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Albert Brooks
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Not allowed to RT compliments, but thx! RT @ABeckr: 50 pages into 2030 by @AlbertBrooks incredibly good. Frightening, but very good.
Congrats to Iraq for retaking the Mosul dam. With dilligence, perservenace, and our air force they can do wonderful things.
It breaks my heart that Robin was in that much pain.
Shocked by the news of Robin Williams passing. Rest in peace my friend
California in extreme drought. And yet the Pacific Ocean is 2 miles from here. Is salt really that hard to take out?
Мы просто приняли Альберт Брукс Twitter. Мы ненавидели Drive.
Just changed all my passowrds to 3043w590z9awo2391poiw93 Let the Russians figure that one out!
Russian gang steals over a billion passwords. That's why I just stick with 1234.
The reduction actually came in 2011 RT @asdddsyk6raf: This is what the great Albert Brooks is reduced to in 2014
Snapchat to be valued at 10 billion dollars. Wait. Where did it go?
Zillow buys Trulia for 3.5 billion. Even though the Zestimate was only 1.8 billion..
Just found out that a random act of kindness does not count if you buy something for yourself.
Kia seems to be employing dead people.
Rupert Murdoch offers 80 billion for Time Warner. Plus an extra $45 a month for high speed internet.
Don't know who to cheer for in the World Cup finals. I guess Germany only because Argentina makes a lousy car.
World Cup finals!!!! Just think, if Adolph Eichmann were alive he wouldn't know who to root for.
I'm confused. I paid Liev Schreiber to tell those stories. RT @jimmyfallon: .@AlbertBrooks well...?
I'll be the judge of that RT @jimmyfallon: Fun @AlbertBrooks story told by Rob Reiner on show tonight. #FallonTonight
LeBron returns to Cleveland. Cleveland says "Great. Now can we go to Miami?"
Germany vs. Argentina in the World Cup Final. If Germany loses they can at least go there.
Without tooting my own horn this was CRIMINALLY underrated. Thank you.
Just going to Hobby Lobby is contraception enough.
There are so many people on Twitter now that are offended by everything so to save time, fuck you.
Soccer has to be the only sport where fans are ecstatic when the team loses.