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Amy Bruni
paranormal 164,318 followers
I think she's sending a message, I'm just not sure what it is. ;)
Carousel! And that was our night of fun. :) #booatthezoo @ Buttonwood Park Zoo
Mr. X and i_am_nuno wrangling the kiddos. @ Buttonwood Park Zoo
Found them! #boo @ Buttonwood Park Zoo
#IdAskOuija when it's coming out with a Ouija app? The planchette is so old school! #OuijaMovie #sp
I'm pretty sure half a bag of @piratesbooty and a glass of wine counts as dinner.
#FF @TimWeisberg Writer & Researcher for #GhostStalkers !! He's almost to 1000 followers!! Let's push him over!!! FOLLOW!!
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How about that? @amybruni is responsible for trending #IdAskOuija in the US-of-A. Say whaaat?
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“@HeatherUA: @amybruni what is Charlotte going as for Halloween?” You'll have to wait for pics! :)
Tonight is the first of three times Charlotte gets to wear a costume for Halloween festivities!
#IdAskOuija why it's sold in toy stores if it's so scary. ;) #OuijaMovie #ad
This was an odd CD to find shattered in a parking lot...
This happened in the way home from filming the 200th. @amybruni Joe Chin
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Now returning to my ginger status. Phew! Thanks for fixing me @bethanymechan! @ Salon Bianco
Why didn't I see this picture until now!?! Ha!
Bengals have sold nearly 15,000 Devon Still jerseys, raising over $1.25M for pediatric cancer.
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Successfully completed 2/3 of #HauntME October events! Feeling a bit like @amybruni in training. #StrangeEscapes
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So thrilled that everyone loved the 200th episode! See you next week. #GhostHunters #GhostHunters200th #Ghostsandwich was trending
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Thanks guys! You can learn more about all my creative/artistic/musical sides, and what I am up to here:
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Also, I spend a lot of time being super thankful. :) xoxo - see you next week!
For those asking what I'm up to...I'm at home being a Mama and running my new business venture :) #ghosthunters
Thanks all! I remember being in NYC for a live special for 100 episodes. And now look! Well done, #GhostHunters and #TAPS
Congrats to @SyfyTV, @Pilgrim_Studios and the Ghost Hunters cast on 200 eps. Good seeing @grantswilson, will miss @amybruni and @AdamJBerry
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This evidence seriously gave me chills!!! And there's more. Eeeek! #GhostHunters
@Pilgrim_Studios Yes! The LEGENDARY @AdamJBerry sang to my 9-month old son at a HorrorCon. It was magic. @amybruni
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Signed on to Twitter and see #ghostsandwhich trending. Gotta assume my friends @grantswilson and @amybruni are at work :)
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Make sure you watch the whole reveal.. some good stuff! #GhostSandwich.
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There is a huge storm in New England right now. Perfect #GhostHunters weather!
Nothing makes me happier then watching @AdamJBerry and @amybruni investigating.... And Adam trying to get Amy committed. HAHA
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@amybruni We were all in this sandwich together, Amy... you too @AdamJBerry lol. #GhostSandwich
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Wish the #GhostHunters200th on @Syfy was in scratch n' sniff. Seriously, @AdamJBerry smells amazing in real life. @amybruni not bad either.
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I talked to @britttgriffith on the phone for like an hour tonight. Don't tell him, but I miss that nerd! #GhostHunters
Aww @amybruni and @AdamJBerry are adorable together! Great investigators! :) #GhostHunters200th
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By the way, I'm pretty sure this is how I'm going to end up one day. With @AdamJBerry pushing me around in a wheelchair. #GhostHunters