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Alexander DeLeon
deep thinker/whiskey drinker
anyone recognize this tattoo? last night got pretty rowdy.
you're broken.. and i'm broken too.. but maybe our pieces together can form something brand new..
anyone want to go for a drive? @rrdavo is going to let me borrow his custom rubicon. dude builds these things. what a beast.
possibly the greatest shoe ever created. @Nike Free Mercurial Superfly HTM
most friends of mine growing up wanted to be like the rockstars hanging on their walls.. i just wanted to be like my dad.
tongues out. @teddysphotos
on nike ID you can inscribe initials etc on the back of the shoe's heel so i'm getting hers so she is always with me and as a thank you!
the key to a man's heart --> shoes, food, and back scratches.
a fan just gave me a nike ID gift certificate to me. i am at a loss for words! think i'm going to handwrite her a thank you letter and song.
birthday vibes at band practice today. happy birthday @josephthunder.
there's something extremely debilitating about being too comfortable.
met a lovely fan last night after the ed show. incredibly sweet. good people exist, folks. @Lucy_Landry proved that.
leaving everything behind and moving here.
sometimes life changing moments happen when you least expect them to by hearing life changing words from people you least expect them from.
It was @edsheeran night at staples center and he was amazing! Group shot from the night :)…
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fairy tales do exist, folks. RT @AP: Boston Marathon bombing victim marries nurse who helped him recover:
if you are what you eat.. why haven't i turned into a box of cocoa pebbles yet?
my soul is like a pair of ripped jeans. @taintedny
pumped on moving to NYC for many reasons but i'd be lying if i said catching up with my big bro @GabrielSaporta wasn't one of the biggest.
watching nine inch nails with some of my favorite people from a hill we had to climb a fence and break a few laws to get to. feeling alive.
the best part is.. we're sober. @chloelloyd @justin_clough
Had my first 'in n out' tonight thanks to @alexanderdeleon 🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔ye mon
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the greatest vs. the greatest.