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Alicia Keys
I love how we flow! Natural & simple. He makes me laugh so much! We have a ball together! Filled with gratitude that we can be ourselves with each other #everythingispossible!! Love to my king @therealswizzz ❤️💛❤️
NO ONE tops The Queen Of Soul! ;-) Thank you @ArethaFranklin for covering my song on your new album! An honor!…
Personal Style + Friends = Fun times together! ;-) Come bug out with me!! #AKCourts
.@jimmykimmel This is what happens when the @weareheremvmt gets in the hands of Jimmy Kimmel ;-)
#TBT to all of the truly incredible moments and all of the beautiful people who have joined @keepachildalive and me for our annual #KCABlackBall to support our programs that provide lifesaving care for children and families affected by HIV. I am excited for Black Ball 2014 and am inspired because I
We CAN be an AIDS-free generation! Follow @keepachildalive & RT for a chance 2 go 2 #KCABlackBall if you are in #NYC!…
NYC I want you to experience #KCAblackball w/me! @keepachildalive is giving away 2 tickets! Details in the next tweet…
#wearehere with @dvf... The epitome of a powerful force!! Love to you my friend and thank you for your purpose and vision😉!! #DVF
It’s my son's birthday today which makes me feel even more in solidarity with the parents of the Chibok girls in Nigeria who were abducted 6 months ago today by Boko Haram. They are still missing!!! At the moment of this rally those parents were marching on the Presidential Palace in Abuja to call o
I want to remind you that in this darkness, your voice matters! #BringBackOurGirls NOW!! I've signed this, now you:
On my lil guys birthday I stand with the mothers of Chibok!! We can’t ignore 6 months of this tragedy!!
On my lil guys birthday I stand with the mothers of Chibok!! We can’t ignore 6 months of this tragedy!! What if it was you or me? I want to remind you that in this darkness, your voice matters! #BringBackOurGirlsNOW!! Let's do something about this. I've signed this, now you! Sign this petition and
Can't believe it's been 4 years!! Happy birthday to our incredible son! Who has no shortage of personality! ;-) We're so proud of you! We'll do ANYTHING for you! You've changed everything for the better! Blessings to you forever little one! #familyfirst!!!
.@Pharrell @NBCTheVoice & can't wait for us to keep connecting! #wearehere there is no stopping us! Sweet dreams! Talk soon! #AskAliciaKeys
I had so much fun mentoring @Pharrell team on @NBCTheVoice I can't wait for the next show! Thank u for all of your great ?'s #AskAliciaKeys
.@MaryAgnes7 I wish we could look at the world through a child's eyes, it would be so much simpler... #weareheremovement #AskAliciaKeys
.@MaryAgnes7 He's only 4 so he still carries such innocence and wonderment as it relates to the world! It's so inspiring! #weareheremovement
.@stnic Because of that we are more powerful than ever!!! #weareheremovement #AskAliciaKeys
.@stnic I love the fact that we can be all over the world and connect with each other through mediums like Twitter! #AskAliciaKeys
.@ABrooklynBeauty @Pharrell there to be a place to collect our voices at so we can really be the change we want 2 see
.@ABrooklynBeauty @Pharrell I know we want to do something but we don't always know how! So since the song started the dialogue, I wanted
.@ABrooklynBeauty @Pharrell I was inspired to start @weareheremvmt bc of all the things we are witnessing going on in the world around us!
.@__Music__Fan__ none yet, but he's singing so much on his own, I wish I could record every moment to share! ;-) #proudmamamoment #wearehere
.@G_cavarretta And some how I've completely found my way home!
.@G_cavarretta so excited! It's a different part of me! A part of me I never knew I had or a part of me I ever was brave enough to access.
.@johnanthonyruiz hmmmmm that's a good question. Influential in what way do you mean? ;-)
.@Lolaa974 I can't tell u the name of the album yet but I can tell you it's CRAZY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Top of the year is gonna be outrageous!!
.@MyriamKeys it's in the eyes. It's all of the above. But no one really knows, only the most high! ;-)
.@MyriamKeys it's really hard! Especially on team P cause everyone is pretty fantastic! But yes! It's instinct, it's feel, it's personality,
.@MyCorinthian98 didn't want that to be me.
.@MyCorinthian98 I also realized that most negative people are that way because they are too afraid to try to reach their own dreams and
.@MyCorinthian98 defining moment for me was the realization that if I let the negativity defeat me I would never have what I dreamed of.
.@dickc I like @FKAtwigs right now. Funny enough I also rock silence in heavy rotation ;-) how about u?? ;-) sending love
.@Pharrell Together we can be the change we want to see in the world! It's not about me, it's about WE!!! ;-) #wearehere #AskAliciaKeys
.@Pharrell the team is monstrous!!! Excited to be a mentor to them and host a Q&A after #thevoice tonight... Any questions for me?;-)
At 10pm ET, after #TheVoice, I am here to answer your questions. Tweet yours with #AskAliciaKeys #WeAreHereMovement
Help every girl fly this International Day of the Girl. Visit and #BeBold4Girls.
Help every girl fly this International Day of the Girl. Visit and #BeBold4Girls.
What were the top 20 songs of the week? Listen to @iHeartRadio Countdown w/ @OnAirRomeo & special host @aliciakeys:
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.@iHeartRadio @OnAirRomeo I love a takeover!;-) see u there!
Congrats #MalalaYousafzai & #KailashSatyarthi! As Malala said, this is “a message to people of love" #NobelPeacePrize…
Ebola isn't a death sentence. Learn more in this PSA… & do what you can! Together we can #CrushEbolaNow! #WeAreHere
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Loving my new @ReebokClassics collection… Just in time for fall ;-) Let’s shine bright!
To all the superwomen all over the world! Unstoppable, un-hideable and we can never be silenced!! Own your power!!! Love this piece by @sandrachevrier Incredible!!!!!!
Big love to my brother @nasnyc!! This documentary is illmatic! One of my favorite albums of all time!
Tried my best to do some of this today.... Rest is just as important as all the do-ing. Take time to rejuvenate so u can be strong for the long haul! Wishing you a peaceful sleep and lots of love always! 😴💜
My brother @lennykravitz is here to let love rule!! And I'm struttin' to his new music!!! Sending love and congratulations for being an icon in the space of originality and music and for joining the @weareheremovement !! More voices more power!! Love and blessings to all my people standing tall and