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American Airlines
'#BePink2014 represents a fight that I fought alongside amazing women & men.’ – Lisa #WWEmoms #WhatGivesMeStrength
We’re excited to join the #WWEmoms Twitter Party today at 6 pm CT to kick off #BreastCancer Awareness Month. Join us! #WhatGivesMeStrength
'I’m a survivor. You’ll be surprised how strong you are and that you can do it. Once you get to the race, you don’t have to come in first, you just have to win it.’ – Yolanda Parker, Maintenance, TUL --- For more than 30 years, we’ve proudly supported the efforts that lead us closer to a cure for br
Beauty is in the eye of the #avgeek. #TailTuesday [Photo: @avgeek1701]
We're on the move in the windy city! Can you spot the famous #ORD landmark? [Photo: @Riosxo]
‘You just can’t help but cry with delight when you see their faces light up. It makes all the effort worth it.’ Dimas Lopez, #DCA Customer Service Manager Dimas is just one of our #AATeam members who joined the Something mAAgic Foundation to help grant 36 children with life-threatening medical con
Our first #Boeing #787 is in position 3 - one step closer to rolling out of the factory doors. #NowArriving #AvGeeks
Come fly with us, let’s fly, let’s fly away… Where will you travel to next? #flying100 [Photo: @carliciap]
Let the games begin. 'My team is made up of leaders throughout our #Charlotte operation. We're all here to give back to the community through #UnitedWay. And, to bring the #AAJetPull trophy back to Charlotte!' - Terri Pope, VP, Airport Customer Service CLT, and Pope's Pullers Team Captain #AATeam
Kudos to Kids Day at #LGA! We partnered with @kiwanis New York & @panynj to embrace the community & give kids an up-close view of some of the finest in our fleet.
Today we introduce our #PSA heritage livery, bringing one of the friendliest birds in the sky to our fleet. #NowArriving #AvGeeks
'We love to share our love for travel. We couldn’t be happier to be part of the American family, and we can’t wait to see where the next adventure will be. It really has been love at first flight in so many ways.’ --- #DFW Flight Attendant Amber Holtwick shared an instant connection with #LGA First
The gloves were on, and #PHL employees & volunteers were ready at this year's #AAJetPull, in support of @UnitedWay. Thanks to all who came out!
Well, it's better than a corner office! #AmericanView #AvGeeks
Our #Boeing #787 is now in Position 2, where it is powered up, and it's floors and gears are installed. #NowArriving #AvGeeks
#NowArriving: Our first @Airbus A330 in #newAmerican livery took to the skies today. #FleetFriday
Our people are helping those stranded in Los Cabos and will continue to provide supplies to those in need. Latest info at
Our hearts are with those affected by #HurricaneOdile. Today we’ll have two relief flights to help return our customers home safely and continue to provide supplies to those in need.
Color us happy. #newAmerican #TBT [Photo: @alexme71]
Crystal-clear water & white beaches. Book your trip to Cap Haitien. [Pic: @AngelicaNoble]
The Warehouse Master: “There’s a sense of being needed, we’re like our own city. Every part has an address.” – Mike Melton, Maintenance Store Clerk (CLT) The maintenance store location in Charlotte houses almost 150,000 parts, acting as a distribution center to fulfill orders for maintenance parts
Jim is an inspiration to all of us and a joy to be around. It’s been an honor to work with him for the past 10 years.” – Tom Kilheeney, CLT Base Manager of Inflight Operations Jim is a retired Customer Service Agent and former Flight Attendant who was hurt in a skiing accident. He was told he would
‘My son just graduated from high school and will be going to California State University at Northridge. He’ll be an out-of-state student, so this will pay for his first year of tuition. And I might just get a nice purse out of it!’ – Linette Maldonado, Gate Agent, #BWI Linette is one of our Above &
Our #787 is coming together At position 1B, the forward and aft fuselage sections are joined and the landing gear is installed. #NowArriving
The Bag Rescuer: “When things don’t go as planned for our operation and customer, my priority and passion is to reunite bags with their owners”- Ingrid Thompson, Baggage Message Automated System Specialist Every lost bag is a broken promise, and with over 30,000 bags coming through ORD every day th
Our Boeing 777 is a beautiful bird that offers a world-class travel experience. Thanks to Frank M. Bus for sharing! #FleetFriday
"I got my wings!" Our first #787 takes shape in #Boeing's Everett, Washington, factory. The airplane is in Position 1A, where the Boeing team joins the mid-body and the wings. #NowArriving #AvGeeks
‘Tony is a consummate professional and always greets me warmly with a great smile.’ – Danny Gardner, #DCA customer Tony received eight positive comments submitted from our customers in about one week – we’re proud to call him part of our #AATeam.
Strike a pose. #Vogue #NYFW #AvGeeks #InstaPlane [Photo: @riosxo]
2,100 metric tons: The amount our carbon footprint is reduced, annually, as we become the first mainline carrier to provide Flight Attendants with electronic manuals. #NowArriving
Now I’m feeling so fly, like a G6. [Photo: J Derick Perry] #737 #InstaPlane #IGAviation
"Working international flights is my favorite part of the job. I really take #pride in sending our passengers and cargo overseas." - Darrian Williams, Fleet Service Clerk #AATeam #InstaTravel
Hey #AvGeeks and #FrequentFlyers! Show us your best pics of our 777 and we’ll pick our favorites to share next week. #FleetFriday
We’re installing @RockwellCollins’ weather radar on our 737s. How does this benefit you? Watch:
#NowArriving: Heritage liveries. As part of our integration, we’ll continue this US Airways tradition, starting with America West Airlines. #TBT #InstaPlane #Aviation
43: The number of new @Airbus A321 aircraft we expect to take delivery of this year. #NowArriving #InstaPlane #AvGeeks
This weekend we were lucky to send Ed Ogonowski, WWII Navy veteran and one of two remaining seaman who served on the USS Missouri, to Hawaii to attend V-J Day memorial services at Pearl Harbor. Thank you for your service, Ed.
Out together #dancing wing to wing.
13 days. 80 gallons. That’s what it took to paint the new livery on this US Airways A319. #NowArriving
"Wait for me!" Enjoying the long weekend, together!
We're #planearound at #DFW Airport. First person to find us wins this model airplane. #AvGeeks #InstaPlane #IGAviation
Shine bright like a diamond. #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
PRIDE: Our newly combined LGBT employee group, focused on our commitment to diversity & inclusion. #NowArriving
"There’s no other job like it. I get to work around something I love and I’m not locked in an office. I feel like I’m doing a great service for others." – Al Pruszka, Fleet Service Clerk #AATeam Our Fleet Service Clerks are responsible for making sure every piece of mail, freight and baggage is saf
40 percent: The amount of traffic at @fly2ohare that we service, together with US Airways. #IGAviation #AvGeek #NowArriving
40 percent: The amount of traffic at @fly2ohare that we service, together with US Airways. #NowArriving
This one’s going in the baby scrapbook! Emma’s #firstflight was made extra special by Captain Robert Hogan. [Photo: Katherine Ryan Fullam] #AATeam
"Working for a company that not only supports our human rights, but goes one step further to ensure those rights are protected, is an honor." - Davien Anderson, Mgr. Customer Communications This week, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Pride Employee Resource Group, a group focused on promo