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Alexi Lalas
If you're wondering why Don Garber reacted so vigorously this week, then read this piece on Gareth Barry and #MLS:…
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Home in LA for #LAvSEA on Sunday. Supporters Shield up for grabs. Sigi vs. Bruce. DPs and MVPs galore. Hear @thesoccerdon's even coming.
I'm coming to you LA.
FIFA's ethics report will not be published in full due to 'legal reasons' More details:
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Women are real. I've seen them. RT @srossie Not passing judgement but including "she" is not a realistic possibility. You know that."
I said, "he or she" b/c why simply assume male? RT @srossie Do you REALLY think new @HoustonDynamo tech dir will be a "she"? Seriously?
Exclusive: Jurgen Klinsmann has responded to Don Garber in an interview with Reuters @Erik_Kirschbaum . Story soon.
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Just remember I still love you.
Klinsmann says USA's performance in Brazil vindicates him for omitting Donovan. Is he right? No
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@AlexiLalas I bet you're going to side with Klinsmann on an MLS broadcast aren't you?
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As expected, @ussoccer has declined comment for now re @thesoccerdon’s comments.
Surprise. Tonight I’ll be talking #GARBERvJURGEN at h/t of #HOUvNE. 8 pm ET #ESPN2
No estoy de acuerdo. RT @gdelenes You did ok on @razaespn but said #usmnt "needs" #mls. I don't agree. If anything it's slowing down growth.
I think I just used every Spanish word I know talking about #GARBERvJURGEN on @razaespn...and I even made some up…and a new tense.
Greetings Houston. What do you have to offer?
This conference call is all kinds of awesome.
Garber - RT @thegoalkeeper: “It is just patently untrue that if you play in Major League Soccer it will affect your form."
Here we go. @thesoccerdon's conference call to discuss @J_Klinsmann’s comments on @MLS is off and running.
Awesome! @thesoccerdon calls a conference call for today to discuss @J_Klinsmann's recent comments re @MLS.
So @cinemacyspeaks asked me to go see and write about @WilliamHMacy’s directorial debut @rudderlessmovie. So I did.
Flying with @TaylorTwellman. They let me board early when they saw I was traveling with an infant.
Off to Houston for tomorrow's #HOUvNE game. Biggest story may be off the field with the end of the Kinnear era.
Miguel Ibarra of @MNUnitedFC becomes the 731st American in history to play for the #USMNT. Welcome to the club.
I grew to love spinach.
Major problems getting people into this stadium - am told they have stopped charging for parking just to get people moving in
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Jones at centerback, Mix at defensive mid and MB at attacking mid. Klinsmann full of surprises. Away we go! #USAvHON
Dynamo coach Dominic Kinnear informed his staff Sunday he will leave to coach the San Jose Earthquakes. story on
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@AlexiLalas 1000's been waiting over 1 hour for parking. I'm still stuck in traffic. It's a mess out here.
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Stadium here at FAU in Boca Raton holds 30k. Going to be sparse tonight for #USAvHON (8 pm ET on @espn.) Very sparse.
Heading to the stadium for #USAvHON. 8 pm ET on @espn. We’ll see if @J_Klinsmann has any surprises for us tonight.
That's for the post-World Cup final press conference we had to sit through when winning the World Cup was rationalised like a business plan.
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USWNT has outscored foes 60-2 over last 10 big-event qualifying games. Will they throttle down in WWCQ? Nope…
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Ridgewell to The Times on PDX: “... [T]here could be 22 squirrels running around at our stadium and the fans would still support them."
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We are pleased to announce the addition of @TimbersFC2 to our club. The team will play in @USLPRO and begin in 2015. #RCTID
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.@J_Klinsmann's job is to improve the #USMNT program. If he feels @MLS is hampering his efforts then of course he should say so.
Michael Bradley does not care for your snide MLS remark, Jurgen! So says @DougMacESPN.
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Our production meeting ahead of tonight's #USAvHON game. 8 pm ET on @espn. I smell a pro/rel halftime segment.
Hey @MLS, stop paying American players so much money! You’re ruining the #USMNT.
Greetings from Boca. I spent this morning trying to catch and pluck a rogue hair on the top of my nose. I do this for you. #USAvHON
MB: Heineken replacing Bud as MLS beer … NBC lands new Super Bowl advertiser … NHL Panthers set record low. $
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Jurgen Klinsmann concerned USA players cannot maintain levels in MLS - Sports Mole -
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This is @IanDarke in high tops...reading his #USAvHON notes...on a stairway...that leads nowhere. I love Ratt.
Object of the game is to win. RT @PatCassa How ridiculous is @MLS tiebreaker? #AskAlexi
Hello Ft. Lauderdale. Seems that #USAvHON will be a corduroy-less affair.
Great, but it’s not his money and he’s not taking on more risk. RT @Jersey_Geordie Feelings on @J_Klinsmann's comments re pro/rel? #AskAlexi