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LbMulah #MG
NOBODY ever wanna fuck with me 󾍀󾍀󾍀😈 Thats How the Addiction To Money Came about 󾌱󾓝󾮟󾌬󾌬
THE BANK IS My Home and the Mullah My wife
I cant Fuck with Niggas Dice Gambino Just Punched me in the eye 󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺
How u test Someone to see if they serious Bout Talking to u on that level ask em "oh we talking? Am YA baby? Can...
I dont take advice from Broke Baby Fathers 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾮟󾮟󾮟 or street niggas who still live with they mom 󾌦󾌦
Being mulah aint a joke real niggas neva get exposed
I dont Fuck With Niggas Its Not A Secert 󾆵󾆵󾆵󾆵󾆵󾆵󾆵
I just Strive For success Education Money And flexing is a must 󾭻󾭻󾭻 when u start winning niggas dont like that 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴
Just found out i passed all my finals Therefor passed all my classes 󾌧󾌧󾌧󾌧󾌧󾌧󾌧 Next semster Ammma be Cocky am
And for All the girls that played me Eat ya mother fucking heart out its Mulah 󾌺󾓤󾓝󾮟󾌪󾆪󾆪󾆪󾆪
I miss my Old Car 😭😭😭�
This Summer Ammma Pass my Road test 😂😂
I was Young But the money don't change It stay the same I been Touching this 👌👌😀
Still Be On my Rapping shit 😔
Am a freak 󾍅󾍁󾍁󾍁 Like the worse kind, wish It wasnt this way 󾌦󾌦󾌦
My paper Looking Right 󾌯󾌯󾌯 But My bitch looking better 󾌬󾌬󾌬
Niggas wanna fuck with u when they need something or wanna know something Yall Niggas so basic Why not be real? Fuck these niggas 󾍀
Nesha got me 󾌧 these hoes hate that
Trynna to seprate My self From Ignorant People 󾍕󾍕󾍕󾍕

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