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Amanda Palmer
music shows rock indie music 1,003,930 followers 1 day before eBook release of Lunatic Heroes is the 4ward by @amandapalmer & performed by her at the launch. #HOWL
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spring. (you can actually drink out of the nipple.)
Have you seen our latest #newsletter? Meet @felixsalmon & @amandapalmer who will be sharing the stage at #CMDC2014!
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aww RT @SamBamKablaam FINALLY had the money to pay the lovely @amandapalmer for her music. Today is a good music day.
BOSTON "5 Runners" 9:30 tonight on NESN. #BostonGlobe's only TV doco to start with Hary Nilsson song! stream tmrw on
nice long article! never saw this one... RT @DoctorOctothorp Tom Lehrer?…
twicylcing! like the way a 4 year old would!! RT @Gina_Emilie Do you ever twitter while you're bicycling? There should be a word for that.
SNAP RT @mxantho You mean Beethoven :) "@amandapalmer: wow. mozart hair = jim morrison hair RT @Avesdad"
wow. mozart hair = jim morrison hair RT @Avesdad stole this quilt of faces of those who died young from FB
he's still going. as yusef. RT @EmRaeOh Cat Stevens? #gaveitup
wow RT @dampscribbler Our friend's chess champion, singing, dancing, multiple musical-instrument playing 12 yo who ended her life last week.
AGAHAGAHAHAHAHHGHGVGGGGGG RT @MorrisseyKitten @rolleiphotoguy @amandapalmer im so with you! Always hated it.
@amandapalmer Hated Catcher in the Rye, Salinger & huge talent, probably in a minority here but I'm not so sure about that.
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deep breath in. RT @mrbelm Aaron Swartz
in addition to the DEAD, even better to name a huge talent who gave it all up? JD salinger? something NOT in arts?
#TheBook... top two or three most heartbreaking stories of all time of talent dying in the bud (think beyond rock stars and the present)??
Help a travelling queer out? @amandapalmer Anyone in Portland doing special things for the Blood Moon tonight and have room for one more?
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Right. I have chocolate. I have tea. I have @amandapalmer playing. Optimal writing conditions. THE WRITING SHALL FLOW #amwriting
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@amandapalmer @TheCoffeeKris But historically speaking, the works of great female artists are only valued after they've died. :/
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uhhhhmmm.... RT @TheCoffeeKris No gravestone for you, you're not allowed to die. You're an artist & a good one, they tend to live forever
put that on my gravestone please thank you RT @Knozgrul i fear not what @amandapalmer can make me do, but what she can make me feel.
BOW DOWN RT @lunadimidiata i fear @amandapalmer's ability to make mothers disappear
i stopped believing in ur mom last nite & she disappeared RT @aliteralwerther if Neil Gaiman stops believin in u i suspect u will disappear