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Amy Bruni
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This is Hank. We relocated him from our deck and now he is setting up shop outside our kitchen window.…
Thank you @DaleEArnold! Someone loves her gift! (Daddy loves it too!)
I was headed out to hang out with adults, so purged my purse of all this. I'll shove it back in there…
Vasiliy was my favorite in the books and now he's my favorite on the show. #TheStrain
@amybruni I've known you and Mr. X for a while now, but my introduction to Charlotte was a treat! My daughter and I LOVE her. Great visit.
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Mr. X, Charlotte and I had a great early dinner with @DaleEArnold and his lovely daughter. Then we…
When I campaign for something I do so on my own terms and with my own words. (And many times with my $$$)
I am all for causes, but when you start spamming the people who have helped you get the word out in the past, you're not helping.
Where are our Bermuda fans! @AdamJBerry and I will be signing at the Bonefish Bar and Grill on 9/8 from 5-7pm! @GoToBermuda
Princess Charlotte and I are taking over King Richards Faire today!
The Charlotte/Zoe video may have been kick started by my social media numbers, but it's fueled by sheer cuteness now :)
Charlotte was on the news! :) "Girl Plays with her Basset Hound in Adorable Facebook Video -…"
Joan Rivers, I wish you healing, energy and all good things. Get well!
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Only a few tickets remain for tomorrow's @LegendTrips event. Go see my awesome friends at @EdavilleUSA…
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@amybruni Insane! Too many people without a sense of humor. Too many who just look for things they can crap on. Too many crazies!
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What's scarier than a ouija board that unleashes evil spirits? One that unleashes idiots.… via @SPR1882 @amybruni
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Ahhhhh! Mama went too dark! Getting it fixed next week. I need my red back....
I love that the video of Charlotte and Zoe playing has gone viral on Facebook. It's been shared almost 24k times!
This is for you @afentra and @dannyboi965: Everything You Need to Know About Ghost Sex via @TheCut
Stuck in traffic,with my pick for the pennant. Hanx
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I debated not posting that - but when you let your fear of a board game turn you into a monster? There's something very wrong.
Sorry for the harsh language - but this is just a small sampling of messages and comments I've…
The @KRFaire opens this weekend! I'm sure we'll be there at some point...chugging mead and watching joust tournaments. ;)
Shhhh...Strange Escapes is announcing a new escape next week...where could this be? And when?
I left her with Dad for a bit and came home to this.
@amybruni Sounds like they could use a Happy Meal.
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True story - more than one person has wished death on me and/or my family because I posted the McDonalds Ouija board Happy Meal joke.
#TBT That time @joshuagates and I were bickering at the Outback.
For continuing coverage of #McGate2014 follow @amybruni and witness multitudes of fans who are one French fry short of a #HappyMeal
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I've been found out! "@panerabread Happy to be your go-to, Amy! What are your fave menu items to help you power through the day?”
At some point, my local Panera is going to figure out they're my office.
No, despite @amybruni's JOKE (I thought it was funny), @McDonalds is NOT offering Ouija Board Happy Meals
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Hahaha, I can't stop laughing at these two.
Someone got her first luggage set. She's pretty darn excited.
@snopes @amybruni people are silly... just the other day Georgie was playing in the rain ;)
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How @amybruni accidentally started a rumor about @McDonalds Happy Meal Ouija boards:…
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Charlotte and I just cleared out the Halloween section at our local TJ Maxx. Sorry, everyone else in town! ;)
Lesson learned. Do not joke on Facebook that McDonalds is releasing a Ouija Board Happy Meal. ;)
I know I've said it before, but I will say it again - I love the sofritas at @ChipotleTweets!
The Emmys need a Jon Hamm cam. Just #JonHamm #Allthetime in the corner of the screen. #Emmys2014
Eventually, my hair will reach mermaid status. Someday.
#1 @grantswilson @joe_ghi @amybruni @PUPS_LISA Thank you for supporting the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser!
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Excited and grateful that August 28th has been declared National Ghostbusters Day. Bring children and grandchildren to the re-mastered film.
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Beat the Monday booking a haunted getaway. ;)