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LbMulah #MostHated✨
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GoodMorning Beautiful Ladies <3
"@LbMulah: I don't Do the Drama Or the stressing 󾌤󾭞✌️"
Retweeted by LbMulah #MostHated✨
Cold hearted 󾬓 my heart frozen Females Played with It to much 󾌤󾍀
I don't Do the Drama Or the stressing 󾌤󾭞✌️
My trust? It's levels to that shit 󾍘󾭻󾰯󾮊
󾍗Your girlfriend is your bestfriend 󾆠 your realest homie ✊ your shotta 󾓵 Never give that up for a hoe 󾆢 or an ex 󾍑 crown her 󾓑󾆣󾠥󾆫
I'm Not Fighting For NO Spot ✋󾍑 It's Either Me & You 󾠧 Or It's Bye Bye To You! ✌󾟰
Females who don't ask for much, deserve it all! ❤󾠣󾆠󾆟󾓖󾓰󾠦󾠥󾒱
Over time you start noticing that some people just aren’t worth it anymore 󾌦󾍑󾮞󾭻
Lb Mulah - Hate Me 33 thousand views on YouTube 💪💪👌
Follow my Instagram @LbMulah Famous on their to 󾭞󾭞
Posted a new song: "Lb Mulah - My Time (Hosted by DJ HOLIDAY)" #music
They say am acting out now 👌👌👌👌😔
I'm not the type to double text󾔦󾔦 people.. If I text you & you ain't text back, oh well! ✋󾌦󾭻
When you got a main priority 👭󾠧󾮊󾮂󾬏󾠥󾭻 , you don't got time to do certain shit anymore. 󾍑󾭈󾮟
Lie to a girl 󾆴 one time & she’ll doubt everything you say after that. 󾌯
Posted a new song: "Lb Mulah - Jealous (freestyle)" #music
A kiss 󾌬 is the best way to shut a girl up. 󾠧󾮟󾠥
good morning beautiful ladies 󾌬
If my girlfriend is mad at me 󾌽 i'll call & text her 100 times 󾔲󾔦 Idgaf if i look thirsty 󾭛󾭛 That's my gf 󾠥👭 she gone know I care!
If She LOYAL 󾮊󾠩󾬒󾠧󾮊 SMART󾕅󾆴󾔃 And FREAKY󾁖󾍌󾆔󾍒󾭛󾍃 With A Great PERSONALITY󾮟She's Automatically The Real MVP 󾍘󾟛󾌧 Definition of WIFEY 󾮊󾆠󾆣󾠥❤️󾆟󾒱󾓤󾠦🚘󾆠󾮊
Attention󾌰󾆴󾆐󾍚 Affection󾠧󾭛󾌬󾍒 And Time󾆠⌚󾠩 Is all she asks for in a relationship... 󾆠❤󾠥󾬒󾮊󾮟
@LbMulah: Most Pretty Girls , Either Have Anger Problems ✊😈 Or Trust Issues 󾍙󾰟✌️”
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Fresh out the shower 💦💦💧💧
It's Mulah Bitch ❤️💯💯💯💰💰💰💰💰