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Alan Ritchson
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I'll bring the mojitos!!! (for me) RT @partywithcats: Everyone come to Knox next Wednesday and meet @alanritchson !!!
Also what other flavor of lifesaver is there besides wint-o-green!? Answer: who cares!!!!
Pop-ups are making the internet unuseable.
January will be here before you know it people...."Wedding Ringer" is going to be one of the funniest movies of 2015
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@alanritchson just subscribe to @EnormousFriends. Had me. Laughing so hard ...couldn't belive you smelled and lick the cat 💩
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Really awesome of @Hartleyjustin to match donations today for a great cause he has taken on! Check it out:
Party at Knoxville's! September 3rd! I'll be throwin down at Knoxville's nightclub in Edmonton,…
We are so excited for @alanritchson to come down to Knoxville's on September 3rd! & as we suspected, so are you guys!! #PartyAtTheGoatHouse
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My dream of drinking a #mojito with @alanritchson comes true this Sept 3rd! I'll be "really Thad" if everyone can't come to @KnoxvillesYEG
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Exclusive: NEW GIRL Recruits @alanritchson as Jess' [Spoiler]-Challenged Beau…
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WTH everyone at #Emmys there are starving kids in the world that would give an arm n foot to have a spray tan. Save some for the rest of us.
I still think BMS should've won an emmy tonight. I don't even care that it's not on anymore just get out of my life!!!
Honestly this is better than anything on all of television right now so watch this if you want to be entertainismed.…
Im gunna do mi iced buket chaleng wif hot water insted of cold water and I aint gonna tell aneeone jus akt like its freezeen HAHAHAHAHA
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Yes haha RT @GLOW__CHILD: @alanritchson @EnormousFriends you went into a shop with a bucket and filled it with slushy?
A special message from us here at @EnormousFriends Enormous Friends - Episode 5.5 - Special:
Eating a homemade peanut butter brownie on the way into the gym! Because danger's my maiden name bro…
Also, we totally get that the sound in Rob's mom's basement sucks, so we will try and film in Denny's and stuff like that more often instead
@EnormousFriends Haha, this is why you guys rock--45 seconds in, and @alanritchson has already rapped about mermaids. :) #EnormousFriends
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Instant classic... RT @EnormousFriends: NEW EPISODE OF ENORMOUS FRIENDS. Alan and Rob discuss random topics.…
Want to send whoever wrote this article about us a dozen roses and a bottle of 2009 Chateau Margaux...…
Plsre to meet u! RT @edulesss: met the amazing @alanritchson last night, thx for the pictures and for being so nice!
Going live on @TakePartLive in 45 minutos! Check me out with my ninja turtle brethren!
Thx for all the support so far, hang in there.We'll be filming somthing amazing soon enough. Also, your merch is close to shipping. Love -AR