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Alan Ritchson
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Great article on BMS The Movie and my marriage to @iamromanski…
Pretty sure everyone knows that, son. RT @IamAirStooped: I hate to rueen it for u ideeots but rassling is FAKE!!!!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAH
Zooey and I, together at last on your TV's, October 7th on Fox. Promise you'll watch! SHAKE ON IT!…
Sneak peak of my tiny problem on @NewGirlonFOX!! Includes some pics of the lovely @ZooeyDeschanel and muah...…
Yes! RT @millzdaddy64: Oh my literal God, enormous friends is one of the funniest things on youtube 😂😂@robramsay77y@alanritchsonson
Aaaathankyouverymuch! RT @miketroy85: @EnormousFriends that was the best mimed mojito creation ever attempted. @alanritchson @robdelaney
All in all it was a great day! And I'm finally married to @iamromanski like I always hoped! Look how…
We always get so nervous around each other in public. But that's why we love each other so much!…
He always giggles when I eat the sand. So I did! @iamromanski
You sloots better watch me and my @EnormousFriends @robramsay77 answer your freaking questions!
BRAND NEW EPISODE. Watch @alanritchson and @robramsay77 pick back up with your social media questions…
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U did such a great job! RT @NinaZivkovic: .@alanritchson They look amazing!!! Ah! So excited to see them printed!!!…
Just a few posters awaiting our signature... What's that? Oh, the other pallet is in the other room.…
Evolution of music sales: 1. Pay a lot 2. Pay a little 3. Pay anything 4. OK fine, just pay once a month 5. Fuck you, now you own a U2 album
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New rule: The Grammar Police @_grammar_ should have to read every single @IamAirStooped tweet out loud before they arrest me again.
Me too. Hahahaha RT @Sturgeon_Joseph: I wish I had a friend like Thad. @alanritchson @robramsay77
I'm gonna stab you! Is there a link to that!? There's probs gonna be! RT @RobSchrab: @alanritchson is there a link to that?
Jumped on the grenade in this @funnyordie short. Funny or die!!!!?…
This episode should of been called "Enormous BLOOD!!!!" Enormous Friends - Episode 9:
BRAND NEW EPISODE OF ENORMOUS FRIENDS!!! Watch @alanritchson and @robramsay77 answer your social media questions.…
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Me: where the heck did quinoa come from? @alanritchson : a freaking quinoa tree. (He says these things to shut me up.)
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This is my "I hate myself face." Twenty freaking degrees in Washington and all I bring is this awesome…
Going to scout a possible location w/ @iamromanski and @Eric_Falconer to shoot @BMSTheMovie! If this works out we are a go! Fingers crossed.
Up before the sun playa.
Just watched the documentary Fed Up... What a wake up call! "Congress has defined pizza as a vegetable." Seriously making me rethink life.
@alanritchson he would have to take pain killers because he's gonna have the hugest headache!
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I would like Ray Rice to try and punch me in the face.
Night night dont let the bed bugs bite you in the face cuz you'll wake up with hives or something that looks like a zit and it won't be good
I love choc pie (if cheesecake is in it & no choc pie) @ChocoIatePie: I love choc pie. Could u tell me that u love choc pie, too? Please?!
I know her& the thought of that kind of invasion is mortifying. She's an amazing person, and can you imagine all your secrets being exposed?
.@THEJonMiner: did you like working with j-law better, or looking at her nudes online better?
Married brobeans. @nicolascaputo12: @alanritchson how many co-workers have you banged brobeans
Movie magic, microwave and hot plate @davidkingdon1: @alanritchson did you actually eat a cookie that was shoved up your ass?
I have to leave something on my bucket list @DFulf_LAA: @alanritchson have you ever butt chugged anything?
K that was awesome thanks for playing! Gotta go to bed!
I dare you. No. Double dog dare you! To ask. Me. Anything!
Guys be cool. I'm cool! I'm totes cool right now. I could talk about almost whatever. Anything. Pretty much anything awesome.
I think the important thing to keep in mind though, at the end of the day... Is um... That all the papaya in the world couldn't, um, save yo
I can't. I just can't. Guys. Papaya. It's a metaphor. Ok? For taking risks! Living outside my comfort zone! Do you get it! Papaya are scary!
Guys. Do you get it!? I eat hamburgers and stuff! Pizza is my friend! What if I made a papaya my friend!? Would I be more tropical or fun!?
I want to slice the crap out of a papaya.
I'm almost a billion years old and I've never seen the inside of a papaya in real life. What's wrong with me?