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Alexi Lalas
@AlexiLalas Shavane Seaforth is one of our favorite players
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ICYMI: @TimbersFC are playing a CONCACAF Champions League Guyana...on a cricket field. Someday, you'll tell your kids you saw it.
Those proactiv doctors do look fabulous.
I wonder if @MenInBlazers are watching a soccer game being played in Guyana?
85 days away. Hello LA.
Somebody make a wireless hose.
Leiweke: “Any report stating that I am leaving MLSE is untrue."
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Leiweke just told me he’s not leaving MLSE.
It can't really be that quiet at Anfield, can it? Gotta be an audio/mic thing. #LIVvSOU
Both clear as day. RT @jillianmcnamee: Need to know @AlexiLalas' thoughts on these penalties. #whereisalexi #SKCvTOR
Heading is often more about timing than size...but size doesn't hurt. #Plata #RSLvSEA
Yes, Roberto Martínez. But we famously respected the 2nd syllable accent. RT @MMcCainTCU The Everton manager was the guy on y’all’s WC set?
Because it seemed to resonate yesterday, last time tweeting this piece on the Americans whining about field turf…
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LVG also accepting that this #MUFC team not good enough to challenge for title. "I knew that before this game."
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LVG is in. "It's not good . . we had built up a lot of confidence and it will be smashed down because of this result." #MUFC
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Always fun when these EPL opening act games get included on the MLS headliner bill. More bang for the buck.
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But it's the refreshingly confident way in which Man. Utd. now concede.
Manchester United hasn't lost at Old Trafford on the opening day of the league season since 1972.
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Out of all my son @Kev_Hensley soccer accolades over the years, none make me prouder than him wearing the Cpt armband for the @ussoccer_PNT
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Because it’s part of my soccer palette. RT @RBPitch: Why…? “@AlexiLalas: Looking forward to a new EPL season.”
Looking forward to a new EPL season.
FIFA's technical study group's key players and tactical observations on the USA in World Cup report released today:
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Hey soccer people! These @DetroitCityFC supporters need some help. “@NGSDetroit: A DCFC fan suffered a sad tragedy:
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DeAndre Yedlin transfer Tottenham is done and finalized at $4 million. He will remain with Seattle for 2014 at least. #Sounders
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And boys will be boys? RT @weazle16 @nfl The game is violent by it's nature. Tempers will flair.
On the road again. The metropolis that is Bristol, CT awaits.
We talk about sports evolving. Would the condemnation and elimination of @nfl preseason brawls be considered "evolving"?
So I'm to use @nfl preseason brawls as a guage of a team's/player's aggression, desire and competitiveness?
Hold up. There's a Dutch indie, possibly Christian, band called Alexi Lalas? They should at least cover @AlexiLalas.
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Dear @MLS, how much allocation money was Alan Gordon traded for? C'mon, just tell us and let's see what happens.
So cool seeing @AlexiLalas at the airport, was too shy to ask for a pic but I took one of him! #GreatGuy
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Of course. Awesome is timeless. RT @Saadi_Says Do you think you would have made the #USMNT if you were currently playing? #AskAlexi
Greetings from 37k feet. I’m high in the sky again. How can I enlighten you? #AskAlexi
So far, this game deserves this field. I demand entertainment now! #SEAvHOU
Re the field tonight: Corporate event on field last night. It's a multi-use stadium. So it goes. #SEAvHOU
Frei way off his line on PK save. Worth the risk. #SEAvHOU
Black hole sun. RT @NickisPstar: What's up with the black field? #SEAvHOU
I have decided that #SEAvHOU will now start on #ESPNEWS.
So @SoundersFC will not make @yedlinny available to talk to @espn. But I can confirm he is wearing a beret...backwards. #SEAvHOU
New @BigHeadRedHead pod is out. #MLSAllStar, transfer news, and best male & female to represent humans to the aliens.…
Bob Bradley has a go at Norwegian commentator post-game. "We didn't watch the same game."…
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Oh, my bad. OK, mediocre touch from Ramsey because half of City players are out. Better? RT @DaAnsahonSports Half of city players are out.
Sweet first touch from Ramsey.
What LA got. RT @marvineftalih What would be considered a small point? #LAvSJ
Not sure SJ drew it up that way but they get out of LA with a big point. #LAvSJ