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Amy: Digital Royalty
Hanging at the @SuperGirlPro surf comp. Witnessing all of these young girls be inspired by the badass women competing. @maliamanuel @wsl #supergirlpro #PrettyDamnRad
Hee hee. (Insert Beavis & Butt-head voice)
Early bird gets the run done. ☀☀️☀️️ Day 6 of #PrettyDamnRad. Yesterday was struggle city for me. Friday afternoon rolled around on #NationalTequilaDay and I enjoyed ... some fruit & sparking water. 😕Felt great this morning though. Been doing intervals while running. Sprint, lunges, 1 min of jumpin
Props to all the young renegade girls (ages 12-17) who attended the #ItWasNeverADress conference this weekend to learn about their personal brands, confidence and tech! Enjoy your Renegades Write the Rules book and keep coloring outside the lines. Hat tip to the folks who (em)powered the event: @axo
Science porn alert! This is one of the many reasons why I love walking meetings, walking brainstorms and taking calls while walking. #RenegadesOnTheRun
Where purpose, passion & skill collide, happiness resides. My buddy Miss @shauna_harrison has her PhD in public health, she's a certified badass at yoga & fitness and she's a hip hop music guru. Instead of finding a 'typical job' she created her dream job at the intersection of helping people, stayi
New toy! I LOVE this thing. The kick-board allows me to swim twice as long. Day 3 of feeling #PrettyDamnRad How is everyone else doing?
This gentleman inspires me each day I pass him on the running path. He's out there always smiling back at me as we cross paths. This morning I finally stopped him and told him he inspires me & I am happy to see him out here every single time I am. He said, "Yes, I have to." And then we gave each oth
Thank you, everyone! Day 1 of #PrettyDamnRad was a damn good day. Jogged, swam laps in the pool (with the help of my trusty kick board), ate clean and had no (intentional) sugar. Also drank more water than usual. You've already inspired me! Consistency can often be my issue. I start strong and get b
Psst: I need some help. Things have been a bit hectic & I accidentally got off track a bit. I haven't been as healthy as I'd like to be. Not eating as clean or exercising as much. I'm ready to make a change. For the first time in my life, I am motivated to do this more because of how I want to feel
Something isn't quite right here. @RichardGrewar wins the birthday badass award today for doing whatever it took to score a try at "touch" footy (rugby).
I ❤️ NYC. Wheels up! San Diego bound.
Warms my heart to see the #LikeAGirl Always campaign win awards left & right. #Femvertising #PrettyDamnRad #blogher15
Warms my heart to see the #LikeAGirl @Always campaign win awards left & right. #Femvertising #PrettyDamnRad
Good luck to all the young girls attending the #itwasneveradress camp in Scottsdale, AZ this weekend. Hope you enjoy your Renegades Write the Rules books & online classes. #PrettyDamnRad
800 mile badge! Thanks to Central Park for taking me over the line this morning. I love the Withings app. Perfect for the fiercely competitive folks because you compete with friends on the amount of steps you take each week. There's a leaderboard that updates you. Great motivation to build in time t
Walking a mile or two back to my hotel (No cab! Gotta get more steps in.) Pass by The Empire State Building. Stopped, looked up, thought & reflected. Our definition of 'empire' can change over time. If we don't pause, adjust and be intentional about our actions we might chase the wrong definition. N
How we own our reality is key.
Hot & fruity sin city.
Alpaca tongue in your ear. Yep. Told ya, @downtowntony! #alpacayourlunch
Upside down play in the bay. #PrettyDamnRad
Working on the Namastep this morning. "For whatever we lose (like you or me), it's always our self we find in the sea." - E.E. Cummings

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