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Amanda Palmer
I love you all. xx RT @Estrella_Mar @Kambrieldesign crazy how ugly this one got. Gentle reminder that you are loved x
I know. Can't believe the odds - even thought the pic was a woman(!) RT@AliKira you definitely need to do something, given the circumstances
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Please don't be ~ I'd rather know! And it was just in the nick of time as I was shipping it in the morning. RT@adichappo I'm so sorry!!
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...was shipping it tomorrow. I feel awful... Wondering - should appliqué over it, try to replace the piece, need to do new photos?
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...a silkscreen image of someone accused of several physical/sexual assaults against women. I already finished the kimono, photographed it &
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*Deep Breath* So the crowdsourced @amandapalmer kimono I've been making? I just found out by a contributor (thank you) her piece featured...
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and it looks, from the texting flurry, that @amyjcuddy, harvard researcher and TED speaker, is going to be SINGING with me. so yeah. come.
BOSTON! i invite you to come celebrate the book drop with me on nov 11! guests @neilhimself @amyjcuddy, @jasonwebley.…
11 DAYS. holy duckbills. RT @MichelaCreel12 Just ordered @amandapalmer #TheArtofAsking Can't wait till it's here.
@amandapalmer decided jian ghomeshi will not guest at her toronto Art of Asking concert. please read & share.
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tour update: toronto, chicago, minny, portland, OR & berkeley, CA are all sold out. most shows close behind. tix:
you're welcome. RT @adygilmore thank you Amanda I needed to read something like this today.
you know... RT @Citybrarian I know it's not a popular opinion, but I'm actually thankful for people taking time to inform, think through.
thanks. RT @bandregg A thoughtful reasoning from @amandapalmer about uninviting jian ghomeshi. So much care in there.
love. RT @smallestshrike Amanda. As an abuse survivor, thank you. So much respect for considering, listening, being so honest & open.
x RT @KuroDubh thank you for your decision re Jian. My own thought process on this has not been coherent. I appreciate how difficult this is
posted a blog; jian ghomeshi will no longer be guesting at my toronto Art of Asking concert. please read & share.
yes. hang on. i'm writing a post. MT @heatheremme Any news on TO show yet? Hoping for a change. Understanding your desire to be cautious...
MT@larrymcwaters: awesome to hear Eddie Vedder sing @amandapalmer 's Ukelele Anthem for a good cause..#msftgiving #PearlJam #eddieVedder
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Hello @amandapalmer and fans, I have a pair of tix to #thebedshow on 11/6 message me if you want them.
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thank you. it's getting crazy over here. RT @kingjmusicman Not a problem, the FB post is being sent in a few mins to my editor.
thank you, that's really kind. I also just clarified on facebook if you want to include RT @kingjmusicman it's included, 3rd graf update....
hey guys. just clarified all these twitter thoughts re: jian ghomeshi in a FB post. please read.…
@amandapalmer Proud of you and this fandom for encouraging rational listening and discussion, and being kind to one another. Love & support.
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@amandapalmer @SuzannaCMason "judge not" is very difficult these days. which is why it's necessary.
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-> RT @MsLolaBohemia Love doesn't quit easy, hope won't let it. Hate will cave in on itself like a blackhole consuming those who feed it.
real as fuck. xxx RT @batgrrrls much respect for you as always! xx keep it real
xx RT @SuzannaCMason Thank you for reminding me to judge not; it is so easy to pick up pitchforks when these stories start. Much love x
@amandapalmer Proud to be part of your fanbase. It's great that people can talk to each other respectfully, regardless of differing views.
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may the love crush the hate. xx RT @JustifiedBagel Thank you for easing the icky feeling I've had since reading the hate fest. I love you.
thank you. RT @MizzReeLoves love and strength in reaching whatEVER decision you feel is appropriate. I trust you.
thank you. love back. RT @Bonobo23 I am grateful for you. Thank you for all you do. Much love.
love to you, my brother. greetings from bindlestift land!!!! RT @sxipshirey Love to you @amandapalmer.
this house = the best. love back RT @saturnfierce well, this is a love-bomb comment! You are amazing! Have a good one:) #thishousemadeoflove
thank you. love. RT @jugglingscarves As usual, I trust you to do what you believe to be right and will respect whatever decision you make.
ps. i will not be responding or RTing any hate-bomb comments. i am not a "rape-apologist" or "woman-hater". again: hate finds no home here.
I hear you. RT @outcastspice Appreciate knowing that you're working on it. I hope you cancel his appearance. Thank you.
@amandapalmer I'm glad this discussion is not closed for you. I was disappointed by earlier comments and hope you will rethink your stance.
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...the years. so as usual, keep the discussion respectful, the voices calm, the hearts open and the minds clear and calm. love and TBC. xx
on that note: reminder that i love this community, the people in it, &that I've watched you guys take wonderful care of each other over...
..please be patient. many comments hitting feed are bullying/abusive. please remember that hate has no place here. discussion. not yelling.
morning guys. i see all of your thoughts re: the Jian Ghomeshi issue. the whole situation is so painful. while i'm figuring this out (con't)
12 straight hours of press, stage rehearsal, and late band rehearsal for #TheBedShow. so proud of this cast for working so hard. collapsing.
LOVE RT @skittlesej Very excited that @amandapalmer is doing a global giveaway for The Art of Asking, thank you for including us!! x
.@amandapalmer no sé si va a llegar acá este libro, pero... no pierdo nada…
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Dios quiera que sí me gane el libro de @amandapalmer , yo no pedí nacer y ser pobre…
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Channeling Milton, he is. MT @amandapalmer Neil Gaiman on why fairy tales appeal to us #FavoriteCouple #wisdom
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