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Enlightened Nikki
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dickspeak: acting cool around ur crush
why is it that whenever somehting horrible happens to Elena, she parties? how does that make sense? over it. #TVD
Watching Shaun of the Dead. Never really seen this all the way through. Excited. Yay. :)))
psiioniic: please dont immediately conform to every opinion you see on tumblr
As much as I miss you!!!! RT @catcherofdreamz: No one misses @aligningstars more than I.
Marvel Studios Developing Stand-Alone Black Widow Film for Scarlett Johansson | Variety…
Photo: cumberbuddy: Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor backstage at the Oscars [x]
Jesus, I forgot Crispin is old enough to be my father.
I'm gonna take my mom to see Queen. :)))))))
I just realised/remembered I have books autographed by Crispin Glover. I'm an idiot for not putting those on display.
God, I love Crispin Glover.
Ok. Now it's time for Crispin Glover on @nerdist :)))))
Photoset: notyouraveragemichael: a-little-nosh: seasonofrain: dandelionbreaks: What arrived in the mail OH...
You ever just realise you spent $30 on a pillow that's being shipped from the UK?
Was going to listen to Crispin Glover on @nerdist but then discovered @moshekasher is on the new YMIW episode. Um. Listening immediately. <3
i wonder why my browser is so slow. it's ruining everything.
Photo: vhs-or-beta: springnymph: Amy Winehouse after hearing she has just won her first Grammy (2008)
finally watching Iron Man 3. yaaaaaay.