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Alex Reid
ATTENTION @AlexReid FANS For only £5, your name will be included on the official FtLoE website with Alex.… #TrendFtLoE
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@AlexReid Pls rt: Alice is still missing! Your retweet might help end her family's heartache#FindAlice #London
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Great day @ the seni exciting times for me n @AlexReid met great people and hobbled along trying new products for when I'm ready to train
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@AlexReid on the set of For the Love of Ella. Visit our campaign page to GET INVOLVED in this production. #TrendFtLoE
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@AlexReid u ain't no Dim Wit Bro. Your fucking phenomenal lad. TEAM REID. LEGEND :)
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@AlexReid At least you're not talking about dungeons! ;)
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Great to introduce our #açaí bowl to @AlexReid mixed martial artist, kick boxer and UK celebrity! Think he liked it!
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Just seen myself on ch5 talking about VerJazzels? Wtf? Don't remember ever doing this show? Mental!
I'm afraid in blowing out tonight @mikebispinguk would love 2 come out & party but my girl real poorly. Catch ya tomo
RT“@MaguireTheOne: Just run in to my old friend @AlexReid and he just confirmed im the best looking man in uk mma! 😆” he told me that too 🙈
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Im afraid u misheard me @MaguireTheOne Ur the 2nd best looking man!
Just run in to my old friend @AlexReid and he just confirmed im the best looking man in uk mma! 😆
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Serious apologies to @FightersInc & everyone at the Seni for being late.Had an emergency needing 2 take girlfriend 2 hospital.Be there soon!
Catch me all weekend with @FightersInc at @Seni2014 #thecombatandstrengthshow @LdnSoccerdome it's gonna be crazy!
Who wants to come on my London party bus ?
Felt a bit soppy watching/sharing this, but here it anyway. My turn soon!…
How many of us really appreciate what we have? Watching this makes me feel very greatful for everything.…
Please help us raise money needed to COMPLETE the filming of 'For the Love of Ella'.… … Please RT @AlexReid
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Help us to raise all of the money needed to COMPLETE the filming of 'For the Love of Ella'.… Please RT @AlexReid
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@AlexReid will be at #SENI2014 13 and 14 th September. Details will be on our website soon
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This isn't just any wall,it's a peace wall separating Protestants & Catholics in westBelfast.Should be called WarWall
Just been on a Belfast bud tour,where I heard about my name sake twin Father AlexReid. Mental day in Belfast today?…
Chatting with a very infamous reformed paramilitary in church this mornings inspired me2visit where he was imprisoned
Always love my trips 2 Belfast,especially visiting my buddy Stephen at the Jeanery as he always gives me a nice shirt
Thank u so so much @HollyMilford @georgesbargrill for a fantastic slap up delicious steak meal! Best ever!
I wish I had BJJ & MMA in my life as a kid, vital part of growing up and learning to become a great person, awesome what @AlexReid is doing.
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It's only a little from what I can afford, but if we all did this, we can make a little difference.
Water over my self daily & have several such standing orders going from my bank account monthly 2 these various charities.
2 raise awareness 2 Help the children of Gaza,Syria,Iraq & many other sorry places right now & donate 2 the RedCross. I already throw ice -
I salute all partaking in the ALS icebucket challenge,but despite being nominated more than 20x's I will not.Instead I take this opportunity
@FitnessJunkiesS opening 3pm 2moz with special guest @AlexReid! Amazing place for Dinnington! Come see it!
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Ancient Russian Cossack training also currently used in martial art system Systama & spetznatz.Great 4 building will power as well.
I used 2 throw & ice bucket over my self sunrise & sunset,causing a mini explosion raising body temp 2 over 42dg killing germs & infection
The incentive is showing off & getting attention,great brain storming idea from a charity mastermind! I been challenged about 15x's, hmmm?