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Darrell Waltrip
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Great job @vancolley! The @WaltripBrothers dinner was a large time and raised a lot of money for a great cause. Thanks @AllWaltrip @mw55 👍
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The @WaltripBrothers is such a great event! Thanks @AllWaltrip @mw55 for everything & @vancolley for all your hard work!
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Want to thank @AllWaltrip @mw55 @WaltripBrothers for a great dinner great golf for a great cause #class acts.
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great dinner and show last night and now we are off to the golf course, it's a perfect day for golf, thank you Lord!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, every year we think the WBCC is the best one yet, last night exceded anything we've done!
The WBCC is rockin tonight! @WynonnaMusic is the greatest!
RT @WaltripBrothers: Help us support @FollowMRO @feedthechildren #tuckershouse! TEXT WBCC TO 88588 to give! Making a difference together!
RT @mw55: Hello @AllWaltrip We are leaving LA headed your way. Can we bring you anything? @EmmaSlaterDance.. put on your dancing shoes!
remember that word I told you not to forget, coop-etition, the 2 guys pushing each other Sunday, were fighting in the garage at #Charlotte
Help us support @FollowMRO @feedthechildren #tuckershouse! TEXT WBCC TO 88588 to give! Making a difference together!
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RT @mw55: He has a good vibe, right!?.. @AllWaltrip: RT @mw55: Nice to meet you Mr. Worldwide @pitbull..I liked him because he liked you!
can't have bad finishes and have a chance to win the championship under any format, run bad, eliminated, only if you win, that's difference
RT @mw55: Nice to meet you Mr. Worldwide @pitbull.. I liked that guy and his music, not country but I liked it!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, this is the best of times, @mw55 is still #DWTS, our dinner and golf tourney is ready to roll
.@mw55 and @EmmaSlaterDance give us everything with their Argentinian Tango! #DWTS 🚗
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RT @mw55: THANK YOU! We're so appreciative. @EmmaSlaterDance @DancingABC hey brother, you've got a good crew chief, Emma is a great teacher!
This #DWTS is pretty good, wonder what else is on TV I'm not aware of, it's all because of @mw55!
I've got to start watching something besides FS1 and #NascaronFox
RT @AllWaltrip: RT @mw55: It's easy, you have all day to vote. @EmmaSlaterDance @DancingABC…..come on everybody, vote
A friend of mine just ask me if i knew what day it was....I thought about it..."no what day is it"?......Monday!!
RT @MWRteam: Day 2 of The Waltrip Two-Step! @mw55 raced in Dega & is headed to @DancingABC tonight! #MW2Step #DWTS
I think the perfect theme song for a #Nascar driver is "Human" by #ChristinaPerri, I'm only human, just a little human!
there's a pretty good chance if you follow #Nascar religiously at some point in the season someone will do something you don't like!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, this is the week of the WBCC charity dinner and golf tournament, it's show time!
RT @cfreeser85: @AllWaltrip who would you compare brad k to? Driver to driver..he's got a some Cale, some Dale and some Darrell, a hybrid!
RT @CharlieDaniels: Manning is putting on a clinic's like #SprintCup qualifying, a new record every lap, tonight every pass!
“@mw55: @AllWaltrip @WaltripBrothers hope I need a dance studio. @EmmaSlaterDance”..have a great stage at the Factory, we'll find a place !
“@mw55: I'm much looking forward to seeing you brother! @AllWaltrip @WaltripBrothers #CharityChampionship”.. We got everything ready for you
RT @HermieSadler: Champ whats it take to win the Waltrip Charity Championship this week? Other than a sharp pencil @AllWaltrip @mw55..ringer
RT @Kenny_Wallace: Hey @AllWaltrip ole @keselowski reminds me of YOU👍😀🏁 ..Herm, he has something you can't teach, enthusisum and desire!
tonight is one of those nights when someday someone will ask you "where were you the night #PeytonManning broke the passing record"?Congrats
interesting race, not many drivers can go into a must win race and do it, that @keselowski kid is tenacious, don't ever count him out!
“@24_strong: @AllWaltrip this was you in #Bluesprings,MS. other day! :)) #toyota” how do you feel about #Talladega!
Today you've got 4 that have to win. 6 trying to stay out of trouble and finish well, 2 don't care !
“@SHRfan4101441: @AllWaltrip how did @StenhouseJr miss the race, he's in the top 35?....unfortunate chain of events! Incomprehensible!
Good Morning America, Twitterville, race fans, remember this, working with whomever gives you the best chance to win!
Just a typical Saturday night in Franklin, Tn #RickySkaggs and #thewhites at the Shinn-Dig
“@chill7243: ...@AllWaltrip look familiar”..bbbbbbad to the foam!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, almost to the end of the long and winding road, "Captain Kayos" is ready for #Talladega !