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Darrell Waltrip
nascar 359,627 followers
I loved Sundays race, no one backed down, not @JeffGordonWeb, not @KevinHarvick, not @keselowski, not @KyleLarsonRacin, in it to win it!
Ok you know what day it is, go on say it, it's πŸͺπŸͺ🐫🐫 day, now don't you feel better, @mw55mw55 "I hope you'll
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, today is my @jessicawrocha birthday, "win one for me daddy" note in my car at Martinsville!
Way to go @mw55 and @EmmaSlaterDance you made it out of the #challenger round into the #contender round, a week to rehearse then look out!
β€œ@StuckeyAaron: @AllWaltrip Can you please wish my son Jake a Happy Birthday.” Happy Birthday, had a great friend and crew chief named Jake
RT @toomuchcountry: @AllWaltrip @FGSpeedway @NCMarrk @SHUNCK Sept 16, 1972: DW wins USAC Tennessee 200 during the TN State Fair....
β€œ@evvsteve: @AllWaltrip can you give some background on Dr. Ming Wang?”
watching #JeffGordon go over to @KyleLarsonRacin after the race Sunday made me think of how "Big E" must of felt when Gordon came along!
A set back is an opportunity for a come back, don't ever give up, get back in the game and finish strong!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, what a treat at Bible study this morning, Dr Ming Wang was our guest
RT @kaitlynvincie: The more you talk negative things in your life, the more you call them in. Don't be around negative people,bring you down
I think @mw55 and @EmmaSlaterDance should "crank it up" with the #Tractors "Baby Likes To Rock It" like a boogie woogie choo choo train!
I have a lot of respect for @mw55 getting out there and doing something totally different than he normally does! Not easy being on #DWTS!
#DWTS make a great choice in having @mw55 on the show, he's very entertaining and has fun with everything he does, love his spirit!
OK,it took me a while, looked at an instant replay and have decided @mw55 did a fine job, he always goes where no other driver has ever been
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, finished my workout, wrote a story for @AllWaltrip on, good start to Monday
You have to be in the top 4 on the final restart to be in position to win!
Good Afternoon Twitterville, the old remote is getting a workout today, #NASCAR, #PGA, #Titians, this baby is "smokin" !
Saturday in the Park, we are at a #needtobreathe concert for @jessicawrocha birthday, @fausto_rocha14 surprised her!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, the #chicagolandspeedway is in #joliet,Ill one of Joliet's nicknames is "City of Champions"
β€œ@BradParrott: @AllWaltrip Well look what I came across today #nascar”. Let your dad crew chief, I drive, Yates motor
"Love's The Only House" by @martinamcbride is one of my favorite songs, big enough for all the pain on the world, love's the only house!
@AllWaltrip @mw55 The hits keep coming for the 2014 WBCC - American Idol's @BenBriley joins us! Wonder what he & Caleb have up their sleeve!
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@AllWaltrip @mw55 The WBCC Fantastic Friday roles on as we welcome back @DIRECTV to our event in only <GULP> 39 days!!!!
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.@AllWaltrip @mw55 Its WBCC Fantastic Friday as we welcome all our friends from @TalladegaSuperS back for another year supporting the event!
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RT @mimisabates: β€œ@DougHerbert: Thank you @AllWaltrip !!!!! It was an honor to have you join us last night at @PutOnTheBRAKES !” great event
RT @vancolley: .@AllWaltrip @mw55 come hear the legendary @WynonnaMusic Oct 22nd in Franklin! Tickets are avail at…
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, had a great time last night at the @PutOnTheBRAKES Gala, honor to be there, thanks Doug.
I should have told you where to order your "Boogity Nation" and "Keep Your Cup Up" shirts ,
This is our next newest shirt, "Boogity Nation", join the nation!
This is our newest shirt, I love it, hope you do too!
Good Afternoon Twitterville, I'm in Harrisburg, NC at the shop and guess what I've been doing ?
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, it's Tuesday Morning Bible Study with a great bunch of guys.
β€œ@usnavyvet64: @AllWaltrip would it be possible for this Vet to get a "Hello" ?”..yes Sir, Hello and thanks for your service!
β€œ@racrboi90: @AllWaltrip Who do you like in the Chase?” ..Too early to tell but I'll go with the guys with the most wins for starters!
β€œ@racrboi90: @AllWaltrip How do you feel about @mw55 joining #DWTS?” ...I love my brother, he loves a challenge! He'll surprise you!
β€œ@bigrick2556: @NCMarrk @AllWaltrip I miss those good times!!!” So do I my friend, glad we had them!
If you dominate a race like @KyleBusch or @keselowski did Saturday night it takes so much to make that happen, driver, car, crew all perfect
β€œ@paintblend: @AllWaltrip is the ride along with you at charlotte on ebay a legit auction” oh it's for real alright, better get on board!
What happened to the people that go to races because they are race fans, and watch race on TV because they are race fans, too many critics!
This is where you go when your wife says, "want to go get a smoothie"?
I know Richmond was dominated by one driver, but try an appreciate the effort and the excellences it takes to do that! Remarkable really!
Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, you are so beautiful to me, you're everything I hope for, everything I need, I love you Lord.
RT @JKAHNE9_83_4: @AllWaltrip Thanks for answering. My wife started with my 5 and 8 year fit our life style, custom made education!
β€œ@JKAHNE9_83_4: @AllWaltrip is it true your kids were homeschooled?” Yes, 1-12 both girls, their mom is really smart, she's the teacher
I love the no ride height rule, these car look so cool and are the fastest cars in the history of the sport!