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Alan Ritchson
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Come fly with me 🎶 RT@EnormousFriendss:@alanritchsonn &@robramsay777 are proud to present the first EVER 'Fly Time'…f
Just 19 days until you and I can meet at the Tulsa Comic-Con! Everybody come!…
And you still won't tell me how to lose the fat in my earlobes. Help me @JonRisinger!!!
I really appreciate that, man! Congrats on your film @PeterHoare
Some of our amazing #LazerTeam crew working hard to move furniture through the mud near the end of a…
This photoshoot and interview I did for vvvmagazine coming soon! Can't wait to share.
60lbs is more like it! Gees Louise @GazClatworthy, DYING! That ain't easy. Took me 24:17 Don't usually…
Feeling like doing something different today. What's the hardest workout you've done? I'm gonna do the toughest real workout I see, now.
We're theeeerrreee. Morning #SmoothieQuest: A wonderful start to the day. Glad I lived!
Okey dokey. All cleaned up! We're gonna get this freaking smoothie made guys!!! #SmoothieQuest
Just finished making the most beautiful and perfectly packed smoothie in the world. I probably…
Husband gave kids bath last night. Tonight I do baths. I find the new bottle of soap still has its protectant cover on. Husband busted.
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Retweet my last tweet. 100k retweets and @NetflixUS renews BMS 1-3. @bcrector24 @KaneZipperman @iamromanski
Show the sloots in your life how much you really care. Get these hats and more at
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Great question! Such a great question. I personally, have d RT @RobSchrab: @alanritchson @RoosterTeeth How many scenes have you done so far?
Support the BMS Movie and get some kickass shirts in the process. Check out and get pumped.
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We just wrapped the first scene in #LazerTeam. I already can't wait for everyone to see this. @RoosterTeeth
I know right!? Pinch me! RT @OvergrownMe: @alanritchson and @RoosterTeeth together??? Is this real life?? Cannot wait for #LazerTeam!!
Me too bro. Script is sick. RT @NickyHaps: @alanritchson the fact that you are in Lazer Team makes me insanely happy.
Omg. This episode is insane. Watch what happens when we hit the club. Enormous Friends - Episode 13:
BRAND NEW EPISODE. Watch @alanritchson and @robramsay77 paint the town 'Plaid' in the newest episode.…
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New Blog of Thadland post where we answer your Kickstarter concerns and show a sweet pic of @iamromanski's backside!…
This ending seems right. No gates available. Prisoners again. Kid behind me threw up. Probs has Ebola. I always knew this is how I'd go.
Exactly what I would say if someone suspected me of being a robot!! RT @USAirways: @alanritchson No we're not robots, Alan.
Um apologetic @USAirways robot? Do you think I'll ever get an apology from my robot dad? He was a real jerk to me and my human mom.
Dear apologetic @USAirways robooooot!? It's me again, Alan. Um. Robot? I know everyone here hopes someone spills water on you. But I don't!
Now that I forgave the apologetic @USAirways robot do you think I get into robot heaven? Like, I can pick betwn human heaven or robot heavn?
Dear apologetic @USAirways robot. Thank you for your apology. You are forgiven.
It's gonna be bananas. Parkour and pull-ups and all that! RT @roodrigomoretti: @alanritchson Can u post a full video of your workout?thanks
Sure, gonna do one for you next time I'm on the plane. RT @roodrigomoretti: @alanritchson Can u post a full video of your workout?thanks
Yo @TrevDon you on a plane too!? Can you smell my dirty shoes from your plane?
I dont want to drink dirty-feet-tea i like coffee! RT @MoeJaman: @alanritchson put dry teabags in your shoes. Works every time. 👍
Are you a robot? RT @USAirways: @alanritchson We apologize again, for any discomfort, Alan. Thank you for your patience this evening.
We just reached the time limit for staying prisoner on a @USAirways flight so we can get off now!!!! Yeah!!!!!
I'm also realizing my shoes smell soooo bad! What did I do?? Need a new pair of @SupraFootwear like, noooowww!
Trying so hard to get to Austin to shoot this awesome movie called Lazer Team. Universe 1. Me 0.
I have a feeling I'm about to live out one of those crazy news stories where they keep us locked up until we're swimming in our own shit.
5 min after that, the gate our plane was at was taken so now we have to sit here until the airport can figure out where to put us.
Said they got it figured out and pulled out onto the tarmac. 10 min later announced there's a prob with navigation we have to turn around.
That's like putting a patient under and forgetting to tell the doctor about the surgery. I'd say that's about as big as an eff up gets, no?
Been stuck on a @USAirways flight to Austin for an hr. They said they forgot to register flight with FAA so we can't leave n can't get off.