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Darrell Waltrip
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I've always heard that if you mess with the bull you'll get the horns, my expert is @HollywoodJeff!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race soft, play big, always compete with purpose and passion, learn lessons from losses!
.@AllWaltrip @mw55 Another WBCC "Thank You" Tuesday as we welcome back @DISupdates to our event this year!
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RT @bobdillner: Can't wait to see the 2015 #NASCAR schedule tonight on #RaceHub on @FOXSports1 & listen to @AllWaltrip's thoughts at 5:00 pm
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, have a blessed day.
Today was my sweet daughter Sarah Kaitlyn Kearns Waltrip Kuhn birthday, Happy Birthday sweet girl, love you, Dad!
RT @LucasT388: @AllWaltrip What was attendance for the night @BMSupdates It was completely full but darn close..haven't heard..140,000 plus?
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, my prayer today, God, be merciful to me, on thy grace I rest my plea. Have a blessed Monday.
The crowd at #Bristol tonight makes me so happy, this is the greatest track and race we have, glad others agree!
Looks like everybody doing the "Bristol Stomp" tonight, little track causes big trouble! 2 car looks good running the bottom, winning move!
My advice, when someone is hitting you in the rear end, let him go, or you will hear "caution is out" you alright, will it crank!
#Bristol brings out the best and the worst in drivers, this is just like Bristol use to be, only higher!
all I can tell you about #Bristol, no namby pamby tonight, put on your work clothes and work your hands not your mouth!!!
if i was picking songs for driver intro tonight, I'd pick "real good man" by #TimMcGraw, that would work for several drivers!
RT @Titanbill1: @AllWaltrip You were very good at using the old Chrome Horn DW..lightly, slightly,politely, and all nightly!
#Bristol is still a fight, we use to fight for the bottom no they fight for the top, either way you've got to move somebody out of your way!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, hotter than a mad racecar driver at #Bristol, tempers and tempters running high at #Bristol
At #Bristol you throw the car into the banking and catch it with the throttle, that's how you make the banks work for you, some can't do it
A clean track is like a clean sheet of paper, you can go where you want for a while!
Running around #Bristol at these speeds is like riding a roller coaster, your hauling butt but it doesn't last long,Literally breathe taking
Running around #Bristol under 15 seconds is all instinct, not much time to think about what you're doing, it's just happening, FAST!!
RT @NASCARONFOX: What's behind @DaleJr's 2014 success? it's a sum of all of the partsĀ» #NASCAR
Hey @AllWaltrip look what I found in freedom hall at the Kentucky State Fair!
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Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, our God is an awesome God,he made this day and everything In it, enjoy