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Alex Riley
Lost focus for a bit tonight, had no choice "Get some Stank on him" ?!?!?! - @BookerT5x @ByronSaxton @WWE #WWEPreShow
I might actually, can watch the #RAWPreShow tonight can't wait to see #TheUltimateWhiteBoy @AlexRileyWWE
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I love it when my Alma Mater knocks off a Top10Team while studying for the MCAT's during half-time,, PS @TomPhillipsWWE ran track
.@WWEJasonAlbert better have his double espresso before the @WWENXT Panel. Try and Keep up with the Analyst
I CHALLENGE any panel show on any network ( @espn @NBAonTNT @nflnetwork ) to compete w/ #WWEPreShow , after we win I will make pancakes
Im goin back to pagers and pay phones who's with me ?
I gotta go see a man about a horse
Introducing 'Model Angela' to the #WWEPreShow what do ya know.. Welcome!
Thanks to 'Model Angela' for wearing a T-Shirt on the #WWEPreShow , first of many new characters to come. Chasing down @jimmyfallon
Couple hours until the Best Panel Show in all of sports The #RAWPreShow
#WWEPreShow in a couple of hours. Can't wait to see @AlexRileyWWE the #ultimatewhiteboy 😍😍😍 in his 3 piece suit.
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White knuckle time.. No mediocre
Is there anyone better in TV than Joe Buck ?
Out of the suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars
I love how @WWEJasonAlbert 's twitter background is him about to get his ass whipped by Alex Riley
. @WWEJasonAlbert anybody can win the lottery
The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike Mathew 5:45
Slot Left 90 Go Z Read
Ok so everyone can sit back & watch why I beat @WWEJasonAlbert at everything both on the field and off, tonight #BCvsPITT
Hotel to hotel, I could use your company
i love when @AlexRileyWWE comes out of nowhere and dominates my TL. time to dominate the ring now #makeitfreakinhappen @WWE!
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Wow I took in way to much caffeine so far, but it's not over
This chick is JACKED with an unrelenting dedication to the gym and life #AnimalPack
Just saying what's up to #AnimalPack
I wish @AlexRileyWWE would wrestle again! He is a beast!
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.@vanillaice let me on your show !
I would ABSOLUTELY let @vanillaice update the compound
Because on my team we find a way to #makeithappen !
Because I know no other way
Lmao @AlexRileyWWE looks like he's going to beat the crap out of whoever threw that shirt #WWEPreShow
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Always glad to hear #TheUltimateWhiteBoy @AlexRileyWWE on the preshow. He's the only panelist who has decent amount of charisma on there.
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"Woke up in the wrong hotel wearing a New Breitling w/ a receipt for $43,000" has got to be the greatest Vegas story I've ever heard
@AlexRileyWWE is possible get a RT from you or a simple Hi is my dream!
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30-7 win for BC. 1-0..... playoffs????
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Talk to me let me know
I am searching for inspiration today any suggestions ?!
My best friend is a guy named Franky Fear, I don't want or need any others
My girl just broke up w/ me because I never listen to her... Or something like?? I really wasn't paying attention
I force a smile knowing that my ambition has far exceeded my talent