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Alli Speed
Random snapshot from mah video for today. I'm uploading now! Czech it out :)
I woke up this morning, and remembered that I shaved my legs last night. It's gonna be a good day. #blessed
Finally set up this bad boy. Cue the MJ marathon. #classics
Is it appropriate for me to put Halloween stuff out yet? No? Cool I'm doing it anyway.
Okay, my pretties! New Q&A video coming tomorrow :) tweet me a question with the hashtag #AskAlliStuff and I just might use it!
Oh, good. I never really liked Urban Outfitters, anyway. Now I have a more definitive reason not to shop there.
Come commandeer the chat and hang out with me and some crazy kids on
Watching a show about a honey badger. It really doesn't give a shit.
Not that there's anything wrong with this choice, it's just a little odd to see in public. Like, at a bar. In the middle of this place.
Currently watching swingers in progress. Women switched seats, made out with the other person's date. Then the two women started touching.
Check out my dog totally sucking at finding a human HAHAHAHA
He's so fancy. You already know. #chico
Just got a text from a friend that literally reads as follows: "FUCK!"
Any dyslexic people playing Density this weekend? #rude
Reading/replying to comments with the bae. #chico
Come watch me talk about things I like also Chico makes a lovely cameo ;)
Typically, I don't give a flying fuck about coffee, but I needed this bad boy today. Points to the barista who figures out what it is ;) New video on my channel in a few!
Vidya is exporting! I felt like adding music today. Normally I don't like it, but I think it went well this time haha ;)
Gurl, I just wanted to let you know that your makeup is EN POINTE today.
AMAZING collaboration between @contiki and @thirstproject! If you guys have the time, please get involved with this!
Car accidents, eating, drinking and football. All in one place, in one weekend.
One of the best things my dad ever told me while I was learning to drive was to always look a little bit ahead of where I was going. That way, I could prepare myself for any obstacles, and never be caught off-guard. I choose now to apply this simple but powerful advice to my entire life. Look past w
Tallahassee vlog will go up in about fifteen mins! HUZZAH!
In other news, I fucking LOVE candles.
This isn't directed at my audience or anyone specific. It's just something that I notice community-wide.
... People are more concerned with proving that you did or said something "wrong". Congratulations. You're an asshole.
What the fuck has the world come to. Instead of enjoying a video or photo that someone puts time into and decides to share with you...
Haven't done a casual vlog in awhile. Editing together what I filmed in Tallahassee. If it doesn't suck, I will upload it ;)
Chicken kabobs with greek salad and pita fries. YES. #pitaria #tallahassee
Another slightly confusing win for FSU. I say confusing because we really didn't look that good :/
And there it is! Citadel is on the board. #Noles
What the hell kind of hand signals were those? "Ok, so if you fart, don't cover your face, just fan your bum." #Citadel
Too bad your ass got saaaaaaaaaacked #GIJoe #Noles
WOOP WOOP! Controlling the ball, moving nicely down the field. So far, so good. #Noles
I love when they stand and point opposite ways as if their aggression is going to influence the call LOL
It's game time. You've been warned. #tweetathon
Anyone else have a list of possible baby names on their phone and isn't planning on having kids for, like, ever? Just me? Cool.
Let's just put it this way, last night I was drunk enough to misspell the city that I lived in for four years. Nice work.
Sometimes when we're drunk, we do this. #tallahassee
Taking a little road trip this weekend! Any guesses where I'm headed? :)
In case you missed us shaving @justinspeed's head last night, here's a video of it...
In front of a computer? Wanna hang out and watch @justinspeed play Super Mario World? Go here:
HUGE parabéns to @severshed and @MysteryGuitarM on their healthy baby boy! Welcome to the world, Jonah!
August Favorites video just went live! Give it some love, friends :)
Best editing partner around :) #chico
New video tomorrow, babes! It'll be an August Favorites :)
My little Rancor. #chico