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Alfredo Flores
In honor of Thursday and some other things. Classic.
My man @edsheeran spreading soul throughout the Staples Center. Proud of this dude! From pubs to arenas.
iPhone camera was way better even I first got this phone. It's been a steady decline.
I wonder who's about to be in that blue light.
Always a good time working with my guy @adriangrenier! Such a positive force.
Thought this looked cool. Probably doesn't. Just my leg running on the treadmill but where's the other? Hmmm
I'm over here trying to figure out who Mona is and how she died... just to realize it's a TV show lol. cold world.
Beets, Lemon, Ginger, Kale and Carrot. Pretty good.
Mannnnn @JheneAiko album is fire! Just left her listening session. Her spirit is incredible! Much love to ya! #SouledOut
The Robin Williams tribute tonight on the Emmys was perfect. Damn.
Why do all the camera stores in LA close at like 6/6:30? Smh. 😤
Lol @ArianaGrande this is epic ! “@ArianatorAlerts: Frankie promoting #MyEverything in the Big Brother House!
13 years ago we lost Aaliyah. Still remember exactly where I was and how much it really affected me. I was young and it was my first time realizing what death was. #RIPAaliyah hope you singing at the gates of heaven! Still one of my favorite music videos.
13 years ago we lost an angel. RIP Aaliyah. Still one of my favorite music videos.…
Y'all have to remember these are the music video awards. So it's more about the video, not the artist or song.
the comments are better than the show.
Twitter during award shows is the funniest.
Is it weird that I want to be one of the #KiaHamsters? Download "Animals" by @maroon5 free from #KiaSoul #sp
!! RT: @dinahjane97 text 2 to 22444 to vote for us HARD OUT
@jaxonbieber is the greatest.
Don't apologize, and then do it again.
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Congratulations to my guy @nickdowork who got married yesterday. Sending nothing but great light to this incredible couple! @jackie_pow
opening the VMAs and then my new album comes out tonight.... I guess today's a big one #imdeadalready #MyEverything 💜…e
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It's crazy out here in LA tonight. Smh. Be safe.
Happy Birthday @AlvinaRoman! Hope you have fun today. Well deserved.
Ms @Zendaya's birthday is coming up and she's doing something real special! Check it out Let's give back!
When Im out and people notice me, the first thing they say is "you're so small" no need to point out the obvious #shortdudesmakingacomeback
@dankanter I thought we were keeping this secret? All this training living in a freezer better not go to waste!
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