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Alexander Thian
quotes information author 460,724 followers
seriously. i cannot work. Щ(ºДºщ)
How about shut up and kiss me?
I can go on the whole day answering your "why do you love me" But here, how about, I know I can live without you, but I just don't want to?
Why do you love me? Let's begin with the fact that your laughter is contagious, your quirky sense of humor, and how you accept my flaws..
Kalo gerah bawaannya uring-uringan dan gak bisa kerja >.<
Karena mengakui ada masalah adalah langkah awal mencari solusi. Gak perlu denial, gak ada gunanya dan bikin capek.
It's perfectly okay to say you're not okay. It's okay.
You don't have to act strong when you're not, because you're not made of stone. It's okay to feel weak and helpless once in a while.
there will be scars of pain, sorrow, agony. the scars will be ugly. but if you wear them proud, you’ll be stronger.
the pain demands to be felt - TFiOS
no, time doesn’t heal. it’s the pain that stays and you get used to it. It will become your… companion. your friend.
mending jangan baca, deh… ntar galau. RT @nadpratiwi: @aMrazing… suka banget Koh. Suka. *usap air mata*
Kalo akun lo sering nge-RT otomatis tweet orang, there’s something wrong. Ke twitter web-settings-apps- lalu revoke apps yang mencurigakan.
Kak Alex, please do share your thoughts about unrequi... — you can read it in my blog. Here's the link: http://a...
and @IkhyarSetyaU to the rescue. dia bawa headphone. Ah, baek banget dedek brondong ini… cc: @sheilayla
lupa bawa headphone. kzl.
What a dick. RT @shitlicious: Seriusan ini statement seorang abdi negara? RT @edih_one: Pengakuan mantan Wakapolri
Dan pembullyan Syahrini pun dimulai.
Hyper realistic Iron Man drawing. It's just insane. Gelo gelo geloooo!! *bengong*…
Kalo duduk gue kayak hamil 3 bulan. Wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk #alayunite