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Alan Ritchson
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This is my "I hate myself face." Twenty freaking degrees in Washington and all I bring is this awesome…
Going to scout a possible location w/ @iamromanski and @Eric_Falconer to shoot @BMSTheMovie! If this works out we are a go! Fingers crossed.
Up before the sun playa.
Just watched the documentary Fed Up... What a wake up call! "Congress has defined pizza as a vegetable." Seriously making me rethink life.
@alanritchson he would have to take pain killers because he's gonna have the hugest headache!
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I would like Ray Rice to try and punch me in the face.
Night night dont let the bed bugs bite you in the face cuz you'll wake up with hives or something that looks like a zit and it won't be good
I love choc pie (if cheesecake is in it & no choc pie) @ChocoIatePie: I love choc pie. Could u tell me that u love choc pie, too? Please?!
I know her& the thought of that kind of invasion is mortifying. She's an amazing person, and can you imagine all your secrets being exposed?
.@THEJonMiner: did you like working with j-law better, or looking at her nudes online better?
Married brobeans. @nicolascaputo12: @alanritchson how many co-workers have you banged brobeans
Movie magic, microwave and hot plate @davidkingdon1: @alanritchson did you actually eat a cookie that was shoved up your ass?
I have to leave something on my bucket list @DFulf_LAA: @alanritchson have you ever butt chugged anything?
K that was awesome thanks for playing! Gotta go to bed!
I dare you. No. Double dog dare you! To ask. Me. Anything!
Guys be cool. I'm cool! I'm totes cool right now. I could talk about almost whatever. Anything. Pretty much anything awesome.
I think the important thing to keep in mind though, at the end of the day... Is um... That all the papaya in the world couldn't, um, save yo
I can't. I just can't. Guys. Papaya. It's a metaphor. Ok? For taking risks! Living outside my comfort zone! Do you get it! Papaya are scary!
Guys. Do you get it!? I eat hamburgers and stuff! Pizza is my friend! What if I made a papaya my friend!? Would I be more tropical or fun!?
I want to slice the crap out of a papaya.
I'm almost a billion years old and I've never seen the inside of a papaya in real life. What's wrong with me?
I'm getting really close to puking in a Prius. How do people that drive like this not crash more?
He's using a map on his phone I think he invented himself. It must be in beta because homie has exited and entered 405 like 16 times. #uber
Now he keeps saying something like "Bollywood in North Hollywood??" It rhymes. Has he seen @EnormousFriends too? Is he trying to rap?
He said he saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire. He points at his phone and says the same thing like fifty times cause I can't understand him.
I never even watched prison break
Now he's looking at the cast of Ninja Turtles saying William Fichtner was in Prison Break, over and over. I keep saying ok but he won't stop
Thx man! RT @DTRONSHAW: Listening to @alanritchson this morning. Who knew this guy could sing too!!!! You have some crazy talent #BroBeans!!
I appreciate that @tannerjhagel... Whatever trouble it is it's worth it to meet my amazing fans. I had a good time would love to do it again
I was a song writer before I was an actor. Bet you didn't know that.Mojito was fun but this is really more what I do…
So many people have asked me how to download some of my acoustic stuff, so I put an EP together it's live on iTunes.…
Well that about wraps this tour up. @CowboysCalgary was wild! Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, I had such a blast. Love my fans!
So fun! RT @robramsay77: EDMONTON thanks for a crazy night. @KnoxvillesYEG threw a great party. You ready Calgary?…
Two seconds later robramsay77 sneezed on me...
What movie is this from? "Lil nervous bout the flight!?" We're not though! Cowboys here we…
Party at #CowboysCalgary tonight!!! Everyone at Knoxville's said there's no way Cowboys can be crazier…
Guest list to come party with me and @robramsay77 at @KnoxvillesYEG tonight is over 900 right now... So... You know... It's goin down.
Thursday night why must you be so far away!!? Everyone come party with me at the @CowboysCalgary Goat House this Thursday!
Everybody wish @robramsay77 (my @EnormousFriends) a very happy barfday!!! And send him a present! (He loves pictures of cats)
I'm getting super excited to party with everyone at @KnoxvillesYEG tomorrow night! Who's coming out!?
Ran a cool ten miles yesterday to a BBQ so I could justify several thousand calories in margarita slushies.I feel all kinds of awesome today