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Alex Riley
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So Shines A Good Deed In A Weary world. Elizabeth at the @Delta JFK Counter a lovely women, @Delta find her show her this & promote her!
Very sad to hear about the passing of an incredible human being and performer #RobinWilliams his work will live forever
Hulk looks Dam good
No Mediocre tonight DAMMITT!! @TitusONeilWWE
Hold on... I gotta put my Mink back on
Every so often u r right @TitusONeilWWE the only # that matters doesn't lie Riley-Power Index 9.7 O'neal 9.1 u loose #UltimateWhiteBoy
My boy Chris helpin me take Diet/Nutrition to the next level. Follow him on Instagram @ChrisCavallini real results!
.@TitusONeilWWE coach? Pick a lift and watch u get smoked by an 'announcer'?! .. And not TRX BS. then ill take u out back and dunk on ur ass
The @Browns. The @Lions... And some kid named "Johnny Manziel". 5 hours to LIVE football on NFL Network! #CLEvsDET
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"You don't happen to be into the Commodores by chance?" "Then no I will not stay for another"
Remember "the worst thing that can happen is you pass out" - @Schwarzenegger push like a sonofabitch!!
Excuse me I need to go bang my head against a barbell for an hour and a half, or two
Look for Pete at the door, ask to see Mikey, ur asking for Mikey because there is no Mikey, u'll be sat in 10 minutes Compliments of A-Riley
.... And by the looks of you, u should start getting pissed off about something!
People ask me how long I workout for? How many sets? How many reps? I don't know man!!!..I'm finished when I'm not angry anymore!
.... #whiteknuckletime @AmandaCerny Better Get your game face on
Why does this @XboxOne commercial always seem like it's saving my life ?
Nice working with the Talented @TroyMcClainWWE At the @WWEPerformCtr this evening, now that I think about it there is an eire resemblance??
Ok.... @StephMcMahon is a bad Ass.. Who's better than the boss ?
Is it me or does a young @HeymanHustle look like a Belushi brother
"I am leaving John Cena in a pool of blood urine and vomit" - @BrockLesnar has got to be the @WWE quote of the century
Watch the @WWENetwork tonight to see me breakdown the difference between @BookerT5x 's and @50cent 's throwing motion, be an athlete dammit
I lift weights merely to keep myself from literally going insane! This would not be the case if you would just. DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!