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monday you sent me flowers tuesday made me feel stupid wednesday the world was ours thursday you didn't prove it
You crave to be free of obligations so you can explore fascina... More for Virgo
lousiest kind of people: people who walk away in the middle of an argument 😊
sad moment when all them yp ahbengs have smaller thighs than mine :(
yums food and a better view 😋w
I told you. You'd get tired of me first. But you were always determined to win the I love you more fights
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You can see the positive results of your recent kindness to ot... More for Virgo
luckily I didn't faint if not I'll become chee cheong fan…
cause the truth is I'm about to lose it, don't think I can do this
#IfWeDate I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep you happy & let you know I'm all about you, but I expect the same effort back.
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and it's still out of my reach and it's still all of the things that I want in my life
can i have poached eggs with smoked salmon, bacon, toast or croissant, salad and a very nice cup of coffee
#mufc is pleased to announce French forward @AnthonyMartial has completed his transfer from Monaco. #WelcomeMartial
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most people love to take but barely know how to give
it's gone too far and you're too gone the tide will turn for no one in the end
Your casual demeanor and cool logic may fool others today. You... More for Virgo
oh god I miss Gordon so much, this is not normal anymore
maybe yjc should spend its $ on spectacles prescription for its teachers instead of using it luxuriously eg. renovating the general office:)
got chased out during lit lecture for "eating" when I had nothing close to edible on my desk lol wtf 😄
i wanna be your setting lotion/ hold your hair in deep devotion (how deep?)/ as least as deep as the Pacific Ocean (i just wanna be yours)
this whole DDG transfer thing is a big joke lol
you're the type that I can't stay away from even if the whole world stood against me
Your spiritual curiosity is growing by leaps and bounds today,... More for Virgo
don't ever want to lose you
can't even sleep in the library cause it's noisy as fuck lol stfu
what's the point when you're not here
today is gna suck so bad
but you didn't have to stoop so low
joke!!!! we only have 1 first team striker who is woeful af 😄
OMG Rooney has been nothing but a waste of space for 4 consecutive pl games
what on earth is Romero doing wtf
ayew serious 😩?? come on United!!
how can you not love Daley Blind!!!!!
wtf United giving me way too many heart attacks 😩
yasss schmidfield and Herrera are starting 😍…k
You can't continue on the same trajectory and keep expecting d... More for Virgo
tragedy is seeing your boyfriend for 5 secs and not being able to say hi
feel so ugly 24/7 i just wanna stay at home
baby, it's just me and you/ they couldn't see what i see in you/ cause i believe in you/ you're the only one i choose

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