sunday on #60Minutes
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Just announced! Meet this year’s Top 10 #CNNHeroes & vote for the #CNNHero of the Year
Tonight we are focusing extensively on #EbolaOutbreak. Live at 8pm and live again at 9pm est answering all your questions about ebola #AC360
Why is Iraq's new Prime Minister in NY? Shouldn't he be in Baghdad with his sleeves rolled up trying to rebuild his army and country?
On live now with latest from Syria and Iraq #AC360