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Alton Brown
Looking for something to do with all those pumpkin seeds? Pumpkin Seed Brittle:…
@altonbrown Having a hard time concentrating at work today. Super excited for the show tonight! #checkmarkoffbucketlist
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Thanks to @britthildreth’s diligence with phone ticket ordering, we get to see my TV hero @altonbrown tonight. #awesome #doWeGetPonchos
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RT @sojamodica: I get to see the man who babysat me growing up through the tv screen. VIP sold out but I'll fight to meet him. @altonbrown
My question made the @altonbrown Q&A. #2 was his biscuit sandwich from @Mamasboyathens. I'm a fan of that one too.
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Just checking my list for #ABRoadEatsSC tomorrow: I'm missing doughnuts. Help. #AltonBrownLive
RT @johnplaskowsky: @altonbrown Can't wait for tonight's show in Athens!
RT @gfunk10: @altonbrown welcome home to athens. cant wait for tonight @georgesray
Can't wait to see @altonbrown tonight at @ClassicCenter !! Gonna be fun! Look for me front row middle upper @altonbrown !!!
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Going to the @altonbrown tonight? He’ll be doing a Twitter Q&A within the show. Be sure you're following him so you can participate!
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Alright, New Orleans. I need THE best muffaletta recommendation. #ABRoadEatsNoLa #AltonBrownLive
@altonbrown #AltonBrownLive I look forward to seeing the show tonight! My husband and I have enjoyed learning from you!
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One of the best dishes I've ever had (in my life) @nationalathens. Warm okra and chickpea salad #ABRoadEatsAthens
Don't want to forget @GrindhouseATH. Thanks for a great dinner last night, guys. #ABRoadEatsAthens #AltonBrownLive
Hey Birmingham: Are there doughnut places I should know about (near @BroadwayInBham)? #ABRoadEatsBirm #AltonBrownLive
Words of wisdom from Alton Brown (as heard on the Alton Brown-cast): "Time is my favorite ingredient." @altonbrown
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The chickpea is the most-widely consumed legume in the world. #GoodEats is on @FoodNetwork right now.…
You never want to send someone home for making food that tastes good. #CutthroatKitchen After Show. Watch
RT @kaiju1: Winnie the Pooh would be proud of that honeypot. #cutthroatkitchen
It did have splatter marks. #CutthroatKitchen
Fritos and caramel sauce. RT @jettila: Favorite chip and dip combo, go ... #CutthroatKitchen
RT @piere_khouri: Chips are the utensils of the future! #CutthroatKitchen
RT @jettila: Guys ... garnishes. The entire thing must be edible. #CutthroatKitchen
I lost count. RT @ithildin_lass: @altonbrown How many chefs have you brought to tears with sabotages, AB? #CutthroatKitchen
12 RT @brispaeth13: @altonbrown on a scale of 1-10 how much satisfaction did you get out of presenting hand wrap sabotage? #CutthroatKitchen
Lettuce RT @FoodNetwork: What's your wrap of choice: lettuce or tortilla? #CutthroatKitchen
RT @donchefbunny: More Plastic Wraps! Oh this is bad. But at least we can learn how to recycle.. #evilicious style! #CutthroatKitchen
Unwrapping the boxes (with one knife) or the vending machine: which is harder? #CutthroatKitchen
RT @UnknownNeo: In case anyone wondered, #CutthroatKitchen is on now instead of 10.
@altonbrown everybody else was doing it... Best way to kill a Sunday ever.
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