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Enlightened Nikki
Photoset: andrealake: karengillanlover: Marvel’s Guardians of the galaxy-Nebula Finaly we get to see her
I think I'm gonna take a nap.
Photo: heavensigh: cleophatrajones: nappynomad: illumistrations: This seems to be an every other week...
Sorry everyone, I've got plans this evening. :) @peteholmes
Photo: benedictervention: larygo: The Imitation Game (x) Oh gorgeous! Beautiful work!
- Bury seeds 1-2 inches deep. - Pack soil loosely. - Water. Do not drench. - Tap Yellow Code in the earth. - Place ear to ground - Listen
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Great @TheOrlandoJones mention here - "Why it doesn’t matter what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of fan fiction" -…
"You were red. You liked me cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you..."
I just finished all my work and I have to be here for another hour. Wtf.
I'm sorry, Mark-Paul. There's nothing else i can say. Just.
Once you find out there was a stretch of time when Mark-Paul Gosselaar couldn't get it up, your life changes.
Photoset: sensoryinputpatterns: gif Mack every episode: 2x03 - Making Friends and Influencing People “All...
I think I'm getting better at this diet thing. - Someone just offered me a piece of cake and I said no...
Co-worker saw my Captain America shirt and said that should be my Halloween costume. I think I just might.
Never is a contraction of not ever.
Patrick needs to do another solo album.
Like this is the exact reason I used to not like them. I'd forgotten completely about that. I don't think I should watch live performances.
Watching Fall Out Boy makes me feel like Patrick Stump is mute. Even though he's singing. He doesn't introduce any songs ever. Wtf.
I secretly like a musician more when I see they use Orange Amps. #notanad #yourejustalineinasong
Photo: Look who’s finally on Twitter - Will Friedle! Make sure to follow him @willfriedle
Photoset: 4x14//6x03 - But turns out it was.
Damon said he likes Bonnie. Byeeeeeeee. :)))))) #tvd
I do not, and will never, approve.
Photoset: proteinpills: mexicanthuggerella: tryllvester: Well Makes sense I respect the fuck outta him for...
You know what? I have a lot of respect for Lil Wayne right now. I'd do the same thing if I were in his position.
Photoset: winterthirst: sabacc: Steve Rogers did, in fact, realize that something was off when he saw the...
Yo voy a la cama. Es verdad? No se. Adios.
if you don't cry at the beginning of UP, congrats you are a t-800 go find and kill sarah connor
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Gonna give away some of my albums for FREE! Gotta "like" me though...Go here:
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Oh Friends is gonna be on Netflix? Great! So hard to find that show on TV all the time!
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Photo: ethiopienne: A Helpful Flowchart For Anyone Considering Wearing Blackface This Halloween