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Darrell Waltrip
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Congrats to @DaleJr and @SteveLetarte entire 88 team on winning today, Junebug finally got himself a Grandfather Clock, best trophy ever!
I love it, you think trophies aren't important, they all want one of those Grandfather Clocks! I came for the clock!
#NASCAR As Darrell Waltrip once said, "If you can't win the race, at least tear the car up."
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"Have you ever, no I've never! I've been going or watching races at @MartinsvilleSwy for many years, this one "beats" all I've ever seen!
Looks like @KurtBusch oil cooler busted to me!
The steering wheel makes the front tires mad, the gas pedal makes the rear tires mad, the driver that can balance the 2 will win!
Is this the "bumper car 500"? I've never seen so much casual contact! Correct that, just plain old pay backs!
The 5 and the 55 have apparently exceeded their "boys have at it" limit!
Left rear tire looks flat when they come out of the pits, only 8-10 lbs when they go on! Build up to about 20 plus lbs in a few laps!
@NASCARONFOX: .@JimmieJohnson takes his car behind the wall to repair damage. #NASCAR” really, did I miss something!
The gap between @JeffGordonWeb and @jamiemcmurray when they came on pit road made me wonder if Jeff was speeding !
It's pretty obvious, but you will normally have cautions early and then a rash the last 50 laps !
@jvorick2: @AllWaltrip Boogity boogity boogity, are you ready for Daytona?!?!” better know it!!!
What a fake in the @lsu-@OleMissFB game, are those socks laying all over the field?
@mauldin_billy: Hey @AllWaltrip I think we can at least make the NC state line now!”..keep diggin' you'll make it!
Sweet Home Alabama looks pretty comfortable on Rocky Top! Gonna be a long night for #Tennessee I'm afraid!
I am proud of the #kentuckywildcats football team today, they played the No.1 team in the country a very competitive game, good job boys!
I got to be honest, I've watched more #kentuckywildcats football this year than I've watched in years, I love this team! Fighters!
Man if #kentuckywildcats just had a defense to go with this offense we'd be in business, #towles is having an amazing game!
#kentuckywildcats got a good offense, now if we can get the defense going, nice drive boys!
Miss St's bigs are running over our smediums, that touchdown didn't take long!
When you put chrome helmets on a kid from #Kentucky they look better, they feel better and they play better! I know!
Congrats to @BubbaWallace for winning today in the #WendellScott tribute truck, exciting when a plan works out! Best tribute, win the race!
@MattYocum: @AllWaltrip Redhead allowed you to mount that massive TV on the wall? nice”...told her I need it for my job, doing research!
These cup cars look more like slot cars with the no ride height rule, use to look like rocking chairs, up and down. 3 L's low, light, left!
I love the tight confines of #Martinsville, you can get run over trying to get out of the way, it is just"practice" !
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, watching practice from one of my favorite tracks, coffee and cars!
.@mw55 @AllWaltrip @EmmaSlaterDance Awesome news we can finally make public - U & Emma doing @CharlieDaniels "Devil" on Monday!
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.@AllWaltrip @mw55 @melissadcolley Guess I should probably tell you the 2015 @WaltripBrothers is set for Oct. 21 and 22nd. Gonna be EPIC!
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Looks like someone dropped by for lunch, old Hawk Eye! Better warn all the little Critters!
@vancolley: .@AllWaltrip @mw55 Request to move WBCC @AllWaltrip CharlieDaniels golf course!!”..too much sand, sorry
Biscuits and gravy at #lovelesscafe, fried chicken and eggs over easy! World Famous!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, guess I better "walk the line" today, good advice for #Martinsville !
I want to personally thank everyone that participated in the #WBCC, it was our best one yet! I'm proud of our team, thanks Van and Melissa
Great job @vancolley! The @WaltripBrothers dinner was a large time and raised a lot of money for a great cause. Thanks @AllWaltrip @mw55 👍
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The @WaltripBrothers is such a great event! Thanks @AllWaltrip @mw55 for everything & @vancolley for all your hard work!
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Want to thank @AllWaltrip @mw55 @WaltripBrothers for a great dinner great golf for a great cause #class acts.
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