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Amy: Digital Royalty
"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it."
Fact: Most people misdiagnose what will make them happy. (Happy to report 75° in Vegas & Jim Croce is doing it for me today!)
Mr. @RichardGrewar performing at the grand opening of @Bunkhouse_Saloon! #DTLV
Lusting after letters. From The Virgin Way to 50 Shades of Grey:
"We could be shipwrecked on a deserted island and it would still feel like home because of you." - note from songwriter boyfriend to a very lucky girlfriend (who has a pinched nerve in her back) @richardgrewar
Nobody has ever learned anything by listening to themselves speak. - @richardbranson in The Virgin Way (good read!)
Finished Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth. Heavy & dense but overall good. Ego, Awareness, Consciousness, Being Present ...
San Diego. Staying classy this morning!
The avg. 60 year-old American has spent 15 years starting at the TV screen. Let's go outside!
Taste testing @simplebabyfoods! Organic & freezable. Buy a pouch & we give a pouch to a baby in need. @NicoleTubiola
Yummm. Doing some @simplebabyfoods taste testing with @nicoletubiola! Today's selection: Apple, dried apricot & tofu Peach & mango Chicken alfredo, broccoli & cauliflower Mango & blueberry
Fancy Janet Jackson mic. Giving a keynote on social data at #BrandManageCamp. Might sass it up w/ some dance moves!
Happy Friday, all. (Regram from @sebrusk)
Pay attention to those moments when the universe tells you that you're exactly where you're supposed to be.
Shared my "where passion, purpose & skill collide: bliss resides" talk to 10k folks. Incredible experience #inbound14
Allllll done! Topic was 'Where Passion, Purpose & Skill collide. -- Bliss resides.' Grateful to have shared the story about my trip to Ethiopia with @charitywater. #inbound14
Green room. (Never is very green.) Hanging with Martha Stewart (who is tweeting). #inbound14
Tech & mic check. Check! See that tiny little spec on stage? That's me. About to kick off #Inbound14.
Tech & mic check. Check. See that tiny little spec on stage? That's me. Let's do this. #inbound14
Gorgeous day in Boston! Absolutely adore this city. #inbound14
Boston bound for #Inbound14! I'm opening up for @MarthaStewart on Thursday. 9k people. No pressure.
Early bird catches ... This.
Met this little entrepreneur in Ethiopia. After I schooled him a bit on negotiating tactics, he sold me a fake "mobile phone" made of rocks. (I ended up happily over paying him.) I'm working on my Inbound Hubspot talk for next Thursday in Boston & plan to share this @charitywater story. 8-10k people
New website & snazzy @DigitalRoyalty video. Cheers to completing those endless projects!
Google yourself. Don't like what pops up? Here are some tips I shared with @Inc. Video:
When we practice humility, our growth accelerates.
The view from my parent's place in South Dakota today. It's beginning to look a lot like . . . too soon?
Just drove by the Pentagon. Flying out of DC this morning. 13 years later we practice love & kindness in memory. #NeverForget
Flying out of DC this morning. 13 years later we practice love & kindness in memory. #NeverForget
Where passion, purpose & skill collide, bliss resides. Here's a great example:
Happy Meal at O'Hare. Don't care.
Sending a royal welcome to @grahamkahr who has just joined the @DigitalRoyalty team! #TeamRenegades
Holy ship! Theme of the week: smooth sailin'
Where passion, purpose & skill collide, bliss resides! My story behind launching @simplebabyfoods w/ @NicoleTubiola:
It keeps getting better. Blogging about the announcement of @SimpleBabyFoods with @NicoleTubiola. Where passion, purpose & skill collide, bliss resides.
Tonight's office. #TeamRenegades
Throw kindness around like confetti. A solution to many things!
Cleveland! Thank you for the hospitality. One of the warmest welcomes onto stage I've ever had. Your city pride is infectious. #Indsum
Spotted this painting in Cleveland. What a gem.
Heads-up! @DigitalRoyalty is seeking royal talent. Sr. Social Strategists, right this way:
Announcing @simplebabyfoods w/ @NicoleTubiola! Organic. Freezable. Buy one pouch & we give a pouch to a baby in need:
Renegade Students! It's great to see colleges using as a text book. Here's a free class too:
Heads-up Cleveland! I'll be delivering the keynote at Industry Digital Summit on Friday. Join me if you can! #indsum
Ocean. Check. Cooler. Check. Book. Check!