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Alan Ritchson
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What is this!!? Who else knows about #AlanMacnCheese!!??? I want names and birth certificates of everyone now!!
If you haven't checked out the blog in a while I suggest you stop being such a pansy.…
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Watch our latest @EnormousFriends episode... FILMED IN AN ENORMOUS HOT TUB!!!!…
#alanpickle! RT @tinyjunkdrawer: Can we just keep @alanritchson in a jar and never let him leave @RoosterTeeth? That'd be great.
BMS Coat of Arms. If it's cool enough for Thad it's cool enough for you. Shop all BMS gear at
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Ray shutit! Shhh! Shutup ok!? Please! RT @AH_BrownMan: You guys remember when @alanritchson made a mess during the #RTExtraLife stream?
So proud to be a part of something that can raise so much for Children's Hospitals also everybody SHUTUP ABOUT THE MAC N CHEESE OK SHUTIT!
Thanks to the whole @RoosterTeeth fam for allowing me to be a part of the amazing fundraiser #RTExtraLife and for being so generous!
Bout to pop by #RTExtraLife ! Get ready for the pants off dance off yaaaallll!! #300k
So far I have to take my shirt off if #RTExtraLife raises 250k for children's hospital. What do I have to do if we raise 300k?
"@Tyenation: #at$250,000 @alanritchson takes off his shirt on stream #RTExtraLife" you got yourself a deal.
Come hell or high water I will be there before this thing is over! @Maltese_Dragon #RTExtraLife
I don't like clingy. I hate ruts. My boredom is your fault. Keep up or stop following me. Sagittariuses understand @alanritchson @SlyJones2
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If the movies Something About Mary and The Hangover had babies it would look like #WeddingRinger. Frikkin' hilarious physical comedy 👍👍👍
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You always did make me look fat. RT @GavinFree: Here is a picture of me and @alanritchson
Dear internet, @AH_Michael and @RoosterTeeth and I would like a list of five things that have never been done before on YouTube. We will do.
"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation." - Robert Schuller
Ok, @alanritchson. I've now spent the last hour of my precious life watching @EnormousFriends episodes. Are you happy with yourself?
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Typical Bdunk. Such a crap friend RT @bdunkelman: Hey, remember how I've seen you multiple times today, @JayOrDan23? Oops. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Hey @JeffTurkey probs more answers to your questions on Blog of Thadland, than I can provide here. But working on it.
Hansel!!! RT @NotDecker: @alanritchson on Adult Swim, the BMS movie, AND Lazer Team?!
Go into work in the morning. Walk out tonight to see there's a drive in movie theater behind our set.…
Check out the latest #Thadlandblog and watch a video about Thad bucket crapping!…
You can still help make the greatest movie ever. Get your BMS gear at to show your support.
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Hey @AbominablePix @adultswim I'd like to buy a thousand boxes please!
Want new dog food to whip your pup into shape? @alanritchson will be selling ALPHA CHOW @ 4am all week on @adultswim
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Props to @KaneZipperman for getting over 100,000 retweets to keep #BMS on @netflix. Deals a deal NF. Thx to the strong BMS army #unstoppable
You should get a prize 4 this RT @BWright1996: Dedicating my grade to Mr. Thad Castle �
Come fly with me 🎶 RT@EnormousFriendss:@alanritchsonn &@robramsay777 are proud to present the first EVER 'Fly Time'…f
Just 19 days until you and I can meet at the Tulsa Comic-Con! Everybody come!…
And you still won't tell me how to lose the fat in my earlobes. Help me @JonRisinger!!!
I really appreciate that, man! Congrats on your film @PeterHoare
Some of our amazing #LazerTeam crew working hard to move furniture through the mud near the end of a…
This photoshoot and interview I did for vvvmagazine coming soon! Can't wait to share.
60lbs is more like it! Gees Louise @GazClatworthy, DYING! That ain't easy. Took me 24:17 Don't usually…
Feeling like doing something different today. What's the hardest workout you've done? I'm gonna do the toughest real workout I see, now.