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Amanda Palmer
whatever you're pouring. RT @alonnabreisch what's your favorite wine?
97° in coober pedy. just saying.
@amandapalmer You livestreamed practicing piano couple years ago. Was one of most inspirational & amazing thing ever. Is it online still?
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thank you xx RT @HindsEmily I share your TED talk with my classes every semester. Truly inspiring.
yep. I recorded it myself. same drop day, 11/11. RT @WTSkaditch Is there going to be an audio version of #TheArtofAsking ?
no. RT @taniasue I already bought my pre-ordered signed copy if #TheArtofAsking my 17yro daughter wants one 2, too mature content for her?
In all honesty, @amandapalmer was that one life-changing artist & definitely inspired me to become a musician.
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awesome RT @ksammyg We send books to Ghana youth cuz books matter.
that i am so happy alone but also lonely. RT @_RealityBiter_ What are you thinking this exact moment?
so much love RT @Slipstream @imlostinboston As a note, the previous ticket buying offer is real. I have a Paypal Balance, and I'm not....
I'm pretty sure if @amandapalmer knew who gamergate were she'd be completely shocked at them thinking he quote relates in ANY way.
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Wow, Gamergate used a quote from the awesome @amandapalmer to justify the rape and death threats that chased 3 women out of their homes.
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at the show, yes. RT @imlostinboston Any Chance my presale ordered signed book will be personalized? #artofasking #gettingexcited #gaah
@amandapalmer bought presale signed book from @PorterSqBooks before i knew about show on 11/11.cant pay for both. want to go to show! ideas?
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@amandapalmer Going to buy tix this Saturday for Boston. Plz tell me they will still be there. #asking #begging.... Def sale. I promise.
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Godspeed you child RT @iamursulagreen I can't wait! I preordered and am hoping for one of the dick copies!
I'm a massive @amandapalmer fan but just watched The art of asking: If you haven't, do it NOW. #revolution
Retweeted by Amanda Palmer… Hm..trying 2get2 @amandapalmer Nov 11 show any1 free to go? I personally think all pastors should read Art of Asking
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concert on 11th RT @kellyym16 for Boston: guest speakers at midnight book release or just the concert the next day??
tears. thank you RT @ReadingInWinter Musician Turned Author TurnedQueen of the World {A Love Letter to Amanda Palmer}
the book concert in PORTLAND on nov 19 @WonderBallroom is SOLD OUT. CHICAGO & MINNEAPOLIS also. all dates here:
this is getting exciting.
AGHHHH!!! RT @AlphaHarlot Marked as to-read: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer…
YAY!!! RT @woowooteacup Marked as to-read: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer…
LA, LAST CALL FOR CONCERT TIX!nov 22 RT @TheEchoLA LOW TICKET WARNING: Amanda Palmer at First Unitarian Church! Tix:
eeeeeeeee RT @ZanyMo Looking forward to reading @amandapalmer 's book #theartofasking. aaaaaahhhhhcan'twait.
+1 RT @CroWrath @nikkivolp That actually hits a nerve with me right now...
got an email about The Book from @nikkivolp that nearly made me cry. choice quote: "There's beauty in vulnerability and having no clue." xx
Photo: neil-gaiman: So proud! Congratulations, @amandapalmer. It’s beautiful. View more Neil Gaiman on...
YES! it's @kseniaanske!! (nov 18 @ town hall! ) RT @fez_lemur Any word on special guest in Seattle? Can't wait!
you're welcome. RT @MeSammyRenee thank you.
you'll need a fucking truck of tissues for the book. warned. RT @pertobello 2:50 into your Ted Talk and I am sniffling. This is not good.
I'm just going to say it: @amandapalmer is a fucking genius. Theatre Is Evil is now in my top 10 albums. Now I need #TheArtOfAsking to read
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:D will you guys list our 11th show?? RT @TheBostonCal @melodyg @neilhimself in general is a good place to start :)
"Sxip's Kickstarter proved a theory I'd had, but had never tested....." @amandapalmer's new book!
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Bon chance!! RT @EmpireofWhimsy thank you! I am, I will. It's such an amazing thing, the movement. I want to live up to its standards.
GARDENER RT @redsonika @melodyg @neilhimself MFA, for sure. Also the Isabella Stuart Gardener Museum. Both off of E branch of green line.
cafe pamplona, for sure RT @melodyg Thank you all for the suggestions! I'm writing all of these down! :) #bostontourist
@melodyg @amandapalmer @neilhimself Common, Public Garden, Quincy Market, North End, Newbury Street. Lots of history, people watching, food.
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agreed. a bit hard to get to RT @lobsterchat @amandapalmer mt auburn cemetary. creepily beautiful
@melodyg @amandapalmer @neilhimself The Brattle Book Shop isn't far from the Common. Definitely worth popping in:
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@melodyg @neilhimself @amandapalmer Quincy Market , used bookstore exploring and going to Newbury Comics were musts for me.
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@melodyg Wander along Newbury Street? Eat at the Dosa Factory on Massachusetts Avenue? @amandapalmer @neilhimself
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BOSTON: RT @melodyg So, what must @amandapalmer & @neilhimself fans do in Boston, having never been there? (No car, staying near the Common.
YAY RT @duganby Been broke but finally was able to pre-order The Book through Blue Willow. My present to Me! Can't wait! Kisses, Amanda!
rehearse. a. lot. RT @EmpireofWhimsy I've been asked to speak at a TEDx event. Any advice?
worse for the author. RT @dagra2 Time moves more slowly while I'm waiting for @amandapalmer's book. I'm in some kind of anticipation vortex.
BOSTON - promise me you are coming to my giant book launch concert at royale on 11/11. I am freaking out about it.…