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Al Gore
Thank you for joining us today, @Podesta44! And thank you for your longtime leadership on the climate crisis. #ClimateHope #ActOnClimate
It’s the final hour of the 24 Hours of Reality! Join us as we discuss the way forward from here. #ClimateHope
I have #ClimateHope - Excited to join @ClimateReality in 10am hour to talk about how local leaders can #ActOnClimate
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Cities are leading the way for climate action. They give me #ClimateHope.
Small cities, towns and regions are making clean, renewable energy a priority. #ClimateHope
Global financial institutions: dirty energy is a bad investment. #ClimateHope
China, the world’s largest carbon polluter, is now also a clean-energy leader. #ClimateHope
Thank you @tayfunking for helping to host the 24 Hours of Reality. You were tremendous! #ClimateHope
Many countries are on their way to meeting their emissions goals. Yet another reason I have #ClimateHope.
The clean-energy transition is creating jobs and revitalizing manufacturing around the world. #ClimateHope
It's 4am in NYC. Hour 17 of the 24 Hours of Reality. Seven hours to go! #ClimateHope
Climate-smart agriculture is yet another reason to have #ClimateHope. Join us:
Reason #16 for #ClimateHope: Slowly but surely, we are slowing the rate of deforestation.
It’s simple: by reducing the use of dirty fossil fuels, clean energy is saving lives. #ClimateHope
Clean energy is making our world safer and more secure. #ClimateHope
Thank you to the tireless @RyanDevlin! Great work at 24 Hours of Reality! #ClimateHope
We’re halfway through! Time to talk about how clean energy is reducing poverty and empowering people around the world. #ClimateHope
Reason number 12 for #ClimateHope: People around the world are standing up and demanding action from their leaders.
Student activists give me #ClimateHope. Come learn why:
.@algore Always a pleasure to be in the company of someone with unwavering passion. #ClimateHope
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Another reason for #ClimateHope: Faith communities are rising to the challenge of the climate crisis.
@algore It was a pleasure. Thanks for the platform to talk about what is 100% American and 100% doable. 100%
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Companies understand that clean energy isn’t ideological. It’s just common sense. #ClimateHope
Thank you @ashlangorse for all your work at 24 Hours of Reality! You were terrific!
New regulations mean the era of dirty coal is coming to a close. #ClimateHope
Wonderful to see my great friend @jason_mraz at this year’s 24 Hours of Reality! #ClimateHope
Time for hour 7 to talk about the “hidden fuel.” Energy efficiency! Join us. #ClimateHope
Wowsers,what an inspiring day! SO honored 2 talk w/ @algore again & thrilled 2 be a part…
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I also have #ClimateHope because the EV market is booming! Tune in to Hour 5 of 24 Hours of Reality to learn more.
On to Hour 4! Tune in to 24 Hours of Reality here:
Grateful and honored that @MarkRuffalo could join us for 24 Hours. Thank you my friend!
On to Hour 2 of the 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope! Time to talk about the spread of rooftop solar! #ClimateHope
I have #ClimateHope. Do you? Tune in at to learn why we can and will solve the climate crisis.
Welcome to the 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope. Tune in at #ClimateHope
I have #ClimateHope. Do you? Watch #24HoursofReality starting now to learn how we’ll stop climate change
Good morning! We’re about to kick off 24 Hours: 24 Reasons for Hope! Join us: #ClimateHope
Tuning in to 24 Hours of Reality Sept 16-17? Ask me a question with #ClimateQuestion & we may discuss it on-air!
The stage is set...Make sure to tune in tomorrow for @ClimateReality's 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope.
Ask me a #ClimateQuestion, then watch 24 Hours of Reality on Sept 16-17 to see if I answer yours on air.
I joined - did you? Help many voices support one cause: spreading #ClimateHope via @ClimateReality
If you’re joining me for 24 Hours of Reality, speak up! Ask a question with #ClimateQuestion to be discussed on-air!
Veritasium took to the streets to see what people know about climate change. See what they found: #WhyWhyNot
I want to answer YOUR questions on climate during 24 Hours of Reality. Send me one using #ClimateQuestion -- it may be answered on air.
I want to answer YOUR questions on climate during 24 Hours of Reality. Send me one using #ClimateQuestion -- it may be answered on air.
Sign up for @ClimateReality's Thunderclap and help the #ClimateHope message reach 20 million people worldwide:
.@iansomerhalder Thanks for sharing the #ClimateHope. Looking forward to seeing your work during 24 Hours of Reality
New children's book on climate denial from @davidzeltser. A great combination of humor and powerful insight:
Stand up for a generation - young people will be most affected by climate change in the future. Ask #WhyWhyNot at