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Enlightened Nikki
Photoset: inediblesushi: the rest of my emoji challenge requests!! these were super fun, might do them...
Hmm. I'd actually be pretty happy if Bay and Travis ever started dating. Think of how upset Emmett would be! Lol! #switchedatbirth
Gonna pledge as soon as I'm able. Already know what I want. 💖@kevinmaxx: Starry Eyes…y via@PledgeMusicc
Made some dark chocolate squares. Whee!
Photo: wtnvtweets: Getting thrown into the real world like
I achieved my weight loss goal and got a badge with Fitbit! #Fitstats
I lost 20 lbs towards my goal and got a badge with Fitbit! #Fitstats
Photo: Hair a mess, but I’m looking good. 😗
I'm gonna disable my profile again. I don't have time to waste on idiots.
He's like, why doesn't anyone find me attractive? Um, maybe because you're a douchebag? Ever think of that?
I looked at another guy's profile & he spent the entire time belittling the people he's not interested in, then says he has low self esteem.
Are there any dating websites worth looking into? Do I really need to use Tinder now? What is happening in this world?
I knew I shouldn't have responded to this stupid kid.
Why are kids so eager to give out their phone numbers? Like, I asked you tell me about your day. And you respond w/ a phone number? Really?
Video: sourcedumal: sourcedumal: my-fangirlythings: phankjellberg: queenday13: The best song I ever heard...
Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star. 💖💋💖💋
Photoset: captainsassymills: Daredevil Week - Day 4: Favourite Quote - Claire Temple in “Cut Man” The last...
The tweets about the VMA's just solidified that giving up TV so many years ago was indeed, the correct decision.
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.@justinbieber strips down to his skivvies in "What Do You Mean?" video
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Still prefer this MOMENT to any of tonight's crap. Goodnight. #VMAs
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Watch @nickjonas slay the ladies in his official "Levels" video
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If people can take Trump seriously, why not Kanye?
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The people in Austin are so attractive. I need to go back.
resplendeo: let’s play another tag meme thing! put each word into your tags and see what pops up: pretty...
Photo: genderoftheday: Today’s Gender of the Day is: Adult
Oh wow, yeah. I did see Patrick Stump live, didn't I? What an amazing night that was. Courtesy of…
"Cheer up” means, “don’t feel the way you do.” It’s not the same as, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Or, “Can..."
Photo: sammiwolfe: coyotecomforts: love-this-pic-dot-com: Morse Code A Visual Guide sammiwolfe important to...
Photo: Left: May 31, at a concert. I felt super good about myself that night, and it was further reinforced...
Photo: shotfromguns: tbh I’m reblogging this just because the artist didn’t feel the need to slap tits,...
Do I want to pay money to see Meat Loaf? I mean, the short answer is fuck yeah. But. When I think about it..... Idk.
I have no interest in following through with this day.
Eternal Headcanon: - jchelseaw: Tim was Mack’s boyfriend.  I will forever believe this.
Nev and Max are my otp, but I was really digging all that adorable flirting between Nev and Todrick on #catfish this week!
Downtown sounds like if Sugarhill Gang covered Thrift Shop.
I find it quite ironic, or perhaps providing some foreshadowing that in the new movie computer visionary Steve Jobs looks like a David 8.
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