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Jaime Alguersuari
Since the day i met this woman, i became a completly different person, i have now reached a point where i feel im the happiest person of the world whenever i see her smiling and enjoying life together. I just wanted to share this with the world because rather than love, than happiness, than fame, th
The most fullfilling feeling for a human being
I want this picture to happen again! Forza jules
Its being very long for the next race already. I hate this
Today i gave a small piece of help to @mariecurieknock foundation to help nurses and resources for cancer treatment. Is not a big help but every little help counts, i was walking down the street in chelsea and i was stopped by this guy and i felt like we all need to help! For a better world, a bette
Todos mis mejores deseos y animo para @Jules_Bianchi forza bello! Dai! All my best thoughts for jules come on man!
@whereisthelimitoficial :)
Unsuccessful people 1 complain 2 blame 3 criticize 4 don't take responsibility 5 make excuses 6 are lazy 7 eat poorly 8 lie 9 argue 10 cheat
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La nueva ley de caza en españa. Debe ser una broma del pp? Seguimos retrocediendo al siglo XVIII. Genial!
My new baby has arrived :) #fatbustard #thermionicculture
Training to the @resident_advisor #charity #cycle2ADE w/ @valentinobarrioseta donate to help buil a #music #school in #southafrica on @ade_nl
“We should forget what’s expected and pave our own paths” @richardbranson
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Win driver's gloves - signed by @AlguersuariJA and @sambirdracing! Enter by answering a simple question, here:
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@duologuemusic wow......
No ha sido un buen inicio de temporada. Consumiamos demasiada energia y no llegariamos al final. Paramos una vuelta antes y se acabo todo..
back in london. Not a good start of a season, carried some issues through the race and couldnt manage energy till the end..
So heading to beijing, would be nice to have your vote for a little help for the race :) hopefully i dont need it but you never know.../ ya para pekin , no estaria mal tu voto para un poco mas de potencia en la carrera :) espero no haga falta por eso! Saludos
Fan boost me for the first round #fiaformulae in china next week! Click on the link below/ dame un booost de potencia para la primera carrera semana que viene aqui abajo:
A bit of the nordschleife :)/ un poquito del nordschleife
Y ahora un cafelito suave :) and now lets go bakery #amg
Gracias a los que me han hecho daño Sin que lo sepan me hacen mas fuerte, mas seguro y mas capaz de seguir luchando.Vive y sigue aprendiendo
I Give thanks today for those who did you wrong. They unknowingly made you strong. You live, you learn, and then you become stronger.
To our (nearly) 4,000-strong army of fans, @AlguersuariJA and @sambirdracing need you! Vote to boost them in Beijing:
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Tan joven, tan injusto descansa en paz annefleur kalvenhaar
Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth.
Un día me enseñaron q sin igualdad no hay desigualdad humana es la "sede" del egoísmo..
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@deadmau5 @ParisHilton Just make sure you BOTH pack up ur shit & get the hell out of there before the real DJs arrive for Cocoon! #EDMshit
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Building up my new one :) / montando mi nuevo estudio
I love this one. Sh... How many times i thought this when i read the press specially in the "joke f1 world". / cuantas veces pienso esto cuando leo a periodistas sobretodo en "esta broma f1"
Pawel Kuczynski artwork. No hace falta añadir mas. Nothing else to say.
Buenos dias! Good morning!!! Vamosssss
Again on the road! Last test before beijing, there we go @virginracingfe #fiaformulae / ahi vamos, ultimo test antes de pekin, buenos dias!
Cada loco con su tema @chiaramarte @bridgesformusic :)