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Alejandra Ramos
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Like delicious little shoe pillows.
I slipped on a pair of flats to run the laundry downstairs and was marveling to myself how delicious they feel after last night's 5" heels.
The crispy whole fish at Macao Trading is seriously one of my fave dishes in NYC @ Macao Trading Co.
I love New York every damn day. Today, just a little bit extra.
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This looks a lot like what I had for breakfast today: MT @bonappetit: avocados are forever
Is it wrong to be craving these Arroz con Leche Marshmallow Treats from @nandita before 8am?
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Champagne. Because it's Wednesday, and that's as good a reason as any! @ Macao Trading Co.
There is a lot of early Destiny's Child playing, which we're super into @ Glass Houses - Chelsea Arts…
BOOM RT @AP: BREAKING: AP Source: Law enforcement official sent copy of Ray Rice tape to NFL executive in April
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Totally smitten with this yogurt lately. No added sugar...just sheep's milk, crystallized ginger, live…
Crock-pot Country Style Ribs with Grapes… on @bloglovin
I'm going to be in LA, but if I wasn't I would totally go to this JBF Greens dinner:…
::swoon:: I want prints of all of these:…
To be clear, the Ravens didn't release Ray Rice after he knocked his fiancé unconscious. They released him after everyone saw the video.
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"You must not refuse a photo, because you must represent the women of your land. Now go to eternity!"
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Social Media can be full of a lot of judgey judgersons but you gotta love it when internet karma hits someone like #RayRice
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Am I the only one who thinks that "Channing Tatum" sounds like it would be a very prestigious accounting firm?
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This girl's reaction to bread is identical to my reaction to bread:…
Why is Halloween taking over my Pinterest feed? COOL YOUR JETS, PEOPLE.
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Finally seeing Obvious Child. @ Angelika Film Center
Oh...hell yes. Korean BBQ hangar steak, kimchi fried rice and an egg. Crazy delicious. @ The Dutch
Saturday night outfit. (It's a jumpsuit!)
Blended iced coffee is a killer recovery drink. True story.
Now if I could only find a system for remembering which purse I left the last MetroCard in...…
Updating my gym playlist--what should I add to it? I have a billion (delicious delicious) Dominique Ansel carbs to work off this weekend!
Particularly pleased with today's froth. Gave Eugene the last #DKA because I'm a nice lady. #hellokeurig
Hudson is having himself an easy morning
I just used a knife to fix my camera. It was terrifying and thrilling and then super super satisfying.
I think I might just wear these to bed tonight
As soon as I learned these existed, I had to have them. #JulianHakes #python
My camera slipped while taking a photo, and now the shutter release is jammed. (Also, my heart.)
Few things make me feel more Latina than reading this while waiting for the polish to dry.
Was absentmindedly rubbing my foot on this soft warm floor pillow, then was like "wait...what is this pillow?" Then realized it was my dog.
LOVE RT @booth1: Trina Turk let models keep their phones and asked them to Instagram the show #NYFW
@nandita I took one to go. It did not last long. Goes so well w/office coffee, which is also a #keurig! #HelloKeurig
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Oui, chef! It's wonderful! RT @DominiqueAnsel: @nandita Try the DKA's with the San Daniele Ham and apricot jam. :)
Good morning from @nandita 's apartment! Drinking new keurig 2.0 coffee and eating some…
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Coffee & canelés from @DominiqueAnsel. A luscious Friday morning treat! #hellokeurig
Coffee, pastries, eggs, potatoes, and friends...a perfect start to the weekend! #hellokeurig