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Phil Lester
It's @Caspar_Lee tonight on the Internet takeover! You can watch and listen here: 👱🎶
Oh.. turns out this happens if you are about to get struck by lightning!… oops ⚡️💀
It is officially AUTUMN! You are now permitted to wear a scarf and bathe in pumpkin spice lattes 🍂🍁☕️
Mega headache today! 😖 I think a moth crawled in my ear and is nesting in my mind
Been in a cave for the last week? Here's a playlist of all our new Dan and Phil Games videos! 👦👨…YM3
The doorbell is broken. I could be missing so many packages and guests! What if the Queen is outside? This is terrible
New Dan and Phil GAMES video :D CRAZY JAPANESE GAME! -… Retweet for emoji love.
Just said thank you to the kettle
So.. something weird happened to me and @danisnotonfire yesterday..… 👽
Signing more posters today for our shop! :D *claw hand activate*
I'm in @thefinebros YouTubers React today with Dan! *hits you all with a spoon*…
Stuck in a hot taxi and my driver is drinking some kind of icey mango drink. I have a strong urge to steal it and roll out into the road
NEW GAMING VIDEO! Find out why I now have a phobia of tiger masks 🐯…OI
I jiggle my legs so much when I'm sat at a table! Any other leg jigglers out there?
Replying to comments on my new Tumblr tag video!… still emotionally recovering from the anaconda video
Here's something you always wanted! A photo of the back of my eyeball.
Haircut and 2% battery on my phone! What will I awkwardly look at D:
It's back!! MY TUMBLR TAG 2 ft. @danisnotonfire Plz retweet for <3 ^-^
Make sure you watch @JackHoward and @DeanDobbs on our internet takeover at 9PM!!
Did you see our new gaming video yet? 😁…f this is why you should never trust penguins
Monday taco fest! 👯 🌵⭐️
Just realised my boxers are on backwards. A strong start to the week
NEW GAMING VIDEO!! Watch me and Dan fight to the death 🐧…S
Tesco gave me a melon that i didn't order! What does this mean? Is it a symbol? 🍈❓
Watched Tokyo Ghoul after someone recommended it on my live show & now i'm scared to go buy milk in case the shop lady wants to eat my flesh
This is a lion making a kill in the wild. It’s very graphic but it’s important to show just how brutal nature can be.
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Younow show in 2 hours! This is not a drill. 🚨💥
Replying to comments on DanAndPhilGAMES!…
Put two sugars in my coffee instead of one. I'M OUT OF CONTROL
So happy you guys like the gaming channel :o 💙 100,000 subscribers already?! come join us!…x
Finished my Friends marathon! ;__; brb buying a chick and a duck to ease the pain
MONKEYING AROUND - Dan and Phil Play: Donkey Kong…: \ YASSS. I am so stoked about #DanAndPhilGAMES
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!! Just saw #DanAndPhilGAMES is trending :D got loads of fun things on the way!
OH MY GOD ITS A GAMING CHANNEL😭❤️ project x was better than I thought it would be!!!!@danisnotonfiree@AmazingPhill
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@AmazingPhil "do you want to mount me again?" this channel is gonna be SO GOOD
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!! The first #DanAndPhilGAMES video is out now! 👾👾👾 Rt for digital <3
I can reveal it is NOT a synchronised swimming club #wtfisprojectx 🏊 9PM
Announcing something very exciting at 9PM this evening!!! ✖️❓🙊