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Enlightened Nikki
I liked a @YouTube video from @musicfeeds Ghost - Ritual (Live at Music Feeds Studio)
Photoset: monicsgellers: seeleyjbooths asked: monica geller or and chandler bing
Photoset: kahlil-themulattoassassin: bootyscientist: tashabilities: huffingtonpost: ‘I Don’t Want To Die In...
Photoset: rollingmaul: Madigan though. Bless :)
Video: comethefupinorfupthefupoff: When you think you hear someone talking shit about you 😂😂
Petition We Want Orlando Jones Back! - rclement4: Orlando Jones told us during his NYCC panel last night...
Photo: rollingmaul: And here we are, the ¼ finals of RWC2015. Anyone care to predict the semis?
Photoset: angelica-aswald: but-glorieux: kaia-bennett: glossylalia: rebekahweatherspoon: hey writers,...
Like for real just for the record, do not ever say that shit to me. It really pisses me off. Talk to me like I'm a human.
You send someone pics of yourself all night, and they still text 'wyd'. Ummmmm. You have been seeing wtf I'm doing all night wtf.
Too many people giving me compliments tonight. Don't know how to respond. Overloading. System shut down.
Photoset: Ladies of SHIELD + motorcycle
I liked a @YouTube video from @kexp Little Green Cars - Red (Live on KEXP)
Photo: Don’t mind the bad quality, it was dark in the theatre. 😃
Photo: What an amazing, thought provoking show!! Brilliant acting. Wonder production. Wish I could see it...
Photoset: shollowsource: Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison
I am begging God to calm my soul right now. My life is so weird. I'm happy, don't worry. I'm just confused. :)
This is the DARK SKIN appreciation post - jetsxdopestnerd: Reblog , like , follow etc , to show much you...
Photoset: mayahartsjosh: joshua matthews + beanies
Photo: sheisraging: Commander Steve Rogers leading a SHIELD exercise
Video: cagedlions: abelthearchitect: yungtoothpic: tsunamiwavesurfing: ether/ˈiːθə/ - that shit that makes...
Photoset: millsthrills: Very Special Agent Abbie Mills on the job.
Anonymous said: the best thing of 3x02 is abbie's glorious boobs
Photoset: our-destinies-entwined: Sleepy Hollow 3.02 | Jenny and Joe
Photoset: hangingondust: “I thought your unmentionables were in the hand washing basket.”
Photoset: akscully: I’m building something here, Crane.
The jackets tho... - abbiehollowdays: yuyuzja: Everyone else is mourning the loss of Ichabod’s hair, and...
Photo: jlbi245: Holy shit this is me
Photoset: skyewardz: agents of shield: a summary
Kevin Max: Starry Eyes Surprise update: Starry Eyes Surprise Album Cover & Final Sequence!… @PledgeMusic #rock
Photoset: high-femme-jigglypuff: micdotcom: 7 more cities are changing “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous...
ICHABOD EXPLAIN THIS!!!! - mividalocafam:
Photoset: queensmaker: Yes, Bonnie. I do know how long three seconds are.
Photoset: badinnuendo: Do you know how long 3 seconds are in a life and death situation?
Photoset: hotsexwithdamon: You’re my best friend, Bonnie. And if anything ever happened to you, I would...
Photoset: lun3lla: bidaisy: mack saving fitz (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌 I was just think that Mack is always saving Fitz,
Photoset: mydwynter: The Nightmare Before Christmas One of 12 fandom-inspired tea blends available to buy...
Photo: staytravelin: bamonsnickname: I just noticed (after staring at this longer than I’ll admit to) Damon...
Photoset: makos-lightningrod: ichabod crane vacuuming was my favorite moment of the episode before this...
Photo: nickey79: our-destinies-entwined: What even was this?!?! ;D Ichy like yeah I’m bae and you are
queenoftherandom: One word sums up Ichabod in this episode:
Giving us all the cleavage tonight and I'm thanking the lord for it. @NikkiBeharie #SleepyHollow

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