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Amy Bruni
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The @KRFaire opens this weekend! I'm sure we'll be there at some point...chugging mead and watching joust tournaments. ;)
Shhhh...Strange Escapes is announcing a new escape next week...where could this be? And when?
I left her with Dad for a bit and came home to this.
@amybruni Sounds like they could use a Happy Meal.
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True story - more than one person has wished death on me and/or my family because I posted the McDonalds Ouija board Happy Meal joke.
#TBT That time @joshuagates and I were bickering at the Outback.
For continuing coverage of #McGate2014 follow @amybruni and witness multitudes of fans who are one French fry short of a #HappyMeal
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I've been found out! "@panerabread Happy to be your go-to, Amy! What are your fave menu items to help you power through the day?”
At some point, my local Panera is going to figure out they're my office.
No, despite @amybruni's JOKE (I thought it was funny), @McDonalds is NOT offering Ouija Board Happy Meals
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Hahaha, I can't stop laughing at these two.
Someone got her first luggage set. She's pretty darn excited.
@snopes @amybruni people are silly... just the other day Georgie was playing in the rain ;)
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How @amybruni accidentally started a rumor about @McDonalds Happy Meal Ouija boards:…
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Charlotte and I just cleared out the Halloween section at our local TJ Maxx. Sorry, everyone else in town! ;)
Lesson learned. Do not joke on Facebook that McDonalds is releasing a Ouija Board Happy Meal. ;)
I know I've said it before, but I will say it again - I love the sofritas at @ChipotleTweets!
The Emmys need a Jon Hamm cam. Just #JonHamm #Allthetime in the corner of the screen. #Emmys2014
Eventually, my hair will reach mermaid status. Someday.
#1 @grantswilson @joe_ghi @amybruni @PUPS_LISA Thank you for supporting the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser!
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Excited and grateful that August 28th has been declared National Ghostbusters Day. Bring children and grandchildren to the re-mastered film.
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Beat the Monday booking a haunted getaway. ;)
Less than a month 'til the start of my Coffey Talk Fall, 2014 Tour! Info & tickets here:
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I just looked at my October schedule and got a little bit of anxiety. Trips every weekend! #christmasforparanormalinvestigators
Why do I suck my stomach in when I weigh myself?
Ok, I gave up. #TheStrain needs to hurry up and start now!
Is an Ariana Grande a coffee drink? I don't know anyone. I feel like I should be yelling at kids to pull their pants up. #VMAs
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