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Alex Plank
Tonight's episode of THE BRIDGE is such a brilliant showcase for @ImRamonFranco. Fausto Galvan one of contemporary TV's great villains.
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If you missed #TheBridgeFX last night, you missed a good one...hope you DVR'd!…
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.@admantage on #TheBridgeFX , Directing Himself, and Getting Mistaken for George Clooney. .…
Looks like @BarbasolShave is complicit in Linder losing his beard’s special powers #TheBridgeFX
True Fact: @johnnydowers singularly coined and popularized the controversial #supercooper and #speakamerican hashtags #TheBridgeFX
#TheBridgeFX throwing in that stigma that ppl w/ disorders can't work as cops. I love this show bc Sonya is a badass
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True Fact: We only have 1 jacket. if it gets damaged we’re SOL #wardrobe #thebridgefx @johnnydowers @ImRamonFranco @VancityJax @alxp12000
Nothin hotter than a chick spitting in a barn. #TheBridgeFX
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True Fact: John Dahl directed this episode. He also directed 2 episodes in season 1. #TheBridgeFX
Daaaayum!! 2 episodes left, wtf!!! It's too soon! #TheBridgeFX
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West Coast- The #TheBridgeFX cast will LIVE tweet again at 10! Join us! johnnydowers @alxp12000 @alexplank & me
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If I did #BestOfMovember again, Coop from #TheBridgeFX would be a strong competitor in the TV region.
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When the cartel shows up at your Quinceañera.... #TheBridgeFX
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"Just get a new one. That’s what i’d do. “ - Sonya’s Homeless Mom #TheBridgeFX
Yes. The bearded man is actually played by our key grip Michael Barrere. #TheBridgeFX @Rosie @learjetter @TheBridgeFX
@learjetter @TheBridgeFX @alexplank - he's the creepy animal creature in the cage
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I think pinning up against the wall and giving him a forced handjob is not the same as "he tried to touch me" #TheBridgeFX
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Falsify the interrogation report Coop! Do it! #supercooper #TheBridgeFX @johnnydowers
Ramón Franco is doing great work on #TheBridgeFX .
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Fausto feeling left out from the quinceanera! @ImRamonFranco @Emily1LoveRios #TheBridgeFX
Demian Bichir’s girlfriend is playing the wife of Demian Bichir’s brother’s character #TheBridgeFX
“I’m not taking medications currently” - Sonya Cross #TheBridgeFX
Adam Arkin! He directed episode 7 this season as well. @avragoldenblatt @ImRamonFranco @alxp12000 @johnnydowers
@alexplank @ImRamonFranco @alxp12000 @johnnydowers Nice party there...all you need now is a Eleanor sicko type, Ha! @Rosie
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#TheBridgeFX starts now. @ImRamonFranco @alxp12000 and @johnnydowers are here at my place and we’re live tweeting!
True Fact: Whenever you tweet at @alxp12000 his phone plays the peanut butter jelly song. #thebridgefx