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Enlightened Nikki
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"@HowToGetAwayABC: Don't we all? #HTGAWM" Bonnie's secret is how in love with Annalise she is.
"@WilliamShatner: #ShatnerProject My life is gray at this point" me too.
One thing #HTGAWM is doing extremely well is making all of us super glad that Sam is dead, whoever killed him
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My dad forgot my birthday. Probably because his roommate hates me now, since she's the one who reminded him last year. Whatevs.
Photoset: So sorry to have to involve you all in this but, you’re gonna be asked a lot of questions...
Photoset: brassmama:   i’m gonna need you to install this, in the field, under pressure, in less than six...
Photoset: brassmama:   i’m gonna need you to install this, in the field, under pressure, in less than six...
Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Writers Tease "Nothing WIll Be The Same" | - kittenskysong:...
Photoset: based on black panther vol. 3 #9.
Photoset: neil-gaiman: weneeddiversebooks: weneeddiversebooks: On Wednesday, We Need Diverse...
I'm gonna have a visitor tomorrow. I'm so excited.
Photoset: The question cannot be answered. The concept of love exists, therefore it is useful even if it is...
*NSYNC’s J.C. Chasez Joins Topher Grace Musical ‘One Shot’ | Deadline -…
Photoset: I’m pretty sure there are 2 witnesses ;P | SH mag vs how it should have looked (its a bit rough...
What's left of the $70 #cakes my boss got for me on a whim today. Gourmet, delicious, amazing. One was…
The #candle one of my friends at work got me. It has a #woodwick, and makes a cute crackling sound!…
Photoset: If he slay me, he does fair justice.
@aligningstars Happy early birthday! Carly Rae Jepsen, Goldie Hawn, and Michael Strahan have the same bday as you!
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My whole soul weeps with joy at the Raffles mention!!! #elementary
I can't believe Sherlock just admitted to loving Joan. I'm so excited. #elementary
Photoset: pandoyareblogs: ellelalee: writing is hard I feel this in my soul
Ugh gross my birthday is tomorrow. Who let this happen?
So basically? I'm never gonna see you again. :'(
When you haven't seen someone in two years, it's kind of difficult to just be like, "hey, I miss you, let's hang."
My therapist just told me a joke. - kontrolledkhaos: kissmyafropuff: nehoynehoy14: lilysinthefall:...
Lots of love and kisses to the birthday boy @montepittman !! <333 =)
Still don't have my replacement phone. Argggggh.
I havent played Kim K Hollywood in days. I probably lost my wife, and my #1 spot by now. Argggg.
@aligningstars New Black Friday Collection Winter Soldier Captain America Jacket For Women Fashion!
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About to listen to the Kyle Cease episode of You Made It Weird. I'm really excited. It's about time he's a guest. :D :D
Take a bite of my bad girl meat. Show me your teeth.
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Drunk af. Night. Hope my stupid replacement phone comes in 2m.
imma go to bed before winter soldier shows up on this highway. otherwise i'll be in this for the long haul. night.
i cant fuckin watch this movie anymore. they using handhelds & it's making me sick. i've literally never noticed this before. #wintersoldier
Pierce pouring a "glass" of milk, basically wasting that glass by not even pouring more than a sip. #wintersoldier
i'm at the exact level of drunk where i want more but i know it would be a BAD IDEA if i had more.
"Let's find out what the ghost wants." Plot twist: The ghost wants his memories of Steve back. #wintersoldier
but who fucking let's me online? it's fucking cosmos that i get noticed when i'm drunk. fuck everything lol.
@TheOrlandoJones @aligningstars You actually took the time to count the As and then didn't type the appropriate amount. #tsktsk ;)
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"@aligningstars it's a 140 characters & u wanna say murdaaaaaa, 7 A's? #aintnobodygottimeforthat" he clownin' me. =((((((
i'm wine drunk which means i'll be asleep in about 20 minutes. but i ain't seen enough bucky yet. help.
"Tell em I'm in pursuit." it's actually a lot harder to say than you'd think. @WinterSoldier
oh yeah btw in case you didn't already know nymag is trash