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Al Gore
Cheap, large scale wind power is putting coal and gas power plants out of business in Nordic states:
The #DF14 community is coming together to provide 1M meals for people in need. I’ll be there on October 16! Join in! #DFGives
Leadership means looking forward, past lobbyist-created false doubt. We must work together for a sustainable future
As @DeptofDefense argues, we must act to solve the climate crisis: "Politics or ideology must not get in the way of sound planning."
Apply today to join the @ClimateReality Leadership Corps training in Rio:
To go quickly, go alone. To go far, go together. To solve the climate crisis, we must go far, quickly. #CRinBrazil
Together, we can solve the climate crisis. Join me in Brazil for #CRinBrazil!
Join me for the next @ClimateReality Leadership Corps training in Rio, November 4-6! Apply today! #CRinBrazil
New rainfall record in France as town receives 6 months of rain in 24 hrs. Comes just 2 wks after another record rain
Congratulations to former @ClimateReality staffer @KathrineHerzer on her breakout TV role!
These young #WhyWhyNot leaders give me #ClimateHope! What an extraordinary group at the @UN #Climate2014 summit:
Must watch @TEDTalks by Lord Nicholas Stern on the road ahead for humanity. "The next two decades are decisive:”
My new piece on addressing the next chapter of the climate crisis in @MediaplanetUSA #ClimateHope:
These 8 millennials are urging world leaders to act on climate: #WhyWhyNot @ClimateReality
Wallace Stevens: “After the last no comes a yes, and on that yes, the future world depends.” We can solve the climate crisis. #Climate2014
Inspired by the eight youth leaders who joined us at #Climate2014 to deliver their #WhyWhyNot questions.
These 8 dynamic teens are the voices of the next generation at the UN #Climate2014 Summit:
Tune in today to join me at #Climate2014 starting at 8 EST, when 8 millennials will ask world leaders #WhyWhyNot.
I’m at the @UNDP’s #EquatorPrize gala. The recipients are truly inspiring. They are one of the many reasons for #ClimateHope.
We’re at the turning point. There’s no time to delay. Will you join me in demanding action on climate? #ClimateSummit
Tomorrow, eight young leaders from around the world will deliver their #WhyWhyNot questions to the UN. Learn more:
.@Crimsontider and I may not agree politically, but we can both agree that solar energy is critical to our future:
Looking forward to tonight’s @religions4earth conference @UnionSeminary. Faith groups are leading the way on climate action. #faithinchange
Proud to march with @ClimateReality at today's #PeoplesClimate march. Let your voice be heard:
Truly inspired by what I saw at the #PeoplesClimate march today. Together, we can solve this.
Great to see @drgrist back in action! His latest is an important story on the ongoing demise of coal energy:
Thousands of young people are marching today for climate action. They want to know #whywhynot. #PeoplesClimate
Last week, millions joined us to discuss #ClimateHope at the 24 Hours of Reality. Today, we march for climate action. #PeoplesClimate
I’ve got #ClimateHope so I’m joining the #PeoplesClimate March in NYC today. It’s time for climate action!
Must read by @ClimateReality CEO Ken Berlin on powerful message from world youth to UN #Climate Summit: Why? Why Not?
June-August 2014 hottest such period since records began in 1880. The evidence is incontrovertible. We must halt the climate crisis.
August--hottest ocean temp ever recorded for any month.
Three new major climate records set this summer: August 2014 hottest month on record since 1880.
Thanks to @UnionSeminary & @Avaaz for hosting this morning’s interfaith breakfast! Gatherings like this give me #ClimateHope
Thank you for joining us today, @Podesta44! And thank you for your longtime leadership on the climate crisis. #ClimateHope #ActOnClimate
It’s the final hour of the 24 Hours of Reality! Join us as we discuss the way forward from here. #ClimateHope
I have #ClimateHope - Excited to join @ClimateReality in 10am hour to talk about how local leaders can #ActOnClimate
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Cities are leading the way for climate action. They give me #ClimateHope.
Small cities, towns and regions are making clean, renewable energy a priority. #ClimateHope
Global financial institutions: dirty energy is a bad investment. #ClimateHope
China, the world’s largest carbon polluter, is now also a clean-energy leader. #ClimateHope
Thank you @tayfunking for helping to host the 24 Hours of Reality. You were tremendous! #ClimateHope
Many countries are on their way to meeting their emissions goals. Yet another reason I have #ClimateHope.
The clean-energy transition is creating jobs and revitalizing manufacturing around the world. #ClimateHope
It's 4am in NYC. Hour 17 of the 24 Hours of Reality. Seven hours to go! #ClimateHope
Climate-smart agriculture is yet another reason to have #ClimateHope. Join us:
Reason #16 for #ClimateHope: Slowly but surely, we are slowing the rate of deforestation.
It’s simple: by reducing the use of dirty fossil fuels, clean energy is saving lives. #ClimateHope