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Alex Plank
L.A.'s New Norm: $20 Million Homes and "People are Swarming to Get In"
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Borders can't contain terror. @TheBridgeFX Seasons 1 & 2 are now streaming, only on #hulu.
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@alexplank Hi, Alex! Abraham and I can hardly wait to meet you. We're happy that you will be part of our all autistic wedding.
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Takeaways from IMFAR 2015 —
And that’s a wrap! #IMFAR2015 was a tremendous success thanks to all! Until next year, in Baltimore!
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So many great people at @IMFAR2015 Thanks to @alexplank and Richard Grinker for speaking at today's stakeholder lunch. You guys were great!
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Q8: Find out how to give autistics telepathic mind reading abilities so we don’t have to learn to read body language #IMFARchat
#IMFARchat They say the chat is almost over but the tiger is still outside. I have a whip but the rest are out of luck. See you in Vegas!
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Q5: They should call it granular medicine. That makes more sense #imfarchat
Q4: precision medicine is best done in Switzerland like the construction of precision timepieces #IMFARchat
Q4: Girls are under diagnosed so don't make that conclusion. Also need to compare girls to other girls like @J_McPartland said #imfarchat
Q3: Well ARI ( @ariConference) owns "" The domain is apparently worth millions. #imfarchat
Q3: The term autism is not possible to own. #imfarchat
Q1: Also enjoyed @johnrobison remarks on necessity of including #autistic people in autism research. #autism #IMFARchat
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I'm sitting next to world-renowned autism researcher @sbaroncohen at the #imfar2015 twitter chat @IMFAR2015
Who else is coming to the #IMFAR2015 Twitter chat? @IMFAR2015
Getting ready for the #IMFAR0215 Twitter chat with @johnrobison, @shannonrosa and more
@alexplank is talking about the need for more #ActuallyAutistic people to be encouraged to attend #IMFAR2015. #autism
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At the #IMFAR2015 Autism Community Stakeholder Luncheon, @alexplank and Dr. Richard Grinker addressed the group.
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Just walked past a kids' lemonade stand where they were selling bottles of Perrier. #OnlyInBeverlyHills
Are you going to #IMFAR2015? Join us for the stakeholder luncheon on Friday at 1PM. @alexplank speaking!! @autismspeaks
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Early Screening of 'Entourage' Movie to Kick Off Greenwich Film Festival (Exclusive)
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We are recruiting talented people on the #Autistic #Spectrum in Cyber Security to join innovation hub (#Belfast). Contact us! RT @alexplank
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Wow. Better Call Saul just keeps getting better. . .
I'll be flying to the east coast tomorrow for my sister's wedding. Can't wait to celebrate your special day @plankflute !!!
According the the Justice Dept, a day of reckoning coming for Ferguson Police…
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Great hike with my brothers, @carlospratts & @alexplank. Look at that view of Catalina Island in the…
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Six phrases and questions likely to confuse people with Asperger’s.…
CNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Vaccines are a matter of fact
Interesting: "Measles Can Kill, And It's Spreading. Sue Parents Who Didn't Vaccinate? Absolutely."…
The Oscars Haven't Been This White in 19 Years - Atlantic Mobile…
I think that was an earthquake
@alexplank My new year's resolution is to never step foot inside a gym again.
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Feel like going to the gym today but know it will be inundated with the New Years resolution people. At least they only last for 2 weeks.
Lofoten, Norway by the light of the midnight sun. Pic by Christian Bothner. [via MT @EarthPicturz]
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Happy New Year 2015 to all...may your lives find the road to Happiness in this new year. ..peace doev loev
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