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Alexi Lalas
Seems Bradley's current role for TFC is to show for the ball, beat multiple players, take space at speed and play the killer pass. #CHIvTOR
Timbers are wearing their cool uniforms tonight. #COLvPOR
Star Wars b-day party was a success.
Astonishing: during unique NFL news week, league quietly admitted in court papers 1/3 of retired players will develop cognitive problems.
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But what happened to Angus?
There should be a new Law in soccer that punishes for cynicism.
Chelsea is relentless. Chelsea are relentless. #CHEvSWA
Who's the new dude with the glorious hair and funny accent covering EPL on @NBCSN?
Somebody should tell them. RT @PeterWilt1: Seattle just got REAL quiet. These are the times the crowd should be loudest.
Grest little half-beat delay by Martins before he finishes. #SEAvRSL
MLS has 19 teams. 2 more come aboard next year. But there may be only 20 teams competing. Here's why:…
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Friday night neon lights. RT @AKApfel College game in Vegas (UMBC/UNLV) w/ Strip in background. Not a bad view, huh?
Settling in for #SEAvRSL. Doctor is done with the anthem and we're off.
Leiweke on keeping Nelsen for 2014: "I made a mistake. I probably should not have had the coaching crew at the beginning of the season."
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Leiweke at Ryerson on Jermain Defoe: "I personally don't think he will come back. If he doesn't want to be here you get rid of him."
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Preparing a Star Wars birthday party. I hate you George Lucas…I love you George Lucas.
Good scheduling. RT @PPR_8 Just finished #NYvDC so couldn't tweet at you during game to let you know you're an idiot, so I'm doing it now.
Goal NY. Ben Olsen has lost his mind. #NYvDC
Hamid with one of the saves of the year. #NYvDC
You should never question a ginger when red is the topic, but @AlexiLalas...where do you get clean pee to pass drug tests? #NoRedBigRed
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@AlexiLalas is spot on. That's how the interpretation is told to refs now. Spikes to the body is a red. Hate it, love it, it's the law
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Thank you @TaylorTwellman for speaking the truth on the red. 100 percent not a red. No question that's wrong. @AlexiLalas has no argument
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Did Fabian Espindola of @dcunited deserve a red card for his high boot? You be the ref.
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Love Ben Olsen. Love him. #NYvDC
Your studs are a weapon in the modern game. Act accordingly. #NYvDC
What does that even mean? RT @RaminAssar77: Geiger is not World Cup quality. Even if he is, he's mistake prone. #DCU #NYvDC
I'm told that @BrekShea is going on loan to Birmingham City.
The glamorous life. Little car for our @espn on-air talent. So the mutant gene goes in the trunk...again. #NYvDC
So @TaylorTwellman and I will answer some of your questions on-air during h/t of tonight’s #NYvDC @MLS game. What do you got? 8pm ET #ESPN2
Doing my best @AlexiLalas impression, thanks @MLS #generationadidas for allowing me get my education and play ⚽️📒✒️
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Guild. RT @dpadular Favorite acoustic guitar brand? #AskAlexi
Greetings from 37k feet again. I'm over you. What do you want to know? #AskAlexi
MLS has made many great decisions since its inception in 1996. Changing its logo isn’t one of them:…
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You say hire someone. OK, who?
You guys seem smart. What's the best way to make an app?
Clemson women's soccer lawsuit gets worse and worse the farther into the document you get:…
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Off to NJ for tomorrow's #NYvDC game. Red Bulls need 3 points.
1 of these guys is the COO. RT @petermooreEA: A blast on stage w/ Alexi as he picked his @EASPORTSFIFA Ultimate Team
I'm on stage for @EASPORTS #FIFA15 at #GameStopExpo. All I can think about is the back cover of Kiss "Alive!"
For you. RT @Jared_T_Gray Why do you fly so often? #AskAlexi
Without hesitation, @JulieFoudy. RT @victorjacobo_ Who is your dream FIFA president? #AskAlexi
Greetings from 37k feet. High in the sky again. What would you like to know? #AskAlexi
Greetings from an airport.
Let's check in on the NFL Command Center and...oh god it's three people!…
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