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Alex Reid
Thank u so so much @HollyMilford @georgesbargrill for a fantastic slap up delicious steak meal! Best ever!
I wish I had BJJ & MMA in my life as a kid, vital part of growing up and learning to become a great person, awesome what @AlexReid is doing.
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It's only a little from what I can afford, but if we all did this, we can make a little difference.
Water over my self daily & have several such standing orders going from my bank account monthly 2 these various charities.
2 raise awareness 2 Help the children of Gaza,Syria,Iraq & many other sorry places right now & donate 2 the RedCross. I already throw ice -
I salute all partaking in the ALS icebucket challenge,but despite being nominated more than 20x's I will not.Instead I take this opportunity
@FitnessJunkiesS opening 3pm 2moz with special guest @AlexReid! Amazing place for Dinnington! Come see it!
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Ancient Russian Cossack training also currently used in martial art system Systama & spetznatz.Great 4 building will power as well.
I used 2 throw & ice bucket over my self sunrise & sunset,causing a mini explosion raising body temp 2 over 42dg killing germs & infection
The incentive is showing off & getting attention,great brain storming idea from a charity mastermind! I been challenged about 15x's, hmmm?
I think it's mad how people r actually getting behind this ice bucket charity challenge? Wen I feel most people wouldn't donate normally
Official 'For the Love of Ella' site now live to the world - - Please RT @AlexReid
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Smaller class coz of family holidays but little ARMMA warriors really improving. @ARMMABJJ
Teaching 4yr olds the most important move in martial arts.How 2 tap & look after ur partner.Building good team spirit
Make sure you have our Open day in your diary for THIS SATURDAY @AlexReid @HiyaitsNicky - Can't WAIT to see you...
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Occasionally I secretly still wear TapOut & become a bully, so beware!… via @YouTube
If u like raw rap,check out my mate @smeezy_smurf new video ''All Out''…
Thanks for the great tasting/looking chocolate malteasa filled cake from @Jo_cupcakes
Learnt few new tricks getting ripped in my last fight diet with the help & preparation of @NoyoFood Not fighting soon,but getting fit again
WIN: 24 V12 Protein Shots, An IPHONE 5S & A Football Jersey Of Your Choice To Enter: RT & FOLLOW @V12Shot
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Want your kids to learn martial arts? ARMMA BJJ AT FARNBOROUGH LEISURE CENTRE Thur 6-7pm Sat 9-10am…
Ok all mums & dads of little ARMMA warriors, Champ training class, on as usual tonight & sat Farnborough rec…
Thought we were friends, just coz I refused ur dinner date?? @JusticeMillarTV & his dog lil justice… via @YouTube
Rest In peace @FrankMalony Long live @KellieMalony Big respect! Xxx
Never Criticize what u can't understand Don't judge a book by its cover Juding sum one doesnt define who they are, it defines who u are
The only thing necessary for falsehood to triumph is for good men and good women to remain silent. Just came across something mind boggling
Any one got any ideas for my girlfriends 30th birthday next week? Where can I find a good cake?
I pray 2 my own sense of the universe,man evolves sooner rather than later vibrating at a higher frequency & b3 from the destruction of war
So 100 years ago the 1stWorldWar started. Today the whole world has war going on all over. I pray in another 100years the world knows peace!
Hmmm? Time to do some more research! What's the truth???…
Christopher Hitchens - On Being Offended… via @YouTube
Respecting Religion And Those Offended - Stephen Fry… via @YouTube
#IrishMusclePower also have a BIG treat for you... @AlexReid , guest MC at the MMA fight 👊�
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We need 2send as much love as force 2not only the victims but the lost souls commiting these atrocities.Utter madness…
My coach @imma_gym is running a show in the waterfront Belfast august 30th guest MC @AlexReid get ur tickets NOW
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@AlexReid Please help and RT for Sienna @sarahhancoxuk raising funds to beat cancer aged 3 donations needed
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Well this is certainly a different way to spend Sundays with @fitnessbird
Warriors in the house! Hoooooooooooooooo!
Hey buddy It's ok to cry, but we're warriors & only cry when we're really really sad!